Chronoswiss for ladies

Chronoswiss soul

In time before Christmas, Chronoswiss has launched the first independent women’s models in the costs incurred by the jewelry stores. Classic, soul and swing are the three lines with a total of 13 different models. The names of the lines are program: in a timeless design classic, the line at the start goes. The ALLROUNDER watches make the price entry in the Chronoswiss women’s world. Still have the wearer even when you not to forgo the usual wealth of detail in the brand, for example, when the applied indexes. In addition to the three pointer variation, there is the classic as a sporty chronograph. Emotion is in the case of the soul at the heart. Elegant and filigree work the watches that want to persuade the carriers by lavish details such as a clock face with c.717 waves decor. The swing occurs with a glamorous exterior. In the extravagantly decorated dials and the small diamond pendant on the Crown of the watch are Eyecatchers.

The diameter of all watches corresponds to modern wearing habits for ladies watches with a 38 mm. The overall height of 9.6 millimetres (14.6 mm for the chronograph) is up to date. Typical for Chronoswiss, all watches mechanical automatic works. In the three hand models works the caliber C. 281, the chronograph is the c. 771 with energy supplies. Both works are revisions of ETA calibers.

Chronoswiss classic collection

Prices start at EUR 2 800 in the classic line. The top model in the line of soul (with Vollpavee casing) 17 900 euros.