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Lenovo Moto G Phone

The fourth generation of Moto-G family should be available shortly. Front and back with colours and motifs can be customized with the Moto maker.

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo brings with the Moto of G and the Moto G plus two new smartphones with Android 6 on the market. Both devices have a TFT LCD screen in the 5.5-inch format and with a resolution of

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Smartphone Market in Germany

Around 26 million smartphones were sold according to the industry association BITKOM in last year, a definite plus for the previous year. Many users Miss especially one as well as new devices: batteries with more stamina.

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Early Detection of Earthquakes

Early detection is important in earthquake-prone areas, seismic equipment for this are but expensive. A group of researchers and a lab of Deutsche Telekom have now presented an Android app, which detects earthquakes in a timely and cost effective.

Before an earthquake, seconds can decide about life and death. Early warning systems are therefore particularly important. Not all countries in

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Snap It App Android

In homes and offices are more and more devices that can be controlled by using the Smartphone, but often, each of them needs its own app for this. A new system is intended to stop.

What if you could connect your Smartphone with all possible other “smart” devices by you simply take a picture of them?

That’s the idea behind a research project called snap to it, work on the researchers of at Carnegie Mellon University and two other universities.

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Wileyfox Cyanogen OS

The young British manufacturer wants to conquer the middle class with the alternative operating system cyanogen. That the Smartphone a bit reminiscent of OnePlus, is surely no coincidence.

The British brand of Wileyfox bring your cyanogen smartphones now also in Germany on the market. The entry-level Smartphone Swift and the

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Total War Battles: Kingdom Comes to Android, Build and Defend Your Kingdom with The New Sega

A new installment of the famous series of games Total War reach our Android devices. Sega y The Creative Assembly bring us Total War Battles: Kingdom, the first Free-to-play installment of this game management and strategy. Continue reading

C’T Android 2016

The Android special issue shows how to adapt his Smartphone or tablet to your own needs, secures it and uses for your own projects. Tests of current smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches complement the detailed practical tips.

Android is diverse and flexible – but also complex. As you get more out of the operating system from Google on your Smartphone or tablet, we

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Mobile World Congress Rumors

The wireless industry meets in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. High end smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 are expected. It is exciting, but also, who is missing this time.

This year, the star of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) remains the Smartphone: LG, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE to introduce their new high end models with Android on Sunday and are to set the pace for the industry this year. Speculation is about a waterproof Galaxy S7 and a LG G5 with metal housing. In addition many newcomers want to match wits with the square Hirschen, with innovative ideas and affordable prices. We have collected the main rumors, speculation, and advance information to the new products for them and classified.

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High Tech Equipment

The high-tech equipment of the police impressed in films. Some companies offer now similar products for the police. Who wants to upgrade and digital, however, but privacy concerns and long tendering procedures speak.

Most young people seem to be equipped as a German police officer technically better. Smartphone can pull out, take pictures, send image, read answers – this is daily routine. If it is to determine the owner of improperly parked cars, a police officer, however, uses it mostly to the radio, waiting for the headquarters, says through the indicator and eventually gets the name announced.

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Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube

What else was: playing robot on the Smartphone, a gantry crane and a wooden folding table, the biggest Rubik’s cube of world, a parallelogram as a Steadycam and idiosyncratic music makers.

Record breaking

In recent weeks there was talk a lot of world records around the Rubik Cubedie-the best time of a robot who brings a confused Rubik’s cube back in order, declined recently to under a second. Tony Fisher, however, isn’t about pace-his target is 3 × 3 to have the largest functional classic 3-cube

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Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

Already the fifth Smartphone with Ubuntu has introduced suitable canonical together with the Chinese manufacturer Meizu to the MWC. The device should satisfy even the most demanding users.

Together with the Chinese manufacturer Meizu, canonical has unveiled a new smartphone with Ubuntu as an operating system. The Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition receives the appropriate nickname and customers can pre-order it fitting worldwide World Congress, which begins next week, to mobile.

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14 Nanometer Technology

With the optimized 14-nm manufacturing technology LPP Samsung not only produces the own Smartphone chip Exynos 8 octa, but also the Snapdragon of 820 for rival Qualcomm.

