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United States: S First Parka

1830 John Rich began a wool factory in a small town in Pennsylvania called Woolrich. The basic idea was to create simple clothes for a harder and colder climate. Now, 175 years later, live these values still exist and mark, who had the same name as the small town, has met with new success outside United States borders. Continue reading

Know 5 Sports Practices to Improve Your Health

More than being celebrated, World Heart Day, September 29, is an opportunity to reflect on our way of life.

Data of the Society of Cardiology  Indicate that approximately 17 million Brazilians are affected annually with cardiovascular diseases, and that most of these problems could be avoided. Continue reading

New Blood for LG’s G-Series-LG G3 S

LG is ready with a new variant of LG G3 G3s retain functions and look, but at a lower price.

Newest member in the family of LG’s G-series called LG 3 G s, and offers an alternative to LG G3, if you like the design, but not crazy about the large size.

LG 3 G s is equipped with a 5 “HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, and with a thin design fills the screen 74.1 percent of the front, and it is the highest among all mid-range phones, according to LG themselves. Continue reading

Hyperx Headset Cloud Revolver

Kingston , through its high-performance equipment division, HyperX , today announced the first headset with Dolby 7.1 Plug and Play surround sound.Translate: is the first headset to bring movie sound without you having to install anything on your computer or electronic device. Continue reading

Maxi Female Necklaces Fashion


  1. Maxi stone necklace
  2. Maxi paste neon
  3. Maxi Pearl Necklace
  4. Maxi lace necklace

The maxi necklace is a trend on the runway and mainly on the streets, there are at least four seasons. Since he won the attention of fashionistas, the attachment still figuring in the neck in different styles and shapes. The maxi collar, as its name suggests, is a bigger, more flashy and more than an accessory becomes a visual complement. Choose your favorite model and learn how to do. Continue reading


Not only trailer, motor home, boat, and bus. In the tent if it makes very comfortable using a portable toilet. Even at home to assist elderly or in recovery. A great feature is to have a chemical toilet. There are a few basic types that are made of plastic and are light and comfortable. Continue reading