Color Combinations for Bedroom Decor

The beautiful month of May starts with sun and finally slightly warmer temperatures. Matching decorating our showcase is painted a fresh white and blue. We show you how beautiful a mix and match different patterns and materials is when the colors harmonize with each other. If the color theme is established, it goes to the compilation of the individual parts into a stylish whole. It offers three beautiful decoration examples with which we want to give suggestions for your cozy home to the hand to you again.

Color Combinations for Bedroom Decor

Bedding in white and light blue

In the first window, we decided for the beautiful cotton sheets “Ines” of Essenza in elegant white, with a tone on tone Stuktur patterns. Combined with the clothing “Lady Dutch” for Pip Studio in cameo of cotton and linen, the elegant tendril pattern in blue on white looks very elegant. The beautiful large pillow has a pillowcase series “Counting Sheep” from the Essenza collection. They are joined by the striped cushions “Dandi” from pad in Pole Aqua. To cuddle yet ultra soft light blue Nicki ceiling “Bocasa” by Biedelack. The terry towels “Nordic” are by Cawö and especially fluffy.How wonderful to drink on weekends in such beautiful surroundings that morning cup of coffee. Here decorated with the cup and saucer from the “Plume” in Atoll of Jars Ceramistes.


Mix & you you match patterns

Here we have the exquisite bedding Bassetti “Tiziano” in V7 chosen from Maco satin. The beautiful blue tones are pleasantly quiet by restrained beiges and grays. The lavish cashmere and floral tendril decoration of Bassetti is absolutely timeless and versatile combinations. We have the great turning-bedding “Lacy Embroidery” for Pip Studio in white / blue arranged. One side is plain white and the other has a pretty little Bütenmuster. It is complemented with a bedspread for Pip Studio Essenza.Yet cozy, it is the many small cushions of Driessen linen in Topas and taupe, two beautiful natural tones. Furthermore, the cushion Laros of Appelt and a bolster with the reference “Counting Sheep” by Pip Studio.

The accompanying table is again covered with the wonderful dishes of Jars Ceramistes from France. This time, from the series “Vuelta” in shades of gray Silex and Atoll Blue . The glaze is a unique pattern, which makes the dishes of Jars and unparalleled. Who would not like to have breakfast?

Distressed and self-made pillow

The Distressed our third window can be quite good looking also at bedding. Very trendy and stylish but it is only with the right accessories. We have selected the Bettwäschegarnitur “Guy” from Essenza in Frben Stone (light beige / gray), Sea grean (green) and Dark gray (dark gray). The small pillows we have again resorted to Driessen linen and pad, since the optical super good fit for Distressed linen.

For the extravagant ceramic tableware Vuelta of Jars Ceramistes in Silexgray that suits tablecloth Siena in Taupe Le Francais Jacquaerd perfect. Theglasses of Solid Dibbern in dark gray are used in this arrangement also very good effect and add a wonderful. To highlight the dark gray a little more, we have in the lower table for the “tablecloth Esprit Couture” in Grege from LJF by Le Jacquard Francais decided by points in taupe.Combined with the central ceiling via collection series of Siena Le Jacquard Francais in taupe This brings to a somewhat pattern mix, on the other hand, they form a wonderful contrast.

Set on the upper table you can see our unique pillow that we make in our own tailor shop. They are sewn from the napkins of table linen series of Le Jacquard Francais and thus provide plenty of scope for different Varriationen in color and design. You can can tackle very classic and make a page design, and the other, for example, uni. A real eye-catcher and on top of that match two finishes or colors are reversible cushion for two napkins, as can be seen in the photo on the left. These are the napkins of “Esprit Coututre” line LJF by NecessaryHome. On the one hand, the model “Pied de Poule” (houndstooth), on the other, the model “Pois” (with points), both in the color “greige” dark gray / black. For the pad on the right side, we use the napkin tableware series “Siena” from the new spring / summer collection of Le Jacquard Francais. These pillows I will present again and in more detail in another article.

Want to order the pillows from Le Jacquard Francais napkins with us, but please sign up by e-mail to contact us so that we can determine the selection. We are currently working to make an online order possible. Of course, we look forward whatsoever about your visit to our store in Wesel.Our you can find contact details here .