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icloud Hacked-Celebrity Nude Photos Leaked

A flaw in Apple’s iCloud has apparently given an attacker access to the well-known actress Sara private pictures.

Several female superstars have allegedly been hacked your iCloud account, and stolen nude pictures, writes Reuters.

More than 100 female A-list celebrity has been hacked your iCloud account. It is apparently a flaw in security at Apple that has made the possible for an attacker to gain access to the many images, some of them have been published on 4Chan, a kind of virtual Bulletin Board with photos. Continue reading

Motorola Publishes Tools So We Liberate Our Android Bootloader

One of the most controversial issues in the Android community is the fact that manufacturers block the bootloader of its terminals. This, for those who are not familiar with the jargon, means that users who want to change the ROM of your terminal will meet with obstacles to do it.

In principle, is not something that worries the vast majority but who enjoy experimenting with our smartphone and testing new versions is an impediment, as well as a contradiction because we have a free operating system. The companies have been relaxing their policy on this issue and the last to do so was Motorola. Continue reading

How to Sew Pillowcase

Today’s step-by-step is great for those who are starting to sew, who have to slowly lose their fear of the sewing machine.

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