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The HP iPAQ hw6915 besides all kinds of smart phone qualities comes with a GPS receiver. We will tell you how she cut off mobile navigation combined in our test.

The HP iPAQ hw6915 is everything that makes it interesting for mobile phone users with business demands: sophisticated phone and data features, extensive Office applications, an enduring battery and last but not least the makings of the fully-fledged navigation system.

8th place for the successor
Already with the predecessor, the HP iPAQ hw6515, HP managed the collection in our Smartphone top 10. The new following suit with its better equipment and placed on a good 8th rank.

Our price comparison lists the mobile phone without contract currently from 560 euros. Tip: Who can forgo a photo feature on the Smartphone, should consider iPAQ hw6910 about 50 euros cheaper HP. In comparison to the hw6915, only the camera lacks this model.

Another note in their own right: the GPS function has no effect on the rating of the appliance as a Smartphone in the test evaluation.

Facilities: Navigator Profile

Telephone functions, the HP smart phone has its Windows competitors advance changeable user profiles. You do however have on language choice and group functions.

Phone functions
The hw6915 can deal with all four GSM frequency bands (quadband), making it a good choice as a travel companion. Frequent travellers will also appreciate the simple setting of a second time zone. You can choose numbers the phone buttons draw colour from the QWERTY keyboard or touch screen. Most effectively, the selection in the test via touch screen and thumb worked.

As a mobile phone, that dominated iPAQ all major standards such as SMS, MMS with 300 KB, call lists, hands-free and speed dials. You can easily store up to 99 numbers in the speed dial list. Such groups sending text messages or special ringing tones for caller groups, there is no functionality however. A Central Inbox for all messages (SMS, email, MMS) is also missing.

Data functions
In the area of data transmission that puts HP on USB, infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802 .11b, 11 MBit/s). GPRS is ready for fast connections to the Internet, looking for UMTS or HSDPA in vain. For the wired connection to the PC is a stable stand with USB connection in the package. In the delivery State, you can have free memory about 76 Mbytes. Abundant lean, especially since the manufacturer waives the addition of a memory card.

Which has a GPS receiver iPAQ 6915 factory on board. Navigation software (TomTom Navigator 5.3) is also installed, but brings no maps in the default delivery condition. A voucher for a free map of the city is located at. To play it on the device, the device via ActiveSync are connected with an Internet computer or go on the Internet via GPRS.Each additional maps must be paid extra.

PDA/Multimedia: Thoroughbred Workhorse

As a PDA, the iPAQ can convince, much less it is good as a mobile entertainer.

In the PDA functions, all smartphones fired with Windows Mobile 5 take little. Even with the iPAQ, there are mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.The calendar provides a comfortable time and task management with various alarm functions and status messages. The contact database allows detailed entries in an unlimited number. Via ActiveSync, you can match information such as contacts, messages, appointments, tasks, and also multimedia data on request with your Windows computer.

However worked the synchronization in the test not right off the bat. The included version of ActiveSync (4.1) steadfastly refused to establish a USB connection with the iPAQ. First, an update to a newer version (4.2) was successful. Nevertheless, our 1,000 test contacts the Smartphone in USB mode significantly about three minutes and it took far too long.

Taking photos and playing music are not among the strengths of the Smartphone. The camera is good for snapshots (see Photo Gallery). The music player (Windows Media Player 10 mobile) can indeed deal with ID3 tags, sound but via headset, as well as by speakers quite thin and feeble. Can an HP equalizer to the spice up the sound use. Who wants to plug their own headphones, needs an adapter from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack plug.

Practice: Good Condition

With less than 5 hours in duration test, the battery put the day a high endurance. The voice quality may be slightly better.

Facts & figures
On the outside not a lot has happened at the current iPAQ hw6915 compared with its predecessor, the hw6515. The dimensions are unchanged as 118 x 73 x 21 mm weight and design. Well, the newcomer brings more weighs 3 grams. This should be the built-in W-LAN chip. When testing it turned out to be the battery as a marathon runner. Less than 5 hours held out the power cell in maximum power – a good value.

Handling / acoustics
Touch, the unit settled comfortably fast and accurate command. The QWERTY keys are indeed quite closely together, offer significantly noticeable pressure points and speak quickly. HP newcomers to cope thanks to Windows structure right away with your Smartphone. In the acoustic test bothered the hard and slightly overdriven sound on the mobile page. The handsfree is also quite silent and therefore for use in the car or in a noisy environment only due to use.

Resolution 240 x 240 pixels, enough to render sharp images and text. More could be in the range of brightness. Even on the highest setting, the display will appear quite dark. This effect is reinforced by the tinted visor. Speaking of sights: the transparent flap protects the screen not only from environmental influences, it prevents also incorrect inputs via touch screen by touching the cheek during a telephone conversation.Who wants can very simply remove the visor.

Conclusion: Top 10 Smartphone

The hw6915 scores in the test mainly with its versatility. A fast mobile standard such as UMTS or HSDPA but missing.

Good Phone functions, extensive Organizer qualities and the respectable performances in the practice area featuring the HP iPAQ hw6915. Thus, Hewlett-Packard creates the feeder in our Smartphone leaderboard. 8th place ranking in the Smartphone is a deserved reward for the GPS experts.

On the MultimediaSide convinced the iPAQ however not: the camera is good for snapshots, the music player makes little pressure and sounds rather thin. Smartphone-friends will forgive these shortcomings. For this, he does Battery no slip. The power cell lasted less than 5 hours. In addition, using GPS, shortens the duration of course. Speaking of GPS: Here we would have liked something more: a city card sets at HP. If you want more, must pay extra.

TomTom, the manufacturer of the navigation software, offers the HP iPAQ hw6915 in a TomTom/HP navigation Pack for 749 euros on. In the package, you will find the iPAQ hw6915, the complete navigation software TomTom Navigator 6, detailed maps of Western Europe, a full 1 GB SD card and the complete range of accessories for use as a car navigation device.

Should it be a Smartphone with GPS and UMTS? Then he could Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 be interested in. The number 10 of our Smartphone rankings relies on Windows Mobile 5 operating system.This device is there on request without a camera.