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Celebrity Sighting (2): Novak Djokovic

New partner of Seiko: Novak Djokovic

And again tennis: Is the Japanese watchmaker Seiko for three years brand partner of Novak Djokovic, the current number two of the men’s tennis world ranking list. Djokovic has received as the first watch a solar powered and GPS-based ASTRON GPS from Seiko. Continue reading

Celebrity Sighting (1): Agnieszka Radwanska

New brand Ambassador of RADO: Agnieszka Radwanska

, The Polish professional tennis player and current number five of the world rankings, Agnieszka Radwanska, is the newest member of the brand Ambassador of Swiss watch brand RADO family. In addition to the Polish RADO has committed already the reigning Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray and the German player of Julia Görges as an Ambassador of the sport of tennis. With the new partnership, the watch brand, which will occur in 2014 in twelve international tournaments as official timekeeper, continues her commitment to tennis.

Advent calendar 24: Jet set watches

Are fun in life, glamour, party and enjoy the watches by Jet set in the foreground as the combination of innovation with the latest trends. The brand was founded in 2006. Since the Jet set with a diversified collection of watches has become a favorite for all, which are available on glamour on the wrist. See and be seen is the motto with a ladies or mens watch jet set. Big, powerful and distinctive forms are therefore typical for the Jet set watches. Continue reading

Vacheron Constantin: Glitter – not just for Christmas

Brilliant time measuring jewelry: 306 diamonds provide a highlight on the wrist

It is only the small model – but it’s enough to generate impressive glitter and magic glitter. The gloss fits naturally well into the Christmas season, loses none of its impact but also beyond the coming festive season. Because finally the Gemsetter Vacheron Constantin have diamonds with a total weight of approximately 10.6 Carat on the patrimony traditionnelle housed Haute Joaillerie. 124 pieces are alone on the white gold case measured 30 millimeters. There are also 156 diamonds on the dial, which is also made of white gold. Starting from the middle of the dial, the stones are arranged radially so that completely round the “Face” of the watch and beyond the housing cover and thus the entire clock in a captivating, almost enveloping. Continue reading

Oris: For jazz fans

Also makes the watch industry in the advent season no pause. In good time before Christmas, this gift idea by Orisfür watch enthusiasts with jazz weakness has landed on our desks: who only occasionally watched the watch brand from Hölstein, the whose affinity to the subject of jazz is not escaped. Brand owner Ulrich Herzog is a great friend of the music style and had the idea of famous jazz musicians special editions therefore some years ago to devote. And so finds a goodly number of jazz watches in the portfolio of the Höllsteiner company in the course of today. Continue reading

SIHH 2014: Vacheron Constantin and the art of the cultures

Chinese embroidery are the inspiration for this model Kollek sound ornaments Choosebeing

, Métiers d’art is a collection of watches, in which Vacheron Constantin link watchmaking and jewellery Arts for several years. The sky can be inspired by traditional motifs of various cultures and they are attempting to depict as diverse on the small surface of the dial of a watch. Continue reading

Nomos: Berlin with Glashütte heart

Noob, gold else, Clärchen and Nachtijall … no, not the names of the most fashionable Berlin pubs, but the labels are the latest model extension by Nomos. The Glashütter watch manufacturer plumbs the richness of the color palette on its watches already for several years. Now is the Tetra’s turn again: Nomos called cheeky turquoise, promising gold, billiard-green and elegant Midnight blue of Kreuzberg Berlin Blue design studio designed variants of color – so colorful you diverse as the capital of just. That gold plated hands move above all dials and the two piece stainless steel case has dimensions of 29.5 by 29.5 millimetres is this Berlin blend together,. Continue reading

Sturmanskie: training time for Mars

, Mars is currently the most popular target of space agencies around the globe. To appropriately equip the expeditions to our planetary neighbors, various companies are instructed to develop products that the extreme conditions of space flight can – withstand also watch companies. In cooperation with the Russian space agency Sturmanskie has now developed a timepiece, which supports cosmonauts training for the real flight to the red planet – and of course bears the name of Mars. Continue reading

RADO: Cuddles

Perfect oval: by the innovative control system, the designer could renounce the Crown

Control of the touch technology for watches has been a specialty of Tissot. Now also the Group sister RADO presented a first timer with touch-sensitive Seinoren – exclusively for women: the Esenza ceramic touch. Continue reading

Chronoswiss: Cool blue for the time master big date

Cool color variation for hot days: time master big date in Skyblue

In recent years, the traditional sport line time master has received numerous new members with the distinctive onion Crown. Since 2011, Chronoswiss fans can buy the clock measuring 44 mm with a big date. In addition to the big date, that is quite prominently placed on height of 12, there was also a power reserve indicator. Continue reading

