Choose Sport: What Should I Practice? II

Today we return to talk about the different options that you can find in sports centres and try to help you to choose to help you to choose sport, and pick one that closely resembles what you are looking for.

Already a few weeks ago I talked about three different sports that you could find among the variety of offer that exists today.Today give continuity to this previous post and I will talk about three possible disciplines, we will see what works with your practice so that you do not go to choose sport:

Jump fit: this modality has taken great force in recent times and has managed to excite a lot of people. It consists of jumping to the rhythm of the music on a small trampoline, brings multitude of benefits while we get to burn many calories:

When working on an elastic surface reduces the impact of knees on the floor.

Increases resistance and muscular strength.

It improves the cardiovascular system.

It strengthens the bones and muscles of the body, which helps the joints in the knees and hips increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

It tones the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

And above all, the most important benefit is that you will have fun at the same time you do sport, impossible to get bored!

Pilates: this sport consists of complete physical exercises that achieve an intense work of the muscles getting so toning them without an increase in the volume. Breathing is one of the most important within this practice sections, since with its proper execution, we will obtain a more effective job, along with the Elimination of stress and muscle tension. With this practice, we will obtain in addition to those already mentioned, the following benefits:

Increase flexibility, coordination, agility and balance.

Improve postural alignment and corrects incorrect postural habits.

Stylized figure thanks to the muscle toning.

It works even deeper muscles, getting to prevent possible injury.

Yoga: this discipline is one of the oldest and it has been practicing for many years. It is a method to balance and harmonize body and mind, that we will achieve stability and relaxation with the execution of exercises accompanied with proper breathing. In yoga there is a great variety, but any of them is suitable for any kind of person if you are looking for is a work of the muscle groups without resorting to a cardiovascular work that significantly raise the heart rate.

We hope that these small guidelines will help you choose the sport more suitable to you and so you get to enjoy your sport.

See us in the room!