Curtain for Blinds

Good Morning Sunshine! Spring is here and now come with him also the first rays that kiss you awake in the morning. Especially beautiful in scene

You this now with curtains, blinds and pleated blinds in bright colors and spring-like look.

Curtain for Blinds

Home textiles are genuine all-rounder for your home. We have put together some ideas for you, showing you how the useful with the decorative sides so connect that curtains are in your home into an eyecatcher.

Blinds And Pleated Blinds to Darken

The evenings are getting longer and the nights shorter and you still have no desire to get up? As can a sometimes go “on the clock” the sun itself. But no problem! Thus you more than the birds chirping, and not wake the sun rising at 6 am, just pull the shade down the curtain on and slumber on.Different variants of blinds and pleated blinds, check out Dictfurniture for more furniture.

Curtains for Privacy

The sun is shining, but it’s still too cold to sit outside? Our tip: Sit Simply drop the window-for example, with a cup of tea and a book and enjoy the view. But that your neighbors can read along not equal, offer themselves as a screen transparent curtains with subtle designs (here: Voile decorative curtains »Bamboo” &” Dandelion”) at. For a special eye-catcher also provide playful tieback (here: tieback “heart”). Decorative curtains and accessories you can find in our stores or in our online shop .

Curtains as Room Dividers & Canopies

Even for a structured layout without massive shelves transparent curtains and blinds are well suited.Are these also still in pastel colors, perhaps can also be found on the walls or the furniture, they ensure a cheerful yet cozy room atmosphere to relax and retreat (here: Dekoschal “canvas look”).With curtains can you also get the 7th Heaven in your bedroom: With a pole above the bed and light curtains as bed canopy you can do it easily turn into “land of dreams”.