Jewelblog hits: Scott Devon, founder of the watch brand Devon

From motor racing to the clock building: Scott Devon

Bridgat: what an idea standing behind your project as you had decided to create a new watch? What did you do before work?
Scott Devon: I was previously in the American car and cycling) engaged. We were very successful and have won several races. Then I had the idea of a special product – a luxury product – to bring to the market, which is simply different and extraordinary. On the basis of this idea, I founded 2008 Devon works, but it took still some time until we finally in the year 2010, it was mid-July, finally our first clock could deliver. Continue reading

Longines: heartbeat with elegance

Nowadays rarely: Pulsometer – and Asthmometerskalen

As well as the mechanical heart of a clock strikes also our body to the beat of his own rhythm. Long ago, therefore watches were used to measure the heart rate and respiratory rate. With the new model Asthmometer-Pulsometer chronograph is a tribute to those historical models of the brand, serving a medical purpose first and foremost Longines – today only watch fans can associate the concepts of doctor – and sister watches right off the bat This function. The measurement of two bodily functions is very easy and requires only a creative extension on the dial of a chronograph: 30 pulses are counted after the start of the wattmeter or it is five one – and exhaled, the pointer stopped and then read the corresponding information to the blue Asthmometer – or the Red Pulsometer scale. A high-quality automatic movement ensures the precision of the mechanical “heartbeat” – that works in a characteristic of Longines elegant casing made of stainless steel. 1710 EUR is the price for the clock measuring 38.5 mm.

Ice-Watch: Now in leather

A tad bit adult: ice-watch extends the target group with the ice-vintage collection

Is the ice-watch adult? It almost has this appearance, because the new ice-vintage collection of Belgian vertical has nothing at all colorful, loud or shrill. Thus the company deviates from the so far successful brand concept and presented a new idea: leather bracelets and freshened in decent vintage-look characterize the image of the four models. This is a range of former fans, which be slowly grown and seek a more clock on one. On the other hand, the design speaks new target groups whom the previous models were just too colorful. Therefore, the new models are also no going back on the fashionable accessory character of ice-watch. Finally vintage is full in vogue. And the designer gave two attributes of the collection, which highlight it from the mass of the retro trends. There is a the diameter of the watches, the (53 mm big in the variants of big (48 mm) or big) are available. On the other hand, the quartz movement in a transparent plastic case can be found on-ice r call the material the brand makers. Continue reading

Grand Seiko: Resurrection of a design icon

Understatement in the clear design: top model of 44GS in fine white gold

Worldwide, the eyes of the watch connoisseurs light when may tell about the Grand SEIKO watches. That the name of the upper class watches is a term until today only few lay people, one reason is that the model outside of Japan emerged a long time only in sub homeopathic doses. On the other hand may have this blind spot also on the name of Seiko mass-produced and the exclusive Grand Seiko. While the differences are enormous: the Grand Seiko models are produced in an own factory, whose watchmaking dealing exclusively with the top models of the group. And in the areas in Northern Japan, one feels the workshops of Haute Horlogerie remembered – no matter whether they are in Glashütte, Geneva, Schaffhausen or in the Vallée de Joux. Also the quality criteria of the works are very strict: so does the certification process for the mechanical caliber 9 S 17 days. The Grand Seiko standard differs from the usual chronometer standards in two aspects: for Grand Seiko clocks are adjusted in six instead of the usual five layers, as well as at three instead of two temperatures. The additional location tests the chronometer in a was position in the 12 o’clock position above is located. In this situation, the clock, if not worn, will like to set. The additional temperature is closer to the body temperature. The idea behind it: The clocks are to be tested in everyday life-like situations. Continue reading

Nomos: Ahoy for the summer

, Germany expects a heat wave in the coming days. The best way to withstand the temperatures in the water. Starts with the Ahoy has NOMOS Glashütte the right clock for the bathing – whether in the pool or on the beach: the combination of fine Glashütte factory work, best design from Berlin and a housing to get that is. Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Maurice Lacroix goes extreme

New material: the housing of the Pontos S extreme consists of an alloy of five materials

Extremely resistant, lightweight and very hard – the material Powerlite from the housing of the Pontos S are extremes of Maurice Lacroix has these features. The alloy of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium and ceramic is used for the first time in the watch industry and has a very pleasant haptics, which leads to a pleasant wearing feeling of chronograph measured 43 millimeters. In addition, the housing surface is anodised. This procedure applied in the automotive, aviation and architecture pigments in the pores of the material inserted by an electrochemical process, to give him more hardness through a modified composition. Continue reading

Colour inspiration: work of art on your wrist

New color pattern: colour inspiration

Already at first glance the dial reveals the Viewer: the colour inspiration is different. The watch through the art of Paul Halloran is inspired. The special thing about her: Again new shades arise during the pointer move. Like a color game that follows no certain rules, a new surprise for the Viewer is thus every minute and hour. Transparent and coloured panes, which again and again on the new color and shape variations emerge are the secret. It reminds a little of the Chromochrom models or the Carpe diem by RADO directed 2002. Continue reading

