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About Low Shoes

The scoops are an obvious part of the wardrobe. But choosing from the models is a lot more difficult question. Manolo has listed the five most common and how they are best combined. Continue reading

Different Types of Knot Ties

I promise that you couldn’t name all these different skjortkragarna

We have previously written about the various slipsknutar and the importance of stylish cuff links, so it seems only fair with a guide to the different types of skjortkragar!

Continue reading

Fair Party Dresses Models with Lace, Will Make It Fall

Hello girls, all right with you? Today we are going to talk about the fair party dresses because who does not love to wear and feel good, and the main thing is to receive praise and looks. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 830: Microsoft’s Flagship Budget

Microsoft marketing their new Lumia 830 as budget flagship. Great camera and Nokia-quality must convince customers.

Flagship Nokia Lumia 930 showed that Nokia ever can cut a cell in excellence. Excellent camera, lightning fast operating system, and solid construction makes Lumia 930 to an admirable mobile. With the high quality came also a high price.

For tighter budgets is Microsoft now ready with a bid of a (sub) topmobil: Lumia 830. We find many of the big brother 930 ‘s virtues, in a narrower, but just as velskåret, format. Continue reading

You Should Let Iphone Black and White to Minimize Distractions?

Don’t feel bad if you’re addicted to your iPhone, Galaxy or any smart phone that has. After all, they were designed to do just that: drain the most of your attention. Continue reading

Eight Details You Should Consider When Buying a Bra

When buying a bra is very important to know what factors you should consider before purchasing it, since it is a piece of clothing that we use almost every day and the comfort and safety are required. Next we will show 8 details you should consider. Attention! Continue reading

Makeup at Night for Those Who Wear Glasses

The glasses no longer an accessory considered ugly, shameful, and went on to be used in a good for people of all ages and both genders. With the great diversity of models of frames, you can choose what most suits your face and your personality. With a suitable makeup, you can make it in the most different occasions, be it day or night. It’s a different makeup, highlighting the eyes, leaving it sophisticated and daring even with corrective lenses in front. Check now some makeup tips at night for those who wear glasses. Continue reading