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Sony Xperia Z3 Pictures Leaked Ahead of Time

Sony’s third generation of Xperia Z3 continues his predecessor virtues with elegant design, but get new colors.

Today starts the IFA trade fair in earnest, and here all the major manufacturers will present a series of product and service news. One of them is Sony, which at 16 shows new products to the world’s press.

We expect that Sony presents both new smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, but people at Sony have been a little too eager, for now there will be leaked photos from Sony, which look very official.

The prematurely leaked images show Xperia Z3’s new design, but also demonstrates Sony’s smart band, Xperia tablet and smartwatch.  Continue reading

Look at Asus’ Presentation

The taiwainesiske electronics manufacturer Asus has supposedly a smartwatch in sleeve.

Gadget-world pipe major on it these days, and will be filled with several electronic marvels.

Asus is one of one of the first on the agenda, and will today introduce the world to its invention. With Scripture “Hour has been transformed and we have changed” puts a strong focus on the latest Asus great interest in smartwatches, and how the wrist attendant no longer only tells the time. Continue reading

Moto X + 1: Topmobil with Leather Living Room

Motorola is trying it with new materials in their upcoming flagship. This time will be it leather.

Motorola is not afraid to try out new materials when a topmobil should be cut. Buyers of their current Moto X flagship, among other things, got 3 types of wood to choose from. In the successor becomes the palette expanded to include leather.

The coming Moto X + 1, also rumored to be called Moto X 2, will maintain the MotoMaker concept. Here you can choose what material there as a buyer must hold back when you order the phone online. Continue reading

Windows Phone for Budget Price [Mobildeal]

The already affordable Nokia Lumia 630 today will be even cheaper.

It is small 4 months ago Microsoft launched Nokia Lumia 630 in Denmark. Already at that time was the phone excellent to launch price of 1299.0-crowns.From today you can, however, acquire the Nokia budget warrior to 899.0-in the country’s Aldi stores.

Telephone is equipped with 4.5 inch ClearBlack display with 854 x 480 pixels. A 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core with 512 MB RAM. Reasonable for a start and enough to drive the latest mobile Windows Phone 8.1 system liquid.

The camera features a 5MP and you get 8 GB of storage space for apps and images, as well as 7 GB extra Skydrive storage. Battery is at 1.83 mAh. With Nokia Lumia 630 you also get access to Nokia’s HERE Maps, with worldwide offline navigation.

The offer is valid from Wednesday 3 september. You can click here to find the nearest Aldi retailer.

Sonos Gets Even Easier

Sonos brings update 5.1 which increase the level of usability and lowers the final price

We notified the Sonos ‘ smallest part of the family, Sonos Playstation: 1 back in may, which certainly made the impression, however, was not without errors. One of the drawbacks was the essential Bridge who both cost extra, and was necessary for the entire wireless experience.

The Sonos will change.

With the desire to make it the easiest way possible to listen to music at home, the Sonos through software found the solution.  Continue reading

Nude Scandal: Apple and the FBI Will Get to the Bottom of

Nudes from over a hundred stars are exhibited on internet, undoubtedly due to flaw in iCloud service. Apple and the FBI is investigating the case.

Pointed fingers against the lack of security in iCloud and cloud-storage services, on top of yesterday’s huge leak of private nude photos of famous singers, actresses and sports stars.

Over a hundred female stars, including Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence got private nude photos stolen and exhibited at a number of online image sharing sites and foras. Continue reading

Come Close to the iPhone 6

In this video of the Russian Youtuber, Rozetked, supposedly on the innards of the iPhone 6.

Apple has invited the press to the 9 September, when the world excited must look to, with high expectations for the next generation of iPhone. It is at 19 Danish time.

The rumors go on a presentation of two iPhones with respectively 4.7 “and 5.5” screens, as well as a iWatch.

It is, however, a Russian Youtube Member managed to get your hands on it, which supposedly will be iPhone 6 with its 4.7 “prior to the event. One can not rely on rumors, but so close to publication sees it, however, appear to be the real thing. Continue reading

Samsung Invites You to Note-Event

The second game of the Samsung Unpacked will bid on the next generation of the Note series.

Samsung invites the outside world to follow when they take the stage tomorrow for IFA 2014 in Berlin. With the headline: “Ready? Note the date! “there is no doubt that the next generation of the popular Note-series will be presented.

There are still uncertain what Samsung Galaxy Note 4 boasts of specifications, but speculation is that enough of. The screen will probably be on the 5.7 “traditional inch, but this time studded with 1440 x 2560 pixel to deliver unique screen experience. Continue reading

Samsung’s Multiroom Extends the Scope

Samsung believes in wireless tones in the home and will soon present a new Member.

Besides having the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the pipeline for IFA 2014, Samsung have even more in the backpack – and this time to lydentusiasterne.

