Come Close to the iPhone 6

In this video of the Russian Youtuber, Rozetked, supposedly on the innards of the iPhone 6.

Apple has invited the press to the 9 September, when the world excited must look to, with high expectations for the next generation of iPhone. It is at 19 Danish time.

The rumors go on a presentation of two iPhones with respectively 4.7 “and 5.5” screens, as well as a iWatch.

It is, however, a Russian Youtube Member managed to get your hands on it, which supposedly will be iPhone 6 with its 4.7 “prior to the event. One can not rely on rumors, but so close to publication sees it, however, appear to be the real thing.

Compared with the previous model, iPhone 5s, who share the same color, namely Space Grey. To please hand the comfort has been both thinner and rounder profile, however, they have been forced to raise the camera from its Lair to get space – whether the glass will suffer should the time display.

The two plastic stripes across the back of the unit to help with signal reception, which is also seen in the HTC One M7.