Daily Archives: August 22, 2017

Sony Xperia Z3 Pictures Leaked Ahead of Time

Sony’s third generation of Xperia Z3 continues his predecessor virtues with elegant design, but get new colors.

Today starts the IFA trade fair in earnest, and here all the major manufacturers will present a series of product and service news. One of them is Sony, which at 16 shows new products to the world’s press.

We expect that Sony presents both new smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, but people at Sony have been a little too eager, for now there will be leaked photos from Sony, which look very official.

The prematurely leaked images show Xperia Z3’s new design, but also demonstrates Sony’s smart band, Xperia tablet and smartwatch.  Continue reading

Google Will Dismiss Another 10% of The Staff of Motorola Mobility

Google is releasing ballast with Motorola. The American company suffered significant cuts during 2012, among which we highlight the close division in Spain, today, we learned that he will dismiss 1,200 employees, 10% of the workforce.

An amount that must be added to the 4,000 layoffs aunciados in August at Motorola Mobility. On this occasion, the delegations involved in the new casualties are those of China, India and the United States, countries where it will continue to operate. Continue reading