Clothes for Dogs

Many people consider their pets as real children. Thus, nothing more appropriate than wear the puppies with clothes for sightseeing or to stay at home. Who likes this canine fashion finds in a few trade shows and pet shops a paradise, with clothes for dogs of various styles, sizes and fabrics. For females there are dresses with ruffled blouses, sweatpants and even raincoats. For males it is also possible to find sweaters, raincoats and T-shirts.

For more dogs with clothes stay nice and cute, not always the garments are suitable.

In winter the short haired dogs can use clothes, since they are made with cotton and hypoallergenic. In addition, if the laundry is put and the dog doesn’t feel comfortable is better not insist, since if they are disturbed they will get the clothes anyway. If the owner of the dog does not give up to see your animal with clothes, ideally used to it slowly with the news, like for example, wearing the clothes of dog every other day and not letting the dog dress for a long time.

The long-haired dogs definitely don’t need clothes, even though the temperatures are down there. This is because the hair of the dog’s already works as an”Cardigan”and too much heat can cause health problems. Chubby dogs also should not wear clothes, since body fat already warms the body and clothes could cause discomfort and even allergies.

In addition there are also dog clothing accessories that are sold like hats and shoes. Dogs with hair of course can use the accessory on your head, as this will protect them from the Sun’s rays. The booties can be used indoors, especially in the floor for those of wood, in which the dogs slip with ease. On the streets the Slipper is vetoed, otherwise they can’t spend the nails to put your paws on the floor.