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5 (Still) Unknown Watch: Microbrands

What Makes The Crowdfunding Brands Attractive And What Watches They Offer

Thanks to modern financing options such as the crowdfunding, new watch brands, so-called microbrands, are flourishing and interested. What can we expect as a buyers of the clock?

There has been a new trend in recent months: Kickstarter, the platform for crowdfunding on the Internet, has developed into a marketplace for individual wristwatches. In Crowdfunding, interested buyers invest a manageable amount into a product. It is only when enough money is collected that the watchmakers and machines go. Microbrands are called these so-called clock marks. They come from the USA, Europe and Asia. In addition to Swiss-made products from Eta or Sellita, the movement also features the Miyota caliber. Up to now, only one of the micromarkets has been tied to its own work: Accurat Swiss from Biel. Continue reading

What Makes GlashÜTter Watches So Special?

A. Lange & Söhne, GlashÜTte Original And Eight Other Brands Are Located In The German GlashÜTte

Glashütte in Saxony is neither particularly large nor particularly convenient for traffic. The fact that a large part and, above all, almost all the luxury watches of Germany are produced here seems puzzling at first. At the same time, there are ten watch brands, for example A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original and Nomos Glashütte. Some of the brands develop their own movements themselves and produce almost all the work components in their own house. But why are all the big German manufactories sitting in Glashütte? And what makes Glashütter watches so special? Continue reading

Annoying Or Traditional Chic: the Wristwatch to Put on

More and more people want to come back into a closer relationship with the objects with which they surround themselves.They do not want to be helpless, but they have to master it.In the seventies of the last century, the quartz watch revolutionized watch technology.Finally, cheap wrist watches were on the market, which showed the exact time and which did not have to be re-adjusted every time the watch was left for a few days.However, an important part of the personal relationship with the watches was lost as they became independent and man had less power over them.The initial designs were just clumsy for the ladies, but now there are many graceful and stylish quartz clocks, whether with digital or analog display.Meanwhile, some ladies are wearing wristwatches again.Is this just a fashion show, which looks smart and passes again, or is it a change of attitude to the things? Continue reading

3 Gold Watches for the Ladies

Gold Watches By Piaget, Roger Dubuis And Hublot

Gold has fascinated people for millennia. The current ladies’ watches have succeeded in eliciting a new charisma from the archaic fabric. The new gold look convinces with design chess pieces, which partly originate from fashion, partly from the classical jeweler art. Continue reading

The 5 Best Watches: a Subjective Retrospect

The Personal Highlights Of Chronos Chief Editor RÜDiger Bucher

What were the most important watches of the year 2016? A question I asked myself just before the end of the year, as every year. In the following my own personal selection, whereby I consciously renounced great complications – which would be still a separate topic. Continue reading

Pilot’s Watches from Tutima Then and Now

Tutima Fliegerchronograph, Tutima Military Chronograph, Tutima Grand Flyer At A Glance

Tutima is inextricably linked to aviation and aviation. From the one-time quality assurance for safety, Tutima established a watch brand which, with responsibility and passion, made every flight time experienceable and, above all, measurable. Continue reading

The 6 Coolest Watches in Military Style

Tudor, Hanhart, TAG Heuer & Co Enter The Parade

Military-style watches bring new colors, designs and materials to the wrist. Chronos and let six particularly successful models compete for the parade. Continue reading

Meet Filip, the Intelligent Watch Specially Made for Criançasconheça

Filip, the Intelligent watch specially made for children

Filip is a smart watch with visual and features made precisely for the children’s audience. The gadget is a more suitable option for children, compared to the most advanced Galaxy Gear or Sony Smart Watch. With the novelty, parents can even monitor their child’s activities in a very efficient way. Continue reading

[iWatch] Apple Hires the Sales Director of TAG Heuer

A long time ago is speculating that Apple is working on a smart watch, talk about it here in iPadDicas at various times, the last time was exactly one week when we told you how the company had hired Alex Hsieh, an expert on dress up accessories. Continue reading

Champion Watches Jelly Bracelets

The Champion is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world, present in several countries the brand makes success wherever he goes and could not be different here in Brazil. Innovation is one of the strengths of the Champion, so the company has just launched the line of your Champion watches jelly bracelets accompanying all this wave of clothes and colorful visuals rescued the years 80, follow follow our information and be sure to be in fashion with another accessory to compose your look. Continue reading

Apple Watch Are Already Sold on Chinese Market

Just two days after the presentation of the world Apple Watch, the first Watch Apple’s smart, imitations of the appliance can be found in the Chinese market.

