Choose the Perfect Dress for Prom

Super special occasion party is usually prestigious, then that is a reason more than special to be beautiful and powerful! It’s time to perfect the make-up, hair and, of course, clothes, shoes and accessories, and that’s where we begin the insecurities: what color goes with me? The dress can be glow? Should I go with the hair down or trapped? And so on …
Actually what you want is sure not to make mistakes, to go there and kick ass, but not to miss? Not everyone can afford a personal stylist, isn’t it? But, it’s not necessary to have a personal stylist to look like a Hollywood star, just met well our body and knows some simple rules that can help us a lot and, of course, get inspirations.
You need to identify the colors with which you feel most beautiful, whether the model you’re looking for is a more bold or discreet, know their weak spots to hide as well as those who want to enhance and believe, may be the most beautiful dress in the world, cost millions, but if he doesn’t drop it right or leave you comfortable …

We need to get to know each other well and know what favors us, because although there are hints of good taste and harmony, there are no rules to all. It’s not about any cake recipe, there is no recipe ready, it comes to self-knowledge, and we’ll show you some tips to help you choose the ideal model.
Very bust: For women a lot of bust should give preference to square necklines, while the deep necklines should be avoided, according to, the trick is to draw attention to the bottom, or the skirt.
Little breast: Already, who have small bust can abuse deep necklines in front or back, and pleated fabrics and worked in the bust help add volume, and the more skinny can invest in transparent fabrics.
Plump Arms: Avoid models with straps and strapless, the sleeves should be adopted on the look, flared or printed with girl, everything that enhances the visual.
Short leg: Short-legged women can invest in high-waisted dresses, because singing and lengthen the silhouette and another tip is to use pointy shoes and parts with V neckline.
No waist: Opt for models fitted to the body, they help to enhance the waist and the tip is if you shoot in dresses with tracks in this region, which are super high and help to refine the waist.
Belly out of the way: Women who are with a protruding belly, out of shape and flabby even should bet on structured fabrics like shantung or taffeta and those models of dresses or empire waist are ideal to cover up unwanted tummy.

Tips for choosing the dress
Fashion Model: Believe me, it’s not because it’s “fashion”, which combines or is appropriate for the occasion, whenever I have doubt,I  prefer more classical pieces.

In choosing the fabric: Not to miss, jerseys, crepes, silks and chiffon are high, as well as Lace, embroidery, asymmetries and tilted cuts and, of course, the flowers, both in print, embroidered or applied can also be used without fear of making mistakes.

If the event is a mass: Invest in pantaloons, knee dresses, skirts skewed with uneven bars and escape the necklines and brightness.

Collection: Since you will cover your clothing with the gown the tip is avoid frills or details that will add volume, invest in a dress or skirt and shirt set.

Cocktail: You can play brightness, embroidery and transparencies and always opt for a long, dress or set.
Ball: it’s time to choose “one” dress of your dreams, you’re out of inspiration, take a look at the movies or novels in poster, as the images below, showing the prom dress of Helena, Bruna Majmudar, in the novel “In Family”.
The prom dress of Helena, Bruna Majmudar, in the novel “In family”, has high waist or has several layers of tulle, in the best style of 20s.

The upper part of the dress is slim, with no fancy neckline and embroidered with fabric flowers and precious stones. To not overwhelm the outfit, braid the hair up and have light makeup.