Children Fishing

Children’s Day is coming and have one of the most original gifts to make them the many guys who like fishing and live near (or in) the northern area of Greater Buenos Aires.Esta fondness for the cane is due, among other reasons, parents, uncles or any greater distance, are fans of this hobby or many small love the outdoor life and sport fishing is a good excuse to enjoy it. But there are many guys who want to learn to fish for fly fishing tips. School Joseph Di Carlo at the Club de Pescadores Olivos is a good starting point. Let’s learn a little more to this great teacher of the northern area of Greater Buenos Aires.

Joseph has over 25 years dedicated to teaching, after winning many tournaments and championships representing different fishing clubs and even the national team. On September 3, 1987 started school fishing in the Fishing Club Hunting and Nautical Belgrano, Vicente Lopez, with only two students. To promote his work he approached the busy and next port of Olivos and invited dads who were fishing with their children to take them to school. In fulfilling their silver wedding 2,720 children had passed through its classrooms. What do they do? The course starts with the simplest knots and then armed with a line of two hooks for bottom fishing. Nothing more basic. José attends to every guy in particular. If you do not have rod and reel, it lends to begin classes incarnates and release. The age to start is eight years. When they are smaller learn to shoot well, but not to do crafts. To contact Joseph Di Carlo, to consult or recorded in the school, contact the Club de Pescadores Olivos: 011-5291-4856. You will take a phone number and call you Joseph for vacancies, not wanting to serve large groups (mostly no waiting list).