Choose Your Sunglasses

Not that we stop using sunglasses in any time of year, but with summer approaching it seems that desire to increase our collection gets even bigger. haha

Imagine then the breath when Dudu Bertholini made this visit to the Home of the Youtubers to show the new collection of Vogue Eyewear? Fashion designer, stylist and fashion consultant of Rede Globo, Dudu has incredible knowledge of fashion, but the best is that just because of your style full of personality he does not cling to rules and is super in favor of adapt optimally to each!

Look, Dudu prepared a “style board” for every youtuber! Know your style, moreover, is a big step to settle the choice of glasses: so much to choose a model that has everything to do with what you use and see what’s missing in their looks–vary from black models to a mirrored, for example.

It’s fun to stay tuned to the format of your face, but you don’t have to respect rules, be plastered on them. What is interesting is precisely suit your personal style “, he said. “You can have a round face and wearing round glasses and that can be your personality”.

And accessories, as are time to combine with the glasses? “Turban, necklace, earring, you can compose all this with the glasses. I think it’s silly that you have to take everything – unless, of course, that this has to do with your style. But don’t do it for fear of being exaggerated, for example, indicates.

Luisa and Gabi Luthai

Fabi SantinaMaddu Magalhães, Jade Seba and Ana Lydia Lopes

We can see that the mirrored glasses still with everything, huh?! The round model, in fact, ends up taking ordinary’s both retro as the proposal mirrored!