Coleman Black Solar LED Camping Light with Charger

Coleman campers are equipped with many features which allows modern amenities while enjoying the outdoors. One of these handy features is a Coleman camping lights. In preparation for the trip outdoors, it is important to ensure that all components of your camper are functional to the lights camping. If you find that your camping lights do not work, you can follow some simple steps for troubleshooting to fix the problem.

Coleman Black Solar LED Camping Light with Charger

Things will have: 
Screw driver
Volt meter
Light bulb

Show more instructions a second opinion you consumer product before troubleshooting.

Find your Coleman manual. Review the guide tips that can help you keep in determining why your lights are not functioning properly. Review all electrical and mechanical warnings that may relate to the safety and installation. Find the section that lists contact information producer and phone numbers. 2 Volt meter can determine the level of battery power.

Check the source of the camper power. Turn another camper unit. If the unit has no power, check your camper battery. Check connections to ensure that they are secured with battery. Use a volt meter to determine that your battery is charged. Be cautious when unscrewing light bulbs.

Turn off the light switch power and remove the cover of the luminaire. Unscrew the bulb and examined it closely. If you see black residue bulb or hear bulk material moves within the bulb is burned out. Find new bulb, which is the correct size and power and install it on your device. Place all screws to light cover, so they will not be lost.

Check light ballast. Look for damage to the hood and side panels. Remove the cover and check for loose or damaged cables. If you observe black residue inside the ballast, this could be a sign of a shortage of conductors. Replace ballast cover once checks are complete to ensure there are no cables will be exposed. Contact the service center for technical support.

Connect repairs Coleman and Customer Service Department as the lights may have defective or internal problems, wiring, preventing further use of lights. Continued use of lights can also cause an electrical fire. Consulting service department of the steps taken to remove the lights and take steps to repair.