Daily Archives: March 9, 2017

Death Worm: a Worm Ready to Raze Everything Android Becomes

Yesterday we saw how Toki Tori gave the jump to Android after having triumphed in other platforms such as iOS, PC and WiiWare. Today we are present in society to another game that dares to make the leap and expanding the catalog of games: Death Worm. Continue reading

Fairtrade fairmined – jewelry by noën

Sustainability is the buzz word of the time – as well as in the jewelry in many areas of life. While it has become a matter of course, only after the Kimberley process to use certified diamonds – which are those where there are the official certificates of origin of the country of origin and that demonstrably do not serve to finance wars, as is the case with the so-called blood diamonds – the use of recycled and sustainably obtained precious metals is still in its infancy. Claudia and Malte Schindler have with their brand noën completely the ecological sustainability committed to. Continue reading