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Choose the Jump More Suited to Your Body

You love to wear high heels, but suffers with foot pain whenever risks, maybe I’m doing something wrong, how to choose the template inappropriate for your feet or your biotype. Every woman can use this beautiful and sensual shoes without feeling tortured, just follow a few simple tips to choose the best model and maintain the comfort for longer. Continue reading

Vintage Garden Path Inspiration

The garden path is a way beautifully creating a path to walk peacefully in his garden. It must be in accordance with the place where it is located. That is why knowing styles of gardens and alleys of garden that go with is an asset. Continue reading

Yes Post

Lately I have taken many pictures of panties, BRA, maillot.

And even post.

Why did I post? Continue reading

Doubt to Buy New Headset? Understand Accessory Details

The headset is an indispensable accessory for some users, whether to spend time in traffic or even to exercise.However, when buying a device, several questions may arise with the numerous specifications and features that the devices offer. Continue reading

New Gadget: Search Was Yesterday

A small network device to help end the domestic clutter of data – without cloud.

Desktop computer, notebook, Tablet, Smartphone-on every device collected documents, photos and all sorts of other data. At some point, you lose the overview of where what is stored. Séverin Marcombes from Paris has declared war on the data mess, reports technology review: Lima is his secret weapon. The system informs all stored content, and that without the cloud.

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Bikini Operation: 22 Tips

A simple guide to follow during all the months of the beach where the body is more exposed Continue reading

Google Launches Smart Watches and Fitness Platform

After US manufacturer Apple introduced the Health application, capable of collecting and displaying data such as sleep quality, calorie count, heart rate and blood pressure, Google, its main rival, did not leave it cheap and showed the world a new Alternative for those who enjoy using technology as an ally of their training. Continue reading