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Oris: For jazz fans

Also makes the watch industry in the advent season no pause. In good time before Christmas, this gift idea by Orisfür watch enthusiasts with jazz weakness has landed on our desks: who only occasionally watched the watch brand from Hölstein, the whose affinity to the subject of jazz is not escaped. Brand owner Ulrich Herzog is a great friend of the music style and had the idea of famous jazz musicians special editions therefore some years ago to devote. And so finds a goodly number of jazz watches in the portfolio of the Höllsteiner company in the course of today. Continue reading

WIKO Watch, The Entrance of Wiko Market ‘Wearable’ Will Be with a Clock to The More Pure Style Withings Activité

Who said that the Mobile World Congress was a foreseeable fair and not kept any surprise? There are manufacturers like Wiko like to be different, and already yesterday I talked, with the presentation of their new 4G Highway Pure Star 4G, its growth in the market and its greater presence also in the MWC 2015.

However, the French have kept very well the surprise of its first wearable, a WIKO Watch that has been presented today in the form of Classic watch with integrated quantifier, in the style of the Withings Activite. Continue reading

SIHH 2014: Vacheron Constantin and the art of the cultures

Chinese embroidery are the inspiration for this model Kollek sound ornaments Choosebeing

, Métiers d’art is a collection of watches, in which Vacheron Constantin link watchmaking and jewellery Arts for several years. The sky can be inspired by traditional motifs of various cultures and they are attempting to depict as diverse on the small surface of the dial of a watch. Continue reading

Crysis 3, Doom 3, Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Rising and More Road to Android TV Console Games

Many people when they hear Android TV they automatically think microconsolas to play on the TV the same casual games that exist for mobile devices without seeing the full potential offered by the new Google games platform. They don’t think about all those Triple A games Console and computer which are already Android next to the titles that will arrive during the next few months.

Last night, at the Game Developers Conference, manufacturer NVIDIA during the presentation of the Shield NVIDIA showed us a preview of what awaits us with their new console desktop based on Android TV. Continue reading

Advent calendar 1: Julia Miltenberger

Some rituals bring small oases of time in everyday life. Let disappear hustle and bustle and fond childhood memories. Baking Christmas cookies is such a ritual. Even the sight of the small cutter on the contemplative advent time right and leaves behind an idea of sweet cookie scent. Continue reading

Thus The Family Is Android Wear after The Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane

The family Android Wear not to grow. With the announcement of the new Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane at Mobile World Congress of 2015 are already eight clocks that have joined Google’s intelligent platform of watches.

Now offering smart watches Android Wear We find in the market four square screen watches and four watches of circular display of more classic, being the newest of this type, since it seems that the future of Android Wear is in watches of shape circular that it is so in demand by consumers. Continue reading

Large middle ages exhibition at the 800 anniversary of the Cathedral

800 anniversary of the Magdeburg Cathedral the cultural history museum shows the dawn of art in the Gothic style in Magdeburg from 31 August to 6 December in eight sections with 400 exhibits. Including the model figurine for a foolish Virgin, considered the only sculpture of the 13th century in connection with a major figure in the same place. Worth seeing also the religious art in the form of equipment decorated with gold and jewels.

Huawei Watch, The Information

Endure at the MWC and is difficult, where leaks tighten capture attention with so much to look at. Huawei knows this and after seeing your smart watch filtering has been forced to reveal it in an official way.

The Huawei Watch joins the select group of smartwatches of round screen, besides being highly customizable depending on the occasion in which we want to dress him up. Based on stainless steel, the combination of straps with the three colors will adapt it to all types of dolls. Continue reading

Midora Leipzig 2009

Press Photo Midora 2009

04-07.09.2009 gourmet took place in Leipzig, Germany in addition to the Cadeaux, the Comfortex and the Le also the fair Midora. Compared to the previous year, fewer exhibitors found their way to Leipzig and so also the expectations of the trade visitors were more subdued. However showed a surprising image contrary to expectations in the run-up to the polls among the exhibitors, there was talk of a good to very good Messeergebniss, and 80% of the exhibitors have already agreed to participate for 2010. „ Of course, the exhibitors showed different results. Participation for companies that consistently edit the local market for many years has paid off. But also some new exhibitors who wanted to explore only the market, were impressed by the fair “, as Project Director Andreas Zachlod. Also the framework programme was used by the present trade visitors, the Forum met with special interest in „ multi function watches “ as well as the Panel discussion on the topic to which there will be still a separate article. Continue reading

Already There Are about a Million of Watches with Android Wear, Is It Enough?

In June of last year, Google launched Android Wear, its own operating system tailored for wearables. Since then there have been many manufacturers that have invested by him with watches like the G Watch LG and Samsung Gear Live that accompanied the launch of the platform as some more modern as the successful Moto 360, the new LG Watch R Urbane or anticipated Asus ZenWatch.

Two weeks ago, the Canalys consulting published a report which claimed that in 2014 more than 720,000 Android Wear devices around the world, were distributed which is a 15.65% of the total of 4.6 million bracelets and other smart watches that are in the streets. Today the TalkAndroid website that number reaches one million based on the number of downloads of the application for Android Wear on Google Play. Continue reading

CEM autumn exhibition offers attractive shopping

, The CEM autumn exhibition of Engelkemper by September 14, 11.09.2009 until 2009 will present the latest collections for the second half of the year. With this on the company Gehder from Bremen (Shopfitting), the company Friedrich in Schwanstetten (jewelry case and watch boxes), as well as the company Klein from Pforzheim (watch measurement). Generous payment terms and trade fair discounts make profitable shopping. As a framework programme, a variety show of the extra class serves visitors shopping Saturday.

The New Huawei Watch Is Revealed of Improvise by an Announcement from The El Prat Airport

Tomorrow is chosen by Huawei to introduce its new proposals in the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2015, proposed that We find a brand new smart watch as we already know from the mid of this month. Now and unless anyone wait, Huawei has shown its new wearable few hours of his coming-out. Continue reading

Midora: Panel discussion „ multi function watches “

As a framework programme of this year’s Midora was a panel discussion on the topic „ the future of the multi function watch in the German market “ instead. The science journalist and founder of VoxMundi Media Institute Cologne, Peter Welchering, acted as moderator. As podium guests, Andreas FiliuS FiliuS time design, Norbert Jensen discussed Joachim Zorn watches anger in Würzburg, from closer & Jensen, Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb President of the Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers e.V. and Joachim Gottschalk by Timex. Continue reading

Google Habria Started to Send Prototypes of The New Google Glass to Some ‘Partners’

It is true that the Google Glass still users generate more doubts than interest real, although it seems that the Google X Labs, and the Mountain View giant by extension the wearable star, has been reborn with the arrival of Tony Fadell and the new development team.

In fact, it was the own Fadell who just arrived at the head of the project, said that the Google Glass would have to return to the drawing board to revise and rethink your software, appearance and functionality of face to adapt the product to a retail version. Continue reading

Nomos: Berlin with Glashütte heart

Noob, gold else, Clärchen and Nachtijall … no, not the names of the most fashionable Berlin pubs, but the labels are the latest model extension by Nomos. The Glashütter watch manufacturer plumbs the richness of the color palette on its watches already for several years. Now is the Tetra’s turn again: Nomos called cheeky turquoise, promising gold, billiard-green and elegant Midnight blue of Kreuzberg Berlin Blue design studio designed variants of color – so colorful you diverse as the capital of just. That gold plated hands move above all dials and the two piece stainless steel case has dimensions of 29.5 by 29.5 millimetres is this Berlin blend together,. Continue reading

GPD Q88 +, Analysis

The versatility of the Android has been largely demonstrated to suit different needs and tastes. One of the many possibilities to use Android is the of portable game console, a market that demands two issues: physical form of gamepad and a built-in software solution buttons.