Please welcome to the younger brother M3 – smaller, cheaper, still wired.

Earlier this year Samsung introduced himself to the wireless world rich in with Multiroom-speakers. As the wireless challenge, Sonos, Samsung also uses Wifi to transmit sound at home. This is not available, both NFC and Bluetooth can get you to the rescue in order to satisfy the urge music.

To control even how many active devices you will have in your home and with this new installment to 1495.0-crowns, has even more opportunity for access to the wireless universe.

Date of availability is yet unknown, but at IFA 2014 which is right around the corner, Samsung and Spotify will tell more about the M3 and future strategy.

Sony Z3 Compact in Fresh Colors

In order to soothe the impatience, there’s been snatched a couple of pictures of what supposedly is the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

With IFA 2014 Expo just around the corner, follows a steady stream of leaked photos and information.

Sony stands to present their invention in the morning on 3. September, and according to the rumors was to contain a family row that will be called Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Compact Tablet.

Morning has been released a few photos that supposedly must imagine the coming Sony Xperia Z3 Compact in colours; Mint, black, red and white. At, we tested the Z1 Compact, which, at the time, got well with roses, and the notification can be read here. Continue reading

IFA 2014 Overview-What We Get to See in Berlin

After the year’s biggest mobile trade fair kicks off soon in time. Here you get the big picture over the coming news.

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or more colloquial called IFA, is one of the world’s oldest and leading electronics trade fairs. Here visiting over a quarter of a million interested people and over 6000 journalists the weeklong trade show in Berlin.

Airfares and hotel are booked, and our site are ready to cover the largest and most important events from Europe’s biggest electronics-gathering. Here is what we expect (and hope) to see in Berlin. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Snuff Sensible and Child-Friendly [Test]

Fourth generation of Samsung’s tablet offers clear benefits begin at a lower price. But there is still room for improvement.

Samsung new Tablet’s get it hard. Tablet market has slowed down and Samsung are bleeding market share. But good-value products like Galaxy Tab 4, may turn out to be the ones who can turn things around for the Korean giant.

Earlier versions such as Tab 2 and Tab 3 had otherwise not many roses here. Too little power, a rumps heavy interface and an unrealistic price on 3000.0-NOK did that our site sent Samsung home again with two stars and an admonition. Continue reading

Telia on Buying-in Hunting in Denmark

Vodafone would like to strengthen its position in the Danish market, and acquisitions of competitors is a real possibility.

Telia has over 17 billion dollars on chest bottom, and would like to strengthen its Danish business, says the company’s Europe Director Robert Andersson, according to

The long-running war on the Danish mobile market has corroded on the forces with several companies, but not with Telia, where their wallets are packed well up.
Continue reading

iPhone 6 Gets Built-in Mobile Payment

With the iPhone you can pay for products with built-in 6 virtual wallets.

When the iPhone 6 is presented the 9. September, will it also be with a novelty in the form of a virtual wallet.

Apple cooperate with Visa, MasterCard and American Express about the new service, which will make it possible to pay for goods with very little pressure on the cell phone.

The new feature in iPhone 6 will be presented 9.September, together with the iPhone 6, writes Reuters, quoting a source who has spoken out anonymously to Bloomberg.

According to the source, it will be possible to make mobile payments, because Apple has included a special communications chip in the iPhone 6-that perhaps comes in the form of an NFC chip.

It has not been possible to obtain, according to the Reuters story confirmed by some of the parties.

Top 10 Mobiles in august Month

These phones are the most searched on our site in august.

Our site search service our site provides an overview of the best prices, but also over what phones that is most sought after, in the previous month.

The list is based on the number of searches on our site, why can there occur specimens on the list which are not included in the deal yet, but where the presale has started.

Samsung Galaxy topmobil, S5, so long out to wrest top spot from Apple’s iPhone 5S. A Jolt from the Apple Sales at the end of the month did that iPhone 5S again can set it at the top of the standings, a muzzle hair in front of Samsung’s mobile topsællert. Continue reading

icloud Hacked-Celebrity Nude Photos Leaked

A flaw in Apple’s iCloud has apparently given an attacker access to the well-known actress Sara private pictures.

Several female superstars have allegedly been hacked your iCloud account, and stolen nude pictures, writes Reuters.

More than 100 female A-list celebrity has been hacked your iCloud account. It is apparently a flaw in security at Apple that has made the possible for an attacker to gain access to the many images, some of them have been published on 4Chan, a kind of virtual Bulletin Board with photos. Continue reading

Sony-Rumor: Two New Wearables Are Presented at IFA

The IFA trade fair in Berlin is just around the corner, and the latest rumor is that Sony will present two new wearables.

IFA trade fair starting this week in Berlin, and we expect to see many big tech-news presented.

