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Installation Tips Intelbras Cftv

An Intelbras camera collaborates to maximize the security of your property, generating high resolution images, with the possibility of remote transmission in real time, for viewing on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Continue reading

Government Members More Frequently With Disposable Phones Abroad

According to the mirror, Government members and high officials during official trips abroad for fear of a spying of increasingly disposable cell phones use. This also applies to travel to the United States.

When traveling abroad, it can give members of the Federal Government and top officials of these days more common mobile phones, which will be

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Compact Mobile Controller

The HP iPAQ hw6915 besides all kinds of smart phone qualities comes with a GPS receiver. We will tell you how she cut off mobile navigation combined in our test. Continue reading

Smartphones: Apple Nicks Off Samsung Market Share

While the South Koreans, according to figures from IDC losing 3.1 per cent in the second quarter, Apple increased by 2.4 percent.

According to the published by IDC smartphone market figures for the second quarter Apple could improve in the global business-while Samsung had to push back. Apple’s market share is therefore now at 14.1 percent,

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The Large Battery Scam

Phone for hours? Cell phone manufacturers often promise a longer battery life than their devices keep. We compare the results of our laboratory tests with the manufacturer’s instructions and expose the largest defectors.  Continue reading

Researchers: Chinese Smartphone Provider Advance Further

Most devices sold still in the Smartphone business Samsung and Apple deserves the best. However, behind a front of Chinese Tracker is built up, have identified currently market researchers.

Smartphone provider from China are in worldwide competition on the way up. In a fresh ranking of the top fill after Samsung and Apple 5 the rest.

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Pimp Your Iphone

The cult of the iPhone means: more and more manufacturers and developers offer funny or useful accessories and handy software tools for the Apple phone. We show how you put the finishing touches to your iPhone. Continue reading

3D Laser Scanners For The Plug For The Smartphone

Although you could use his Smartphone already has photo series and the photogrammetric method as 3D scanners. A new project of the scanner specialists of matter and form is hung on laser.

The times good 6 cm high slip-on box called bevel to turn smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS in a real 3D scanner-at the price of $ 49. A Crowdfunding campaign with kick starter for the compact scan engine running since yesterday. The promotions are all but gone, but still, you

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Music Can Damage Hearing of 1 Billion Young People Worldwide

A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 1 billion “young people” are at serious risk of having their hearing damaged by loud music. Continue reading

OnePlus 2: “Flagship Killer” From 340 Euro

The Chinese manufacturer of OnePlus has introduced the successor to its surprisingly successful smartphones OnePlus one. Just buy one cannot but also the OnePlus 2.

The Chinese manufacturer of OnePlus wants to connect with the new smartphone OnePlus 2 on the surprise success of the predecessor OnePlus one. The OnePlus 2 to come on August 11 on the market and in the basic equipment cost 340 euros. Where the manufacturer confidence as

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World’s Cheapest Tablet Has 1.4 Million of Reserves

Creator of the tablet turned out to be surprised by the performance of the commands of the tablet. Continue reading

Android Media Server: New Gap Affects Millions Of Smartphones

The story to the Media Server vulnerabilities-ridden by Android devices will be continued and after the stagefright weaknesses another gap now opens up.

The media server from Android smartphones and tablets is vulnerable as intended on still more diverse way. Security researchers report after the stagefright affair is now the vulnerability with the identifier CVE-2015-3842 in the AudioEffect componentin the focus of possible attacks, from trend micro.

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Razer Launches New Hammerhead Series Headphones

Always backed by the market, Razer, a symbol among gamers, has just announced the Razer Hammerhead V2 headset and the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 headset, enhanced versions of the in-ear devices from the popular Hammerhead series.Both will be available in Brazil from May. Continue reading

Data Theft Researchers Succeed In Offline Computer

Systems logically and physically isolated from public networks are not not necessarily unassailable. Security experts of the Israeli Ben-Gurion University have shown a further method of access–via GSM.

With a simple mobile phone and a malware called GSMem it is Israeli researchers of the cyber security research center of the Ben-Gurion University have managed to get to an isolated computer data over GSM

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MP3 Phones in Major and Minor

No question: MP3 phones can take on in the meantime iPod & co.. We show you the best and the latest music phones – and all that is switched on is not worth. Continue reading

Camera Review of the Motorola Moto G (3rd Generation)

The Smartphone Motorola Moto G is known for its excellent price-performance ratio. The Moto G (3rd Gen.) got well missed an improved camera, whose Bilder impressed us at first glance. Reason enough for the c’t the snapping in the photo laboratory and the lack.

Properly Motorola has not changed much in the new Moto G (3rd Gen.). Why also? Already liked the two previous generations of middle-class smartphones with useful facilities, which was enough for everyday. An attractive price-performance ratio was always in combination with a

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New Amazon Tablet Thrills Not

Kindle Fire HD brings advances in relation to the previous model, but also some of the old problems. Continue reading

Sony Makes Money Thanks To Photosensors, Playstation And Yen Course

After years of renovation, Sony seems on track to be profitable again permanently. Camera sensors and the PlayStation are the winning provider – and even the long a Electronics Division writes no more losses.

The Japanese electronics giant Sony money after a long dry spell again. In the last quarter, there was a profit of 82.4 billion yen (600 million euros)-that was three times as much as a year earlier. As the Savior prove more and more the camera sensors, which are used in many Smartphones from

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Paper Jam in the Printer, Causes and Solutions

Practice tests have shown, that of a Printer not comes down to whether is a paper jam, but when this occurs regularly. A paper jam is considered inevitable over the long term and can have many different causes. And these in turn an increase in dependence on each printer model is observed. That’s why we have taken a few tips troubleshooting together can be performed also by the laity. Continue reading

“A Tablet Is Not a Babysitter”-How Much Reading Do Children?

Tablets, smartphones and co. have already arrived in German classrooms and kindergartens-what means that for the children? For some digital technology promises better learning. Others warn of serious dangers.

Already three draw on the Tablet, some primary school students have a Smartphone in your pocket. Now, this is normality in German schools and kindergartens. Tablets and co. are already fall into the hands of the smallest. Experts argue about what does this mean for children. Core of the debate: how much technology and media to cope with children and at what age should they get in touch? Too much digital media endangered the development, some say. The devices allow better learning, claim the other.

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Meet 6 Notebook and Tablet Hybrid for Sale in Brazil

Manufacturers are betting on versatile format for reheating the sale of computers. Continue reading

Taken For Granted In The Digital Age

Music Festival or parade-Internet access is quite naturally assumed in every life situation. I do not exclude myself also by this request.

It’s been a crux of the modern world: since it is at a music festival far away from civilization and shortly after the entrance you stumble over the popular smartphone charging station. Previously there had not been!

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New Gradient Infant Tablet Allows You to Access Contents

By means of two exclusive channels, users can access the content and iG Iguinho Challenges. Continue reading

Summer, Sun, Heat Wave: Pcs And Smartphones Protect From Overheating

The summer weather is exactly right: in Germany there is a holiday season. The second heatwave of this summer brings it back with: PCs sweat away, smartphones glow in the Sun. Some notes on the protection of computers and gadgets.

Some people like moaning already, because the longed-for beautiful weather brings the second heat wave of this summer with temperatures

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