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Eve Online Reach of Tablets and Mobile Android with Tegra

This weekend took place the Eve Fanfest, a Convention for fans of EVE Online for those who do not know him, is one of the biggest MMORPG at the moment, with the permission of World of Warcraft of course. The point is that during this meeting between fans and developers was seen a really interesting project. Continue reading

Jewelry Ahoy!

Don’t worry, want to say not goodbye jewellery, we introduce you to some maritime inspirations for the day by the sea or at least for a relaxed urban holiday feeling. The main colors: Blue, white and Red!

Bah & Bell: Marina

Beka & Bell expanded the color spectrum in their Marina collection but a few more shades. The summer collection includes bracelets, necklaces and key chains, which come in the sailing rope look or are finished with freshwater pearls. Who wants to add a touch glamour, combines the best the bracelets and chokers Krispy faceted crystals. As additional accessory quickly another cloth from the new accessory line the trendy Beach look is set to – done! Continue reading

Google Could Be Preparing Its Own Game Center

Google you know the potential of your operating system as a platform for games and don’t want to be left behind the competition. It seems that Android will also have its social network for games Apple’s Game Center or in Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live. Continue reading

Summer, Sun, jewelry?

If the temperatures over 30 degrees climbing, rings suddenly no longer fit and the clock on the joint must be set slightly further. Earrings prove bathing suddenly impractical, large chains leave their contour when tanning. Summer and jewellery – is that actually? Continue reading

Tap Tap Revenge Finally Comes to Android

Thest month saw the first images of Tap Tap Revenge for Android: one of the most fun music games that exist for mobile devices. The waiting has come to an end and finally Tapulous bring us one of the most interesting exclusive titles of iOS. Continue reading

Union Glashütte: Classic split time

Regulators eke out a shadowy existence in the world of watches. Unfortunately, I would like to say, because after all, this Division dates back to so-called precision regulators, long used for scientific purposes and for determining official time. In the watchmaking workshops, they served as reference clocks. To more precisely to be able to read the time, dominated on the central axis of the minute hand, while hour and seconds hand each distributed above and below shot in smaller sections of dial. Continue reading

Angry Birds Rio: Ten Million Downloads in 10 Days

What will have the happy angry birds for delivery after delivery they continue to have a as resounding success. It is curious that, though the formula has not changed, each new release gets spectacular figures and Angry Birds Rio It has not been the exception that has broken the rule. Continue reading

Breitling: Take off the retro-look

The steel band supports the retro look of the Chronoliner.


The retro look is of course unmistakably at the new Chronoliner by Breitling. Actually, the designer from Grenchen have design a model from the 1950s and 1960s. Even then, Breitling supplied numerous aviation lines around the globe with wrist watches. Because the reliable chronograph pilot could use as supplementary instruments when calculating flight data. Even today, the timepiece with the winged logo on the wrists of many pilots found. Continue reading

Chesspresso: Playing Chess by Correspondence

Chess is a game table fun and exciting. However, as we all know the items may be very long and that makes playing with other individuals sometimes complicated, for this and other reasons emerged on the day the correspondence chess. Continue reading

Carl F. Bucherer: Gold diver

Added: it will take a few more days, until the diving season starts. Nevertheless, it is already time to look for new horologischen companions for the next descents in Neptune’s Kingdom. Who chooses the new variant of the Patravi ScubaTec by Carl F. Bucherer while also working I now exactly to plan its budget. Because the top version of the 2014 featured collection will cost in the range of 23 700 euros – at least that price in the Switzerland is proclaimed. We deliver an exact price for Germany after the return of the BASELWORLD. Continue reading

PSX4Droid Strikes Back: New Update and Publication of Source Code

Last week, coinciding with the launch of the Xperia Play, Google removed the Android market PSX4Droid, a PlayStation emulator for Android developed by ZodTTD, a reputed home programmer with extensive experience in the development of emulators for mobile devices. Much chance that makes think evil, with good reason. Continue reading

Pulsar: Statement for the half pipe

The professional skater Paul Luc Ronchetti is brand Ambassador for the Sport Chronograph collection X of pulsar. Now the multiple participants born in Norfolk, the X Games has got an own clock Edition.

