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Backpacks Capricho: Models, Where to Buy

When the end of the holiday begins to approach, the madness to buy the school materials also begins and the parents leave together with the children in search of the best options, that please both the child, and the parents themselves in question of price and durability. Despite not being the children who pay, the choice most often stays in their hands that always have a favorite brand or character, girls mainly, always look for the most delicate and feminine materials and so love the materials of Caprice. Continue reading

Simple Tips for Choosing Bike Helmet

Hello, Bikers! You know the importance of the helmet in our rides – after all, it is a safety accessory practically indispensable, because if it falls, there will be no serious problems, since the head is a sensitive place of the body. (And, since you, Bikers, must be bald-headