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Baselworld 2013: 70s revival with Tudor

In the heritage line presents Tudor reinterpretations of watch models from the company’s own history again and again and thus itself piece by piece as an independent brand. And the designers find templates that meet the taste of today’s Watch fans – even more, even less – revised repeatedly in the surprisingly rich pool of the second brand of Rolex. Continue reading

Jean Richard: Adventurers of the night

Urban elegance in black wrapped

“Black is back” is the motto of the recent addition of the 1681 line by Jean Richard. The collection name refers to the first first by Daniel Jeanrichard designed watch at the end of the 17th century. But who expected a vintage look in the 1681 now will be disappointed. Because the clock captivates by its dynamic, elegant and thoroughly urban look. The cushion-shaped steel case boasts its matte, powder coated surface, while the complete fine-blasted finish gives a powerful character the modern, but still discreet style. Only the most important features – the leaf-shaped hour and minute hands and date – stand out from the black dial with beige luminous coating. In the absolutely elegant housing fails internally manufactured JR1000 self-winding calibre. His exclusive decorated black rotor is visible through the transparent Caseback.

SIHH 2014: Audemars Piguet and the reinterpretation of an icon

The Royal Oak springs not just as the first, when one thinks of classic watches. But it speaks of the genius of Gerald Gentas Designentwurf, that the icon of the sporty luxury watches in a feminine interpretation works perfectly. Audemars Piguet presented evidence again at the SIHH 2014. For example a Royal Oak, whose sensual Rosé gold case is diamonds. With a diameter of 41 mm is striking even today in the ranks of women’s watches themselves. But this size is by far not the only characteristic that the watch makes an eye-catcher on the wrist. Continue reading

SIHH 2014: Long and the eternity of the Moon

A regulator from the year 1807 was the design inspiration for the dial

Technical … respect the traditions … aesthetic perfection … oh what: it is a typical long. More, it must be actually said Richard Lange perpetual calendar “Terraluna” about that. A new model. Lange & Söhne is an absolute highlight of the still-young watch year already. Because the designers and watchmakers Glashütte, succeeded in once again, technology, aesthetics and tradition in a to connect the clock. Continue reading

SIHH 2014: Jaeger-LeCoultre and the double rendez-vous

Elegant miniature: In the 27.5 mm pink gold case is one of the smallest works of mechanics working of Haute Horlogerie

That an expressive appearance on the wrist is not a question of size, proves Jaeger-LeCoultre with its rendez-vous. The line presented almost two years ago rapidly gained a great popularity in the world of women – just because their creative combination of watchmaking and jewellery with diameters beyond the 40 millimetre fashionable wants to impress, but relies on timeless elegance and classic. This spring, two new models supplement the collection. Continue reading

Celebrity Sighting (4): AIREN

Fantastic four singer Smudo with Navitimer by Breitling

In addition to the music, Smudo of the Fantastischen Vier has a great passion for the aviation and is an avid private pilot since 2005. Recently, he wears a Breitling Navitimer with calibre Breitling 01 in stainless steel with black leather strap in.

Breitling for Bentley: power package in black

, The powerful, 6.75-liter engine of the Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most powerful motors are to be installed in cars. Such a power package under the trunk was found in the first Mulsanne series from the 1980s. And of course the Bentley engineers in the new edition of the Mulsanne gave this massive displacement the 513 HP eight cylinder in 2009. Continue reading

Laco: traditions

Authentic: even when the original pilot’s watch was dispensed brand name

The Pforzheim watch brand LACO belongs without any doubt to the legends of German watchmaking – also if the name is perhaps not as familiar to the general public, such as long or Junghans. It belonged to the company founded in 1925, in the 1930s and 1940s to the few manufacturers that were allowed to equip the German air force with air – and deck watches. Continue reading

Vulcain: under the sign of the horse

Bridge between cultures: Greek mythology to celebrate of the Chinese year of the horse

Horses have their place in mythology in various cultures. They appear as one of the twelve animals of the Earth branch in Chinese calendar. So, the year of the horse has started on January 31. And shortly thereafter, the Swiss watchmaker Vulcain in Beijing their first own boutique opened. Both events Presidents’ link located in the Special Edition of 50 cricket “Pegasus”, of the two variants one a run of 18 models were made. The motif of the winged horse Pegasus have made use of the craftsman of Vulcain in Greek mythology and thus created a link between European and Asian culture. Continue reading

Pippi Longstocking watch – I me me time as they like!


Wow, the strongest girl of the world now receives his own watch collection! The Lindgren family, which is known as very demanding licensor, awarded for the first time the coveted license for Pippi Langstrumpf watches in 2013 for Sweden and Germany. On the German market sales company Michel Herbelin GmbH, under the leadership of received rattling the exclusive rights by Managing Director Egbert for sales and marketing the world’s first. Continue reading

Tissot: Insights

Insights from all sides: the new model of the T-complications-line

With the new T-complications Squelette, Tissot reveals the innermost secrets of the technical inner life of the clock. Finally, the watchmakers at this model grant unadulterated views through the skeleton movement with manual winding movement, which was based on the Unitas 6497 and gutted exclusively for Tissot. This creation is a three-dimensional experience that will attract many eyes captivated and at the same time the fascination of a mechanical watch vividly makes. Continue reading

Vulcain: Dive in the 70s

Faithful replica of a model in 1970 presented as Vulcain the new edition nautical seventies limited. The model was a diver’s watch icon more than 40 years ago. Which among other things was a technical peculiarity, which belongs to the Vulcain brand DNA: the chime. According to the cricket nautical, whose first Variante in 1961 came on the market, was equipped with an alarm clock chiming clock audible under water. Continue reading

Charity-Friday: Watches instead of weapons

Haute Horlogerie for a good cause: inversion principle

Inversion principle means a clock model, that designed by Adrian Glessing and David Candaux (you Val des Bois) designed and exclusive for the Fonderie 47 Foundation and was made. Fonderie 47 was founded in 2009 with the aim to reduce the enormous number of assault rifles in Africa. Where is especially the assault rifle AK 47 and its offshoots in the focus, which are in large numbers in circulation in Africa and to shockingly low prices easy to buy. The second part of the name of the organization founded by Peter Thum derives from the AK 47. And the French word “Fonderie” means “Foundry” or “Smelter”. So far has Fonderie 47 over 30 000 assault rifles which can work to destroy. A part of such a weapon is incorporated in each model of inversion principle: A dark plate in the form of the Foundation logo on the visible through the glass floor locking wheel consists of the metal of a gun. As proof, the serial number of the weapon in addition to this plate is engraved. Continue reading

Nomos: The Orion grows

Of the Orion by Nomosgehört long time ago to the Canon of classical suit watches. With a diameter of 35 millimeters is however has a more traditional level and many masculine winners is too small. Now, the Orion in the shops comes a slightly enlarged Variant. With a diameter of 38 mm, Glashütte designers however have withstood the temptation to go on fashionable sizes beyond the 40-millimeter mark. Continue reading

IWC: Classic elegance in the Portuguese line

The construction of the chronograph easier especially for long time measurement reading

Also at the third chronograph in the Portuguese family preserves the identity and cultural heritage of the legendary Portuguese original from the 1930s IWC with characteristic applied Arabic numerals, Eisenbahnminuterie and slim feuille pointers and joins in the design of the popular collection. However, shows the new Portuguese chronograph classic thanks to newly interpreted appearance yet surprisingly independent. The edge of the curved front glass not only visually smaller makes the 42 mm diameter of this watch beauty, but also ensures that the language thanks to the traditional glass variant works particularly classic and balanced. The calibre 89361. works in the housing, which is optionally available in rose gold or stainless steel Continue reading

Quartz Clocks: from Mass to Class

Quartz Clocks Offer A Variety Of Functions And A High Level Of Accuracy

Quartz clocks are often regarded as a cheap mass product. The first quartz-powered timepieces emerged in the middle of the 20th century in the search for the highest precision. Today they are convincing with clever technology, a variety of functions and a high degree of accuracy.

Chemically, quartz, often referred to as rock crystal, is pure silicon dioxide (SiCh), which is an equally colorless and transparent mineral. Through the melting process it assumes its glass-like shape. The brethren Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered and investigated the piezoelectric properties of the material from 1880 onwards and thus also for the watch industry. Briefly, a piezoelectric crystal begins to vibrate in the frequency of an applied AC voltage. Mechanically excited to oscillate, the quartz on its part generates alternating voltage. The resonant frequency results on the one hand from the size of the crystal itself or from a part cut from it, on the other hand it depends on the cross-sectional orientation through the crystal. Continue reading

5 (Still) Unknown Watch: Microbrands

What Makes The Crowdfunding Brands Attractive And What Watches They Offer

Thanks to modern financing options such as the crowdfunding, new watch brands, so-called microbrands, are flourishing and interested. What can we expect as a buyers of the clock?

There has been a new trend in recent months: Kickstarter, the platform for crowdfunding on the Internet, has developed into a marketplace for individual wristwatches. In Crowdfunding, interested buyers invest a manageable amount into a product. It is only when enough money is collected that the watchmakers and machines go. Microbrands are called these so-called clock marks. They come from the USA, Europe and Asia. In addition to Swiss-made products from Eta or Sellita, the movement also features the Miyota caliber. Up to now, only one of the micromarkets has been tied to its own work: Accurat Swiss from Biel. Continue reading

What Makes GlashÜTter Watches So Special?

A. Lange & Söhne, GlashÜTte Original And Eight Other Brands Are Located In The German GlashÜTte

Glashütte in Saxony is neither particularly large nor particularly convenient for traffic. The fact that a large part and, above all, almost all the luxury watches of Germany are produced here seems puzzling at first. At the same time, there are ten watch brands, for example A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original and Nomos Glashütte. Some of the brands develop their own movements themselves and produce almost all the work components in their own house. But why are all the big German manufactories sitting in Glashütte? And what makes Glashütter watches so special? Continue reading

Annoying Or Traditional Chic: the Wristwatch to Put on

More and more people want to come back into a closer relationship with the objects with which they surround themselves.They do not want to be helpless, but they have to master it.In the seventies of the last century, the quartz watch revolutionized watch technology.Finally, cheap wrist watches were on the market, which showed the exact time and which did not have to be re-adjusted every time the watch was left for a few days.However, an important part of the personal relationship with the watches was lost as they became independent and man had less power over them.The initial designs were just clumsy for the ladies, but now there are many graceful and stylish quartz clocks, whether with digital or analog display.Meanwhile, some ladies are wearing wristwatches again.Is this just a fashion show, which looks smart and passes again, or is it a change of attitude to the things? Continue reading

3 Gold Watches for the Ladies

Gold Watches By Piaget, Roger Dubuis And Hublot

Gold has fascinated people for millennia. The current ladies’ watches have succeeded in eliciting a new charisma from the archaic fabric. The new gold look convinces with design chess pieces, which partly originate from fashion, partly from the classical jeweler art. Continue reading

The 5 Best Watches: a Subjective Retrospect

The Personal Highlights Of Chronos Chief Editor RÜDiger Bucher

What were the most important watches of the year 2016? A question I asked myself just before the end of the year, as every year. In the following my own personal selection, whereby I consciously renounced great complications – which would be still a separate topic. Continue reading

Pilot’s Watches from Tutima Then and Now

Tutima Fliegerchronograph, Tutima Military Chronograph, Tutima Grand Flyer At A Glance

Tutima is inextricably linked to aviation and aviation. From the one-time quality assurance for safety, Tutima established a watch brand which, with responsibility and passion, made every flight time experienceable and, above all, measurable. Continue reading

The 6 Coolest Watches in Military Style

Tudor, Hanhart, TAG Heuer & Co Enter The Parade

Military-style watches bring new colors, designs and materials to the wrist. Chronos and let six particularly successful models compete for the parade. Continue reading

Meet Filip, the Intelligent Watch Specially Made for Criançasconheça

Filip, the Intelligent watch specially made for children

Filip is a smart watch with visual and features made precisely for the children’s audience. The gadget is a more suitable option for children, compared to the most advanced Galaxy Gear or Sony Smart Watch. With the novelty, parents can even monitor their child’s activities in a very efficient way. Continue reading