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How to Choose Remote Control Helicopters

The Radio Control

There are mainly two categories of remote controls that differ in size: the first are of a standard size and then conveniently be challenged by hand. These remote controls allow you to comfortably operate the levers that regulate the commands, which are called stick, using just your thumbs.

The second type of remote controls is instead one that includes those from remote controls visibly more important size and that are usually supported by a rope that we can put shoulder; in this way, having hands unobstructed from the need to hold the remote control, we can control the sticks with the use of multiple fingers, usually, according to the European standard, using three or at most four fingers.

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Choosing the Best Radio Control Helicopter

A radio-controlled helicopter combines the passion for modeling the fun of making a flying machine, and treat yourself to so carefree hours outdoors, perhaps in the company of children. That’s why before buying a product like this you have to be sure to choose for the best, so you have between the hands a secure device and quality. We analyzed all the important aspects to be taken into account and we have collected in this buying guide. Continue reading

Iron Man Toy Figure

You have to choose a special gift to do for a boy? Then remember that kids adore the heroes. Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman and many others, are the darlings in which they identify the smallest, but also many big.

And with the release in theaters of the new adventure of the superhero, Iron Man 3, what better gift than a toy inspired by the character? Here is a list of some of the new toys themed by Hasbro and LEGO.

  1. Iron Man Character – Hasbro

Iron Man quickly launches its missiles to annihilate the enemies. Equipped with lights and sounds, door supplied 10 missiles. This toy requires 3 “AA” batteries and is recommended for children aged 4 years and older.

  1. Iron Man Mask – Hasbro

This mask glows and produces a light beam targeting. Once the enemy is identified, the mask allows you to launch 4 missiles also reproduces the sounds that evoke the sound of explosions and voice phrases like, “weapons effect.” This toy is recommended for children ages 5 and older and requires 3 “AAA” batteries.

  1. Hasbro Iron Man – Glove

This toy is placed on the child’s wrist, she launched several drives for motorized and goes to hit targets up to 20 meters away. The toy comes with 10 discs included and requires 3 “AAA” batteries. It is a game recommended by 5 years of age.

  1. Vehicle to battle Iron Man – Hasbro

This vehicle, once pulled back you charge and then you let it go, suited to racing, turns into a fighting machine. Recommended for children aged 4 years and up

  1. Hero Iron Man 3-Hasbro

This is a height of about 30cm, covered by a suit of armor equipped with missile launchers to attack or to remove at will. This toy is suitable for children aged 4 years and older.

6.Iron Man 3 to assemble

The game plays the superhero, but the little ones can have fun to assemble it and then play it. Different parts may also be swapped and re assembled to create characters with different weapons for all the battles. Each figure can create over 25 combinations of weaves. There are 16 different shapes available on the market, designed to create hundreds of combinations. These toys are recommended for children aged 4 years and older.

  1. Micro collectible characters – Hasbro

These characters are really lovely. Are tiny, measuring less than 3cm, and reproduce the main characters from the movie Iron Man. They are all to be collected, everyone has specific peculiarities, moreover, there are 24 different armors to collect. Are recommended by 4 years of age.

  1. Iron Man 3 Movable character-Hasbro

Suitable for children aged 4 years and up, this toy plays sounds, lights, buttons and phrases from battle.

I mean, how can you not satisfy your little super modern heroes with such a wide choice?