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It is common to come across various models of headphones, whether strolling down the street or searching the Internet to buy a new one.We have the smallest ones, there are those huge ones that stand out everywhere, the expensive ones and the most in mind.But, when choosing a headset, do you really know the difference between them?

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Knowing the characteristics and peculiarities of each one is fundamental to discover if the desired model is able to meet your needs.Each type of handset is designed for a specific type of users. Get to know the top three types of headphones now via Etaizhou.


Earbud headphones are the most common.Most cell phones and MP3 players, like iPods, come with this type of handset.They are inexpensive, small, unobtrusive, and have good audio quality for most users, though they do not have such powerful bass.

The earbuds have the most varied designs, from the most simplistic to the most elaborate and most expensive.A big problem with this type of handset is the wires, which always wind up and waste precious minutes trying to unleash the various nodes.It is rare to find earbud headphones that are Bluetooth. To solve this problem, there are some that have a self-retracting system, which wind the wire in a special compartment, preventing it from getting messy in the bag or in the backpack.

Earbuds are suitable for less demanding users or with very specific needs.Because they are small, it is possible to carry them inside the bag and even from the pocket and do not draw much attention on the street.They are also inexpensive and thus do not weigh in the pocket of users who do not care for technical specifications of headphones and nor for bass not so serious.

Intra headset

In-ear headphones are very similar to earbuds, except that they are inserted into the ear canal.Its design is quite peculiar, as they are more pointed at the ends.Usually, they come with silicone “gloves”, which can be changed to fit better into the user’s ear.

The great advantage of this type of handset is that they practically enter your ear.With this, you hear much less outside noise, like people talking, car noise and other noises.This allows you to put the music at a lower volume.On earbud headphones, as there is a lot of interference from external sounds, the user needs to increase the volume of the song to hear it right.This impairs hearing in the long run.

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It is also easier to find in-ear earphones with some extra features such as Bluetooth and noise cancellation.Bluetooth headsets free the user completely from the wires, giving more freedom to do walks, races or other physical exercises.

In-ear earphones can be found at prices ranging from $ 35 to $ 170. Some models cost more than $ 300. Just like the earbuds, the accessory can be carried easily and fit anywhere.


Supra-auricular headphones, in turn, are well ordered by people who value the bass and a higher sound quality.Its main feature is having a bow that holds the handset to the head.It is your main design landmark.It is widely used by DJs.

These models are not as compact and easy to carry as an earbud or in-ear earphone.However, they have an indisputable sound quality and are very used by those who work with music.Those who practice physical exercises often also prefer this type of phone, precisely because of the bow that leaves him more trapped in the head, preventing him from falling.

From the point of view of comfort, there is also a great highlight.Generally, the supra-auriculars are more padded and envelop the whole ear.So the user can use them for hours and not feel any kind of discomfort.Some models come with a built-in microphone, much used by professional gamers, who can communicate with their team without having to take their hand off the keyboard and mouse to dial.

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Its average price is around $ 75 to $ 400. But supra headsets can easily go from $ 600 and up to $ 700 on the most professional models.They are extremely suitable for professional gamers, DJs and other professionals in the music industry.

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