Charming shudder

All Hallows Eve, the night before all Saints Day, is celebrated as a continuation of ancient Celtic customs in Ireland and has long since become known beyond the Emerald Isle. Especially in the United States, now called the Halloween tradition by Irish immigrants has established itself. But in this country romp every year to October 31 little scary ghosts on the streets and demand „ trick or treat “! Who puts out no sweets, should expect pranks.

Halloween marks the end of summer and the beginning of the winter season. The Celts held a Festival in honor of the dead, evil spirits should, however, be expelled. The mystical belief occurred long ago in the background, but the charming horror figures remain popular de Kog Ellen and grace gathering arm Ribbon and chain – as our show example of Thomas Sabo and heartbreaker. If you throw you so today in Bowl and as a witch, make unsafe a Halloween party magician or ghost, forget not the matching jewelry, the – properly combined – can be worn even after the Ghost Festival.

Photos: heartbreaker (2 left motifs in the title picture and above) and Thomas Sabo (2 right motives in the title picture and below)