Daily Archives: August 18, 2017

Sonos Gets Even Easier

Sonos brings update 5.1 which increase the level of usability and lowers the final price

We notified the Sonos ‘ smallest part of the family, Sonos Playstation: 1 back in may, which certainly made the impression, however, was not without errors. One of the drawbacks was the essential Bridge who both cost extra, and was necessary for the entire wireless experience.

The Sonos will change.

With the desire to make it the easiest way possible to listen to music at home, the Sonos through software found the solution.  Continue reading

Google Reached an Agreement in The Lawsuit against Motorola Immersion

Today, and more after seeing the fierce battles in the courts worldwide between Apple and Samsung patent issues (and pride, but not recognize it), it seems rare to find some sanity, so we continue on the path of million-dollar patent lawsuits, but this time with a slightly different ending.

Immersion is widely known for all its patents relating to haptic technology (the vibration when you write on the keyboard of the phone, for example). Continue reading