Commenting – Salve Jorge

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Commenting – Salve Jorge

So, to relax a little from my stress this week, what about the sequence of scenes without concept in the novel Save Jorge?

That sell by the sight of a mother who has passed 2 x for childbirth, 2 x for a post partum and breastfeeding yet!

Starting with the birth of daughter of the Brunette in the cave. It’s okay to make a drama of this scene, but want to put reality doing a child is born without help, without any hygiene, simply because the mother decided to go out in the rain at exactly the moment that began the contractions is awesome isn’t it? That mom is that I’ve ever had 1 son before leaving without knowing the risk?!

To complete a few days later and is great and with no sign that just had a daughter, manages to have a night of love with Théo watered the lot of champagne… And he didn’t even notice any change in her body.

Detail; There is no quarantine, there is no chest bursting with milk. Just leave in the middle of the night with a beautiful lingerie your body looks great and healed!

And in my view the most absurd of all; forgotten poor Junior. That mother is the one that is 1 year away from the son, even mentions his name and the first person she comes out to see in the middle of the night is Theo?


I think a novel that influences both thousands of people who buy their music, clothes and information, could only take a certain caution with some details to show in fact how life is.

Anyway, just to relax a little.

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