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Heels under Mini-Trampoline Amount to Lymphatic Drainage

Compared with the body massage, Power Jump brings better results by high contraction of muscles, as well as promote a loss of 700 calories per class of writing exercises that combine lymphatic drainage, resistance and high movements contraction of muscles of the legs. This is the Power Jump, gymnastics program of Body Systems, accomplished with jumps […] Continue reading

Windows Phone

The number of applications available on Windows Phone Store increased from 155,000 in 2013 to 300,000 this year, according to Microsoft. In addition, the total number of software developers for the platform has grown about 50%.

Only in December 2013 and June this year, for example, were 100000 new applications for devices with the Windows Phone System. Continue reading

Conor Responds Provocation of Floyd on Size of Gloves: “Choice”

McGREGOR says he’s accustomed to less gloves padded, four ounces, ensures you are ready to “destroy” the rival and closed post with the phrase “fragile Hands” Continue reading

Check Out Details in Lenovo Yoga Video Tablet 2 Pro

Just arrived to the market a new professional tablet model, or also called high performance.. This is the Lenovo Tablet Yoga Pro 2, which arrived in stores recently and offers a wide range of resources for consumers seeking professional solutions in their equipment — which includes an integrated projector to broadcast more content clear and simple. Continue reading

Jolla Splits Off Hardware Store

Jolla wants to focus on the software development and licensing. Meanwhile delayed the delivery of the tablets of the company.

The Finnish Smartphone manufacturer Jolla plans to outsource its hardware business. To do this, a new company to be established, acquires Jolla previous hardware shops. More details to the so far only as “Jolla

Continue reading

This Selfie Shows How Insane the”Oversizes” Are

This shopping experience is currently causing a stir in the Internet-and rightly so! For what Ruth Clemens from Leeds had now passed at H&M, we should all be interested.  The young British girl was looking for a new pair of jeans and reached a lowered model in size 42. The Selfie,which she then made in the dressing room, shows the disaster: the pants are much too tight and can not be closed , although Ruth is anything but overweight. Continue reading

Sony Will Keep Android Modified on Their Watches

Google launched Android Wear a few days ago as a way to facilitate the adoption of the system by the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. However, the president of Sony in the United States, Ravi Nookala, stated last Tuesday (25) that the Japanese manufacturer will not enter the wave launched with Moto 360 and continue to use its own version of Android for Smart Watches. Continue reading