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Problems in Morning Traffic? Here You Get Traffic Reports on Your Phone

The weekend’s heavy rainfall brings chaos in the Copenhagen area traffic-here you can get traffic information on your mobile phone.

The weekend’s heavy rainfall, with rain with up to 104 mm of rain, have closed roads and tunnels, particularly in the metropolitan area.

The Danish road Directorate recommends that one running from home in pretty good time, if you are going to Copenhagen or the surrounding area.

They penetrated road users can get updated traffic information on your mobile phone via the Danish road Directorate app for Android and iPhone. The application can read the statements aloud, so you can keep your eyes on the road while you’re driving.

Download the app in the App Store or Google Play -do you have Windows Phone, you can use the Danish road Directorate mobile site our site.

Another good tool to get through traffic, Waze is the navigation application, where users can put traffic messages ind. Waze is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Motorola Not Upgraded to That Ice Cream Sandwich If It Does Not an Improvement on The Device

Motorola has recently been talking of updates to Ice Cream Sandwich of their phones, in the list of terminals that was shared there was names as Motorola Droid 3 or the Droid X 2, which would stay in Android 2.3.

In the North American market, where most phones of the American firm, work there has been a good buzz on the matter, so Motorola has wanted to answer publicly about the decision: Continue reading

Symbolism of Solitaire Ring

You have coveted this ring when your days shopping now that adorns your finger, you can not leave. Marriage proposals have been made, discover that it is truly symbolic of the solitaire ring, commonly known as the engagement ring.

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