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Flight and Father

Either you love it or you hate it. That travel is for many a necessary evil while for others it may be something to live for. Whether you are a business traveller or travelling for pleasure, it can be fun with a little odd variations of travel companions. And with the companionship I am referring to your faithful companions and accessory, the suitcase. Continue reading

World Rock Day: Rock ‘N’ Roll Music


Much more than a musical style, today rock is considered a lifestyle, an influence in the world of fashion and synonymous with pure attitude.

Today is the world day of rock and we will tell a little more of the history of this contagious musical genre that has been winning more and more listeners and how it has influenced so many fashionistas. Let’s meet? Continue reading

Women’s Sunglasses Imported

Imported products have always been successful here in Brazil. Are products from different countries, such as United States, France, Paraguay, among others. The Paraguay is reputed to counterfeit goods, but many quality products that are sold in stores imported into Brazil comes from the Latin country. A product that is gaining prominence when imported, is the glasses, or even what Sun draws the most attention is the sunglasses, a piece that is now most often used as part of the look of a real protection against UV rays. Continue reading

Nokia and Microsoft Presented the New Accessory During IFA

Nokia and Microsoft showed new wireless charger and Mira cast receives under the IFA fair in Berlin.

Nokia and Microsoft showed off both a Lima, 830/30 and a new software update. But to get all the way around, missing just a little accessories. However, Nokia will not disappoint, so they have also launched a new barns and a Mira cast receiver, as we look a little closer at here.

The charger says something as sexy as DT-903 and replaces the current wireless charger which came as Nokia Lumia 920 was showcased for exactly 2 years ago. Continue reading

Blackberry Q5 Is with Qwerty Keyboard for 350 Euros Available

With the keyboard Smart phone, BlackBerry rounds off the hotel’s own portfolio and especially beginners offers a cheap and also powerful device. The lower price when compared to the current Smart phone reference is associated above all with the lower quality technology which is used for this Smart phone. At least 350 euro should currently plan prospective customers to purchase BlackBerry Q5 without a contract. Continue reading

Gieves without Hawkes

Gieves may very well be the solution to many men’s problems. Many professions have a fairly strict and proper dress code and thus leaves few opportunities to put a personal touch on the dish. Shirt, tie and slacks tends to radiate the same thing. Or? Continue reading

Review: Growth Mascara–Gosh Cosmetics

I have compulsive mascara, I confess! Also forget to pass at the end of the mascara make at least once a week–believe me, I’m a pro at it and out of olhão black, make amazing mascara… several times. In fact, the last time was on last Sunday, when I used the look with the blue shirt. This is why I always wanted more bulky and long lashes in case if I forget pass mascara make still be worthy. Continue reading