Daily Archives: June 14, 2017

Precious – jewellery, pleasure, way of life

Gets the industry with „ treasures – jewellery, pleasure, way of life “ a new public exhibition at the trade fair site of Idar-Oberstein. From November 27 to 29 presents the end user the Idar-Obersteiner gemstone industry in addition to companies with other treasures and invites to the see, try and buy. Another major attraction will be working Christmas market, as well as the framework programme with show, information, and entertainment with the Obersteiner.

ZRRO, The New Console Android with Touch Control to Play The Entire Catalog of Android

ZRRO is a new game console, Android desktop that is trying to gain a foothold on Kickstarter promise not only to be able to play any games Android on our TV, but because this proposed a new concept of control pad It adapts to the demands of the entire catalog.

The ZRRO Pad is capable of being used for any game designed for tactile controls thanks to its capacitive screen front capable of detecting our fingers on it even at a distance of 3.5 mm thanks to the patented zTouch technology. In addition, console reflected in TV games exact our finger position, so we don’t need to look at command every few minutes to know where we are by pressing. Continue reading