Daily Archives: June 16, 2017

Sturmanskie: training time for Mars

, Mars is currently the most popular target of space agencies around the globe. To appropriately equip the expeditions to our planetary neighbors, various companies are instructed to develop products that the extreme conditions of space flight can – withstand also watch companies. In cooperation with the Russian space agency Sturmanskie has now developed a timepiece, which supports cosmonauts training for the real flight to the red planet – and of course bears the name of Mars. Continue reading

Huawei Unveils The MWC Will Lead a New Smartband with 4 LTE Connectivity, 5 G

Huawei still warming to Mobile World Congress the weekend coming, and if last week already put us the long teeth with promotional images which could be your first smart watch, yesterday gave the first details of its second foray into the village of the smartbands sector.

And it is that the Chinese manufacturer will bring to the market which would be the first wearable with LTE 4, 5G connectivity, technology between the 4G and 5G that will begin to market the coming year, and will do so with a smart bracelet that will use a chip LTE-M manufactured by startup Neul acquired in September of last year. Continue reading