Daily Archives: March 21, 2017

Android as a Platform for Games

I think that at this point few people doubt the future of Android as an entertainment device. We are checking gradually as many iPhone/iPod games are coming out on Android, where little by little the advantage that iPhone is better to play it reduces.

Let’s see which are the causes that are now beginning to get great games to Android. Where Google has had much to do but also mobile manufacturers and processors, who have entered into a war to see who offers the best experience in video games. Continue reading

Dreams with Gucci

Flowers and flowers, butterflies and bees – nature unfolds in the spring their potential with full force and ensuring a romantic flair and good mood! The Italian luxury brand Gucci captures the wakes and translates them into beautiful pieces. Flora – the name of the collection – plays with delicate flowers and glittering insects and can accept them in feminine pieces of jewellery form. In the choice of materials, Gucci relies on diamonds, coloured gemstones and 18 ct gold, colors are achieved by enamelled surfaces. Of course the classic characteristics of recognition should not be missed – in this case the characteristic Horsebit buckle, which blends harmoniously into the design. Continue reading