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Angry Birds Rio Will Be Sold Only by The App Store from Amazon

As you read it, Amazon has done with the launch This anticipated game, and obviously, has been a very Agile by this company move since it will give you a strong enough to push. It is not yet known is whether after the initial boom, Angry Birds Rio will be marketed by the Android Market in parallel or will remain exclusively in the Amazon store. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Bulgari brings Roma

, Bulgari can resurrect a real clock icon with the Roma, limited to 250 copies. At its premiere in 1975 marked the first Bulgari Roma in the watch world. Of modernity, which still dominates the look of the watch, its design was but a recourse to historical and even antique role models: A source of inspiration was the ancient Rome where the Emperor expressing their power and domination by valuable coins. The coins were embossed with the profile of the ruler and the name of his empire and witnessed power of his influence, his strength, and personality. This tradition following on the brand logo, as well as the name of the eternal city – graced a reminiscence of the origins of the House – the bezel of the Bulgari Roma. A cylindrical housing coined the clear and formal design of the clock and at the same time reminiscent of the architectural heritage of ancient Rome. Continue reading