Girard-Perregaux: Haute Joaillerie meets Haute Horlogerie

Decorating time: over 1000 diamonds sparkle on the white gold case

More than a thousand diamonds provide for the sparkling appearance of the new version of the cat’s eye jewellery by Girard-Perregaux. The diamonds in the technique of the “snow”setting, which control just a few Gemsetter have been taken. While different sized diamonds are used so close together, that apart from the rounded grains that fix the stones, no metal can be seen. This dramatic game with diamonds perfectly emphasizes the roundness of the housing. The Gemsetter works without a template, and follows only his experience and his feeling for the placement of diamonds. It starts with the creation of wells in the metal, which are applied appropriately for each individual stone. Continue reading

Grieb & Benzinger: Out of this world

The space, the final frontier: the insight into the housing of area 51

Wishes assist Grieb & Benzinger was always high course. Again and again the Skelettier specialists create unique items with high recognition value with traditional technology and exceptional design. Continue reading

Basel 2013: The complicated trio of Blancpain

Insight: highest watchmaking at work can be observed through the openwork dial

Only a few brands are able to offer highly complicated timepieces. Still less can develop such movements themselves. Blancpain in Le Brassus in the picturesque Swiss is one of the few factories in this Champions League of watchmaking Jura. And also the watches of the top collection, with which the engineers repeatedly bring connoisseurs to the swarms are called as the hometown of the company. Continue reading

Watch: Rose Gold And Retro Are In Vogue

Most people have a wrist watch. This is however long no longer just a commodity, but one thing above all: a great accessory that underlines the styling and rounded off. With his wristwatch, you can use statements. So it is not surprising that you can see the different models himself on the arm of the celebrities walking the red carpet. Due to the season, wrist watches also considered vintage gift. But the choice who has spoilt, because the choices are endless. Whether noble shades of gold, featured bright colors or playful with adornment: the most important is always the own style. However, there are some trends that you will not pass.

Continue reading

Baselworld 2013: Oris can be water in the clock

Safety for divers: the depth gauge is based on the Boyle-Mariotte law

The watchmakers at Oris have put the subject of diving this year focus on her performance. End of April we had presented here the thoroughly renovated master divers at Bridgat. And the Hölsteiner creative team had still a real technical highlight in the showcases at Baselworld: because, after all, is the new depth gauge aquis depth gauge is the first diver’s Watch, which can determine the exact depth due to ingress of water. The Boyle-Mariotte law is used to measure the depth. Mechanism patented for the Oris is a Kabak milled here in the Sapphire Crystal of the watch at the edge of the page, which runs opposite to clockwise around the dial and between one and two o’clock. At noon, a hole which serves as the channel opening is located. To realize this channel, the glass must be around 50 percent thicker than ordinary watch glass. The connection is perfectly worked by glass and the stainless steel case measuring 46 millimetres and is sealed with a thin rubber ring. Continue reading

Ulysse Nardin: black forever

Nothing less than the “best watch with perpetual calendar” promises Ulysse Nardin with the launch of the new black Toro.Hinter of the advertising message is the fact that the manufacture from Le Locle has the most functional perpetual calendar in the world in the Repertoire since 1996. The timepiece called the Perpetual Ludwig was a creation by Ludwig Oechslin, one of the best watchmakers in the horologischen history. His perpetual calendar all calendar displays in both directions from a single Crown could be adjusted. In contrast to the usual rocker system, waiting the clock with the first eternal calendar mechanism worked with wheels and gears. These mechanics had a very practical for the wearer of the watch. In contrast to most other clock models with mechanical perpetual calendar clock adjustment errors or a standstill had to through it is no longer necessary to send energy shortage to the manufacturer who must – adjust the sensitive mechanism causing the cost, stripped on the other hand the vehicle over a possibly extended period of his gem. Continue reading

Mühle – Glashütte: the tradition

The clock as a time measuring instrument: M 29 classic

With the new M 29 classic Mühle – Glashütte reminiscent of the roots of the company. The manufacturing of precision measuring instruments. With them, Robert in 1869 mill laid the Foundation for family business. And following this tradition, classic is an instrument of time, where precision and exact readability in the Design Center are also the M 29. The fine scale of this timepiece is unmistakable from the historic gauge model 29 Robert mill & son inspired. While up on the hundredth millimeter shows exactly the latter measures, the scaling of M 29 classic allows reading accurately to the second the time at a glance. Clearly the black scale and finely chopped, dark hands stand out from the dial. Red indexes at three, six, nine and twelve o’clock create points of reference and make perfect the instrument character of the watch. Continue reading