Popular Chinese websites e-commerce like the Taobao offer very similar devices, since the “Watch” to “D-Watch”, almost identical in appearance, but much lower prices to the originals, which won’t arrive in stores in the Asian country until April 24, the same day of your world premiere.

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Chinese Characters Touch Screen Smart Watches

The young Belgian company iBeezi has developed an electronic keyboard for touch screens, capturing virtually all Chinese signs maximum four ‘steps’. “We teach Chinese to write in a more efficient manner,” suggests his inventor Pierre-Henry De Bruyn.

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Sony Will Keep Android Modified on Their Watches

Google launched Android Wear a few days ago as a way to facilitate the adoption of the system by the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. However, the president of Sony in the United States, Ravi Nookala, stated last Tuesday (25) that the Japanese manufacturer will not enter the wave launched with Moto 360 and continue to use its own version of Android for Smart Watches. Continue reading

Google Launches Smart Watches and Fitness Platform

After US manufacturer Apple introduced the Health application, capable of collecting and displaying data such as sleep quality, calorie count, heart rate and blood pressure, Google, its main rival, did not leave it cheap and showed the world a new Alternative for those who enjoy using technology as an ally of their training. Continue reading

Smart watch Is Compatible with Android and IOS

Continuing to smart watches selection of low cost of TecDica, we will speak today about the S79. The appliance, which is compatible with Android and IOS, is manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer ZGPAX and is for sale in Gear Best for 25, 74 dollars (just over 100 reais). Continue reading

An Incredible Pocket Watch

They accompany the Relogiolândia, you know the unmistakable style of Urwerk. And yet, hardly not be surprised with your new creation: a Pocket Watch as there is equal, the Urwerk Zeit Device UR-1001.

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Perrelet turbine XL Vegas: Watch for Players

The clock turbine Vegas XL by Perrelet brings the roulette table on the wrist.

“Place your bets!”, to “make your game!”, it is called at the roulette tables in The Vegas, Monaco or Baden-Baden. Perrelet watch turbine XL Vegas roulette at the wrist, is in any place of the World game time. Continue reading

Scalfaro watch LM 917 Hans Mezger Special Edition

The wristwatch Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition is the first air-cooled chronograph in the world. Price: 6917 euro (RRP).

A Porsche for the wrist? Goes – with the Scalfaro watch LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition. The timepiece includes original parts of the Porsche 917 and has even an air cooling system such as this. Continue reading

Watch News of the SIHH in Geneva

Links: The caliber of Cartier diver. Right: The Vacheron Constantin Maltese Tourbillon skeleton open worked.

On the fine Richemont watch Salon SIHH (Salon international of la High quality watchmaking) numerous innovations of high watchmaking, ahead of all other major trade fairs in the year, were presented. We present the highlights of the SIHH in Geneva. Continue reading

A Classic Dressed Watch: The Master of AndrÉ Belfort

One who wears a casual sports watch at work or in his spare time is not necessarily interested in classic and elegant watches. Yet, there are occasions on which a – associated with the style of clothing that suits – dressed watch between account online. If you do not have such a watch in his collection, must dispense with this guide to the wrist. Rolex, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Lange & Söhne offer in this area an excellent choice – but the watch that he wears only rarely and which does not belong to his heart. Continue reading

Recommendations and Tips to Take Care of Your Watch

There are several precautions that should be considered with regard to your watch. Without excessive caution is required, can take into account some basic precautions that will help you prevent damage and breakdowns, and contribute a lot to extend the life of your watch. Continue reading

On to New Depths: Mouth Waters Depth Gauge

Mouth is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury watches. With the waters depth gauge brings out the Swiss manufacturer a timer, which can measure the exact depth of the water by the penetration of water. As a result, it represents an innovative and at the same time highly reliable companions on dives. Continue reading

Retro Wall Clock-Do It Yourself

Continuing our series on Xingling findings, today has a project to reuse a Chinese Greek gift that everyone who one day tried to make a new House has won: wall clock.

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The Minimalist and Modern Watches

With all the classic men’s clothing (up accessories) gaining more modern and technological versions, the traditional Pocket Watch could not be left out. One of the responsible for the new look of this piece, MMT, is a company based in Paris, but which uses Japanese machinery to produce pocket watches with minimalist design and young.

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