Of Paul Luc Ronchetti limited to 1,000 units X chronograph pulsar presents itself distinctively sporty. Continue reading

Abduction! 2: Aliens Come to Take Animals from Your Android

Xataka Android are following closely the new releases of games and apps for Android, but that doesn’t mean that from time to time we remember those good titles that have been entertaining us since the first versions of the Green Android operating system. Continue reading

Oris: Harmony of dissonance

Deliberate disruption of harmony: the indices between 10 and noon are easily moved.

Also this year Oris dedicates again to a jazz icon a particular Uhrenediton. Inspiration for the this year’s model of the watch series is Thelonious Monk, one of the leading figure of modern jazz. As one of the first jazz musicians monk began selectively dissonances in his music: A style that is characterized by the harmony of tones which is perceived within an otherwise harmonious overall concept as not harmonious. He has also composed one of the most commonly interpreted jazz standards of music history with round midnight. Continue reading

New Trailer on Angry Birds Seasons

He still does not know the game Angry Birds and all their saga is that still has not entered fully into the world of smartphones and more specifically of Android. The video that heads this post is about the last update of one of their games, Angry Birds Seasons, with each themed update, it added new levels related to the dates of the year in which we find ourselves. Continue reading

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 10 day 11 / day 12

So love people, now it’s blow by blow! We hereby give the winner of day 10 – known day 12 of our this year’s advent calendar. Imagine a small drum roll … we congratulate:

Robot Unicorn Attack Brings Surrealism to Android

More than one year ago, Adult Swim was surprising and strangers with Robot Unicorn Attack. A flash game genre run and jump where our goal will be, embodying a robot Unicorn, avoid obstacles and see how far we came. A simple proposal how addictive and surreal…. Continue reading

Winner in the advent calendar 2012 – day 13 / day 14 / 15

So dear! We come today to the winners of day 13 – 15! We congratulate very sincerely and as always with some envy: Continue reading

The Best Games for Android Pinball

So typical as a Pinball game there is nothing and as in Android already do not lack anything, has seemed good idea make a compilation of them that seem the best Pinball games for our Green friend. In this list we can see both pay as free, all of them are valid and that sure will miss some good times. Continue reading

Statements in glass – jewelry novelties by Leonardo

All rain grey, the spring is reflected in cheerful colours. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips vying for the most beautiful colours and animate to do the same. If the budget for large color gemstone jewelry, the views of high-quality trend jewelry is worth. Continue reading

Death Worm: a Worm Ready to Raze Everything Android Becomes

Yesterday we saw how Toki Tori gave the jump to Android after having triumphed in other platforms such as iOS, PC and WiiWare. Today we are present in society to another game that dares to make the leap and expanding the catalog of games: Death Worm. Continue reading

Fairtrade fairmined – jewelry by noën

Sustainability is the buzz word of the time – as well as in the jewelry in many areas of life. While it has become a matter of course, only after the Kimberley process to use certified diamonds – which are those where there are the official certificates of origin of the country of origin and that demonstrably do not serve to finance wars, as is the case with the so-called blood diamonds – the use of recycled and sustainably obtained precious metals is still in its infancy. Claudia and Malte Schindler have with their brand noën completely the ecological sustainability committed to. Continue reading

‘Micronytes’, Original Platform Game Created in Spain

‘ Micronytes & #8217; is the first game created by Gibs & Gore, a study of Spanish development that starts with good manners, according to the seen. In ‘ Micronytes ’ control the anthropomorphic representation of an antibiotic that goes on the hunt for virus and microbes in the bloodstream of a patient (I’ve been superpedante, I know). Continue reading

Baselworld: these are the trends (1) – Blue

This year we were also of course onsite at Baselworld, to track down the most exciting new creations watch scene. In the coming weeks, we will present the main trends you in loose order. Continue reading