Check the Gorgeous Marchesa Party Dresses

What woman doesn’t go crazy when the novelty is party dresses?! Today’s post I could sum up in one word: luxury. I’m going to show you the wonderful pieces. The inspiration was shown clearly in dresses, embroidered tulle skirts, skirts with layers or the impressive low-cut black dress from shoulder to shoulder embroidered in gold, in the Byzantine style, and Georgina Chapman to complete one of the designers stated: “we wanted it to be Rico and luxurious” , and really was jaw-dropping.

The mix of textures used in the glamour collection to meet the most demanding clientele, people who seek elegance dresses with princess feel with much romanticism and power, with voluminous skirts models are highlighted. Already the cocktail dresses the Marchesa presented super models with precious stones and sequins with highlights in the colors silver and gold. Suggested by income transparency and ending with the V neckline brought the sensuality in the right measure, leaving in evidence the strategic details valuing feminine silhouette.

If you have an item in the closet that is synonymous with luxury, power and glamour, it is surely the party dress! May be long, short, full of glitter and precious stones, or simply worked into the fabric, but for us women’s worth as a jewel. For those who want to attract the attention of the party for sure you will find your “perfect dress” in some clicks that separated in today’s editorial. So fasten your seat belts and get your eyes on this post that will reflect brightness to all sides!