Some time we could see the JXD S7300B, and it became clear that you can assume a solution as a very versatile console, clear saving portable consoles from Nintendo and Sony. JXD, however, is not the only brand that we can prove, and the GPD Q88 + It offers an alternative to one price lower than the current JXD and with a very good solvency. Continue reading

Sturmanskie: training time for Mars

, Mars is currently the most popular target of space agencies around the globe. To appropriately equip the expeditions to our planetary neighbors, various companies are instructed to develop products that the extreme conditions of space flight can – withstand also watch companies. In cooperation with the Russian space agency Sturmanskie has now developed a timepiece, which supports cosmonauts training for the real flight to the red planet – and of course bears the name of Mars. Continue reading

Huawei Unveils The MWC Will Lead a New Smartband with 4 LTE Connectivity, 5 G

Huawei still warming to Mobile World Congress the weekend coming, and if last week already put us the long teeth with promotional images which could be your first smart watch, yesterday gave the first details of its second foray into the village of the smartbands sector.

And it is that the Chinese manufacturer will bring to the market which would be the first wearable with LTE 4, 5G connectivity, technology between the 4G and 5G that will begin to market the coming year, and will do so with a smart bracelet that will use a chip LTE-M manufactured by startup Neul acquired in September of last year. Continue reading

RADO: Cuddles

Perfect oval: by the innovative control system, the designer could renounce the Crown

Control of the touch technology for watches has been a specialty of Tissot. Now also the Group sister RADO presented a first timer with touch-sensitive Seinoren – exclusively for women: the Esenza ceramic touch. Continue reading

The First Rumors Are Running a New Pebble More Slim, New OS and Screen Color

Yesterday afternoon our colleagues from Engadget were echo of the emergence of an account back in the Pebble site, it could mean that the Tuesday coming is finally far expected and new clock of which, today, is the second most important smartwatches of the market maker.

According to internal sources of 9to5Mac, this new watch will be slightly wider and thin than previous models, and will have a color e-ink screen, Although possibly this screen is not touch as we are accustomed to seeing in the rest of watches. That Yes, Pebble will continue their great asset of autonomy, which will be at the height of the previous models. Continue reading

Precious – jewellery, pleasure, way of life

Gets the industry with „ treasures – jewellery, pleasure, way of life “ a new public exhibition at the trade fair site of Idar-Oberstein. From November 27 to 29 presents the end user the Idar-Obersteiner gemstone industry in addition to companies with other treasures and invites to the see, try and buy. Another major attraction will be working Christmas market, as well as the framework programme with show, information, and entertainment with the Obersteiner.

ZRRO, The New Console Android with Touch Control to Play The Entire Catalog of Android

ZRRO is a new game console, Android desktop that is trying to gain a foothold on Kickstarter promise not only to be able to play any games Android on our TV, but because this proposed a new concept of control pad It adapts to the demands of the entire catalog.

The ZRRO Pad is capable of being used for any game designed for tactile controls thanks to its capacitive screen front capable of detecting our fingers on it even at a distance of 3.5 mm thanks to the patented zTouch technology. In addition, console reflected in TV games exact our finger position, so we don’t need to look at command every few minutes to know where we are by pressing. Continue reading

Preparation of the next auction

For the next gem auction on November 17 in Geneva prospective buyers of the House gem experts can carry out free the estimate of their valuables. For Germany, this is both possible in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

Samsung Already Has Lists First 5.1 EMMC Reports

There are few news that are about to Samsung lately, rather the opposite. Some good and others not so much, the fact the Korean giant approaches you a movidito year. To circumvent it, they have two clear fronts right now.

The first is to devote more money to invest in mergers and acquisitions of companies that facilitate you to grow back. The second is to stand above the rest with its products. Now announces that the new memories eMMC 5.1 are ready to send to manufacturers. Continue reading