Chronicle Fishing

Villa Paranacito is one of the points on which we always look put anglers due to its proximity to the city of Buenos Aires, good services and fishing. We just separated from her traveling about 180km Route 12 bridge after Zarate, allowing us to plan a way to return the same day.


This town that has suffered the flooding of the Uruguay River from a few months ago was not having the usual visiting fans, so we decided to give this report and show how the pique is currently in this area. Basically, the difficulties are on the road that connects us with the entrance to the port, as the water rose almost about 80cm, so it must be previously arranged with the guide where boarding.


After overcoming this unusual form of address, the path that we do is the classic, taking the stream Inks toward the mouth of Uruguay and out into open river, while on the way we have the possibility of going to surprise us with the spectacular scenery of Venice Argentina and multicolored semi-submerged trees. Although weather conditions are still not ideal, the last southeasterly winds able to activate the silverside, which started moving and feeding near the surface.



The sprints are given crappie, at a depth of fly fishing between 15 and 5 centimeters, always with the boat moving and leaving derive the line. The sizes given are those medium and large bearings that often occur not yet appear, perhaps because the water temperature is still high. The lines to use are the classic three buoys and although all the colors work, lime green is the most recommended.



The same rule applies to formats and is comfortable and fisherman need to be stick, chupetona or round except to add a mustache to end it because sum is usually very effective.



The area was surveyed in the 33 Eastern and opposite the Boca del Gutierrez gareteando downwind with the detail that piques were given the right in the water change when the baits entered the darkest parts sector. While the rains continue to plague much of Mesopotamia, as well as increasing the possibilities for those who dare to overcome all difficulties provided blunting vice are.



Rio de la Plata. Punta Lara. Emir Richardi. Despite the bad weather during the last few hours, the fishermen have been able to still enjoy this so exquisite presents silverside fishing.



In the dock of the Naval Base Taking Rio Santiago it has been drawn in these last hours many varied skin, the product of large sudestadas in background mode both earthworm as white bait itself with yellow catfish good bearing.



Afloat medianitos pejes of guys with line moving and overturning to mandale lines, it pulled in almost entire perimeter of the spring thanks to good volumes of water that has had our beloved Rio de La Plata.



Baited best performance was live or salt crappie own, an average of 12 to 25 pieces per fisherman and the quality of the Midianite kind of a girl.



With regard to the dock at the University Club here they were present my colleagues and correspondents place where I expressed the good catches being made afloat with the silver arrow, it is generated by moving line using boyon pointer.



The quality of the medium being boys. As for the varied skin it has been important with yellow catfish, pati and extracted with Barranquin Buenosaireans line or bottom lines.



In Clubs Fishing River and Municipal extractions yellow and catfish whites were registered, out pejerreyes in the form of float and boyon impeller quality arrow boys silver between 15 to 25 cm, in the drawer of fishing itself between the two clubs very good portly tents and corn dough soaked extracted, in terms of vogue species extractions were no developments.



They managed to extract in the area of Carmelita, Natural Reserve and Boca Cerrada pejes of medianitos guys incarnating with paunchy or crappie, both the tipping line mandale as the boyon own drive moving, thoroughly strong presence of varied skin .



Berisso. By Adrian Esteban del Dumbo Fishing Team. In Berisso in this April without even affirmed fruis bogas we are still fishing well on embankments. Fishing as always do on the stone in areas where the mussels are. The postage surprise, as they go from 3 to 6 kilos of weight.



Furthermore, these days made arrival of shoals of girls bogas, doradillos 15 centimeters, pita pyre, chafalotes, beak duck all young children, we must be aware and not mistreat them to return healthy ones to water.



The silverside is settled in the coastal zone, with days of catches in number of children and middle sizes for the moment, but it is easy to reach 100 catches. In the north coast fishing it gives boys and middle pejerreyes especially with southeasterly winds. Embarking is taking very well pique with pejerreyes of all sizes and some over 45 cm.