Latest rumor comes from Sony, which supposedly will present two new wearables, writing 9to5Google.

Sources with insight into Sony’s launch plans indicate that we are going to see a SmartWatch 3, which perhaps will run Android Wear. Clock 3 becomes IP58 certified (dust resistant and waterproof), and also receive a 1.68 inch screen on 320 x 320 pixels.

Design comes the SmartWatch 3 to recall the Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo.
Sony launches a new fitnesstracker, Smart Band Talk that gets Bluetooth connection and a curved e-ink screen.
Sony holds press event on IFA 2014, Thursday, September 4. September.
Our site is in place at IFA in Berlin, and we follow Sony’s event close.

Apple’s New Headquarters Revealed by Drone

The first stage of Apple’s new head office has been unveiled at a video recorded with a drone.

Apple usually like to keep news close to the body, and thus we must also wait for 9. September, before we officially get the new iPhone 6 to view.

Another Apple secret has been revealed in a video on YouTube. Here, a user filmed the first stage of construction for Apple’s new head office.

The author of the video has filmed the building with a GoPro Hero 3 + Black, strapon a DJI Phantom 2 drone, which subsequently is flown in over the construction site.

In the first phase of construction, one can clearly see a huge circular formation, which most of all looks like a thrust down the spaceship.

Construction is expected to be completed in the course of 2016.

Problems in Morning Traffic? Here You Get Traffic Reports on Your Phone

The weekend’s heavy rainfall brings chaos in the Copenhagen area traffic-here you can get traffic information on your mobile phone.

The weekend’s heavy rainfall, with rain with up to 104 mm of rain, have closed roads and tunnels, particularly in the metropolitan area.

The Danish road Directorate recommends that one running from home in pretty good time, if you are going to Copenhagen or the surrounding area.

They penetrated road users can get updated traffic information on your mobile phone via the Danish road Directorate app for Android and iPhone. The application can read the statements aloud, so you can keep your eyes on the road while you’re driving.

Download the app in the App Store or Google Play -do you have Windows Phone, you can use the Danish road Directorate mobile site our site.

Another good tool to get through traffic, Waze is the navigation application, where users can put traffic messages ind. Waze is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

These Phones Come on the Shelves in September

The month of September will be crammed with mobile news. At least three of them will find find their way to Denmark this month.

Summer break is over and it is true to a large extent also mobile manufacturers. The IFA trade fair in Berlin will offer a wide range of news, while Apple’s upcoming event the 9. September will offer news from California.

Until the new mobiles are advertised, there are already three major mobile-news on the way to the Danish tele-shelves. Continue reading

Samsung Teaser for UNPACKED and New Note

On Wednesday it goes loose, Samsung will make a new Note-flag ship in the Galaxy family. Samsung shares out of enthusiasm in new video.

Understanding the IFA exhibition in Berlin will be deliverable in unusually many gadgetnyheder. Both Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and Asus plotting something big and especially Samsung camp welcomes, for there is a new topmobil on the way.

It will be the sequel to leads-phableten Galaxy Note 3 as Samsung is expected to present at their semi-annual UNPACKED event, where Galaxy S5 last made his entrance for a half a year ago.

Samsung is pleased of course and sharing their expectations for the upcoming Note, where properties such as, brawn, sharing, creativity, joy of life and health goes again. Watch the video below:

Our site will follow Samsung Note 4 and UNPACKED up-close from Berlin and report here. Follow along on the mobile site where you will be able to live-stream from Wednesday 3 September. at 15:00.

Sony Xperia T3: Great Slim Between Class [Test]

Sony is back with yet another Member to the family: Xperia Xperia T3 and is, as the name indicates, the third edition.

Sony can eventually boast of having phones in all classes.

Once upon a time there was a hole in the Android world of topspecifikationer in the pocket-friendly format, therefore, Xperia Z1 Compact together screwed. In addition, there is also an older brother, the Xperia Z2, with its 5.2″ big screen and specifications in the topligaen.

And then there’s the Xperia T-line: the first edition featured 4.5 “, followed by T2 with its overwhelming 6”, and are now T3 here with its compromise 5.3 “screen. What they all have in common is their resolution at 720 p which is consistent, regardless of size and model. Continue reading

Samsung Launches Wireless Charger Case for Galaxy S5

The Samsung has just announced the launch of an official cover to charge your mobile phone Galaxy S5 wireless manner. The accessory is not exactly the most energy-efficient or fastest-it seems to exist purely for aesthetic reasons. Continue reading

Superzoom Is Not DSLR!

Me based on more than 5,000 comments/questions I ever got on this site, I can say that most of my readers have a DSLR, followed by a Superzoom, or both! But I get a question on the difference between these two types of cameras so common for beginners to photography. Continue reading