Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

Midora: Panel discussion „ multi function watches “

As a framework programme of this year’s Midora was a panel discussion on the topic „ the future of the multi function watch in the German market “ instead. The science journalist and founder of VoxMundi Media Institute Cologne, Peter Welchering, acted as moderator. As podium guests, Andreas FiliuS FiliuS time design, Norbert Jensen discussed Joachim Zorn watches anger in Würzburg, from closer & Jensen, Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb President of the Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers e.V. and Joachim Gottschalk by Timex. Continue reading

Google Habria Started to Send Prototypes of The New Google Glass to Some ‘Partners’

It is true that the Google Glass still users generate more doubts than interest real, although it seems that the Google X Labs, and the Mountain View giant by extension the wearable star, has been reborn with the arrival of Tony Fadell and the new development team.

In fact, it was the own Fadell who just arrived at the head of the project, said that the Google Glass would have to return to the drawing board to revise and rethink your software, appearance and functionality of face to adapt the product to a retail version. Continue reading