Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

In the conventional products, there are other versions. Check it!

The purchase of the toilet involves careful planning, since the choice of the piece must be done according to the design of the bathroom and the needs of users. Because there are different models on the market, the decision needs to be even more careful for a sure buy.

Considered one of the most economical option, the toilet box with attached has a certain amount of water in the tank, ranging up to six liters, which allows for less water usage. To the list of benefits, sum up the option with dual drive. Sustainable, the product has two buttons: one intended for liquids, releasing three liters of water, and the other, facing the solid flow releasing six liters of water.

Model that takes up less space by not having the attached box, the conventional toilet has independent discharge (wall-mounted). It is ideal for use in small washrooms. Before purchasing the vessel, however, watch out a few points of attention, as the hydraulic structure of the house. Be concerned to know precisely the extent of the bathroom sewer pipe to identify if there is compatibility with the sanitary bowl.

Attention to water savings: If you choose this model of commode is important to remember that there are double-flow exhaust valve that can complement the product avoiding waste.

In addition to the traditional versions, you can also purchase the children’s toilets , with appropriate size for the use of small, plus the child potty , recommended for children phase, usually between two and three years old. There are also special toilets with front opening.

Regardless of the model, analyze before buying

Do not forget to determine the width, height and depth of conventional toilet to choose the most appropriate size for your bathroom. Make sure the chosen model has seats. If not, you can purchase the accessories separately.

Please also review the need to buy other accessories for toilets, as the fixing material, the connecting tubes and flexible – hose connecting the water pipe to the sanitary bowl attached box.


Do not overlook environmental decoration. You can choose the colors that best match the composition of your space. The more traditional line is white tones, beige and gray. If you love more daring pieces, the online shop offers versions in green, brown and black.