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IFA 2014 Overview-What We Get to See in Berlin

After the year’s biggest mobile trade fair kicks off soon in time. Here you get the big picture over the coming news.

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or more colloquial called IFA, is one of the world’s oldest and leading electronics trade fairs. Here visiting over a quarter of a million interested people and over 6000 journalists the weeklong trade show in Berlin.

Airfares and hotel are booked, and our site are ready to cover the largest and most important events from Europe’s biggest electronics-gathering. Here is what we expect (and hope) to see in Berlin. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR I Thoroughly

After the announcement of the closure of many of its branches, Motorola RAZR It will continue to exist. Will not sell in Spain officially, but new products are Yes coming to other countries as it is the case of the United Kingdom, which has just been presented the Motorola RAZR i.

That ‘ i ’ could well correspond to Intel, because Motorola RAZR i used a processor Intel Atom ‘ Medfield & #8217; that, according to the chip maker, it is able to reach a frequency of 2 GHz. Phone has a design that part of the latest Motorola RAZR M: same screen, cameras, and features but with specific changes, such as the processor: went from a Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 of dual-core 1.5 GHz. to a new Intel Atom ‘ Medfield & #8217;. Continue reading