Cell Phone Access QSEE

Hello QSEE DVRs are generally compatible with the following operating systems for remote monitoring by cell phone:Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone Ipad, Ipod and Iphone.

Cell Phone Access QSEE

Mobile Phone Access Windows Phone – To view your cameras from your Windows Phone, download the free Super Cam app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.This program requires Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

1 Step.Access the Windows Phone Market Place on your phone and look for Super Cam Download the free application and install it in the normal way.

2 Step.Start Super Cam and enter the DVR address along with the username and password used to access your DVR. The default values ​​for these two fields are admin and 123456, respectively.

3 Step.Select Live to start viewing your cameras.

In Live View, you can swap the cameras by selecting the desired channel below the main picture.Camera 1 is the default view in this window.Rotate the phone to switch to display in Landscape mode, but this hides the controls temporarily.

Installation by Iphone and Ipad – As it comes to Apple you will be downloading from iTunes you will have to make an account in iTunes.

1 Step.Open the App Store function on your Device

2 Step.Select the Search field and search for the Super Cam application.

3 Step.Select Super Cam open the introduction and download the Free version and it will change before installing the app.

4 Step.Enter your iTunes or App Store password and select OK.The software will be downloaded and installed automatically through phonecations.

Installation by the Android System – In the Android operating system it is simpler to perform the installation.

1 step.Enter the Play Store on your phone and do the Super Cam App Search.

2 Step.Select the Install Super Cam option.

3 Step.Select OK to confirm Download.

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