Combinations to Hit When Wearing White Jeans

See Who Can Wear It And How To Wear Beautiful Looks With This Type Of Pants.

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Do you want to buy a white jeans, but do not know if it will be okay or how to put on a nice look? We help you with a few combinations to get you right in wearingwhite jeans.

Who Can Wear White Jeans

Women and men overweight should be careful with white pants, avoiding very wide models with bulky pockets and pleats, advised by Prefer straight cuts, preferably without pockets and pleats.

Women with a lot of curves should avoid the very glued models, as the white jeans gives even more volume and if you opt for the skinny model can end up getting vulgar. But if you really want to use this model, combine with larger blouses that cover the butt.

Girls, be very careful of the intimate piece they wear, white trousers, even jeans, are usually transparent so if you wear black or red panties everyone will see, opt for pastels or a pair of panties the color of your skin.

The thinner have in white jeans an ally, since it gives the impression that you are more cuddly. It increases the volume of the thighs and butt.

What To Wear With White Jeans

The white jeans combine very well with shirts well stamped, especially the colors red, blue jeans and khaki.

To make the look look good, invest in metallized gold, silver, copper, bronze or colorful accessories. Scarves and belts also form a perfect match.

Unlike the black jeans that match the black top, the white jeans do not look very well with the white blouse, since it will look like you are in uniform.

Look Tips

Lightweight look: Match colored pieces and medium-heeled sandals.

Look for work: wear with a button down shirt that sits on the outside of the pants to cover the butt. Finish with Oxford shoes and a black side pouch.

Look ballad: a tank top in dark tone or a single front blouse falls super good, then just end with a salmon.

Look ride: white jeans with jeans shirt, belt and raster (or jump too, if you prefer)

Look shopping: Wear with more sober t-shirt and a colorful cardigan or blazer.

Do you already know how to wear white jeans? Create your own look. It’s easier now, right?

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