The contract manufacturing division of Samsung semiconductor reports a new customer: Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 820 is produced accordingly

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Disney Magic Kingdoms, Building Your Own Amusement Park with New Gameloft

Experience the magic of Disney with the new of Gameloft for mobile devices. Both companies have joined forces to create Disney Magic Kingdoms, a game management and adventures that you can download in Google Play for free. Continue reading

Rayman Classic, The Original Platform Game 2D Comes to Android to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

If you are a lover of classic 2D platform games then you’re in luck, because Ubisoft to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rayman It has just launched for our first original play starring his pet Android devices. Continue reading

Google Play Games Launches Gamer ID, Your New Profile to Play That It Dissociates Itself from Google +

Google Play games platform already does not require or use our Google + profile to play. During the next few weeks will be your new Gamer ID to enable users to create their own player profile with different name and avatar different from your Google account. Continue reading

Real Racing 3 Comes to Android TV with Multiplayer Split-Screen

Now you can enjoy of the! best racing Android game on your TV! The great Real Racing 3 Finally makes the leap to Android TV so you can play on a gamepad and the TV as in a game of game console. Continue reading

Android M: First Update For Developer Preview

The developer preview 2 improved details of the new permissions management and fixes some bugs. It is available for some nexus devices. At the same time, Google confirmed to lie in the schedule and in the autumn to release Android M.

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Samsung Galaxy Touch 5-In The Hands-On

The new Bill is chic and elegant than its predecessor, also it gets the fast S6 series hardware. Note Writer and traveling artist be be there angry, that comes the Samsung Galaxy-note 5 not to Germany for the time being.

At a press event in New York, note 5 has unveiled its new high Phablet Galaxy Samsung. Pen fans will be disappointed: not only has the note 5 – the new design guidelines from Samsung next-a MicroSD slot, nor a spare battery. In Germany, you will not even get the note’s successor. Samsung wants to focus in this country on the edge series, which was very popular in Europe, it says. heise online has looked at, if you missed something.

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Office Apps: Microsoft Released Final Version For Android Smartphones

End of January, Microsoft launched its Office apps for Android tablets. As of today, there is also a final version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint app for Android smartphones.

In his Office blog, Microsoft has announced the availability of the final version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android smartphones. The release of Android versions of familiar Office programs took place in

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Market Observers: Apple Pockets Over 90 Percent Of Smartphone Profits

According to an investment bank almost the entire profit of the Smartphone industry accounted for Apple, despite an iPhones market share less than 20 percent. The introduction of more iPhones have significantly shrink Samsung’s profit share.

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BlackBerry-CSO Dress Maker: “Businesses Will Lose The Battle For Security”

On the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York David dress maker called for a rethinking of the patch management to secure software. The industry must move from a reactive mode to a proactive.

On the second BlackBerry Security Summit positioned itself BlackBerry again as a provider of secure software, infrastructure and devices. CEO John Chen is new on the company. In the first step, the new management have once stopped the bleeding and put BlackBerry back on financially healthy feet. Now, it is important to develop new products from this

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Commodore PET Is Back–As a Smartphone With Android

Commodore is back and brings an own Android Smartphone with 5.5-inch display, as well as modern equipment on the market with the PET. Pre-installed C64-and Amiga emulators provide for the additional dose of nostalgia.

Live! Brands such as Commodore despite all failures in the past are simply not userbase. Already next week launch an Android Smartphone with the lettering of the Commodore home computer pioneer and the name of the

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Nokia is a Return Of The Brand In The Mobile Phone Market In Vista

2016 again, after the former world leader, was in the Smartphone business and gave the business to Microsoft, there could be end of Nokia phones. Build it would but a partner.

The Nokia brand might return end next year in the business with mobile phones. Nokia would then but only design devices and license production, marketing, and customer service, the Finnish company said Tuesday.

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Smart Phones Download Over Open Flame

Voltage can be gain from temperature differences, and tap the candle charger exactly this energy source. Along the way he brings water to a boil-for example for a restorative broth.

The Smartphone is once again all, and neither battery nor power outlet are nearby… for this nightmare every civilization junkies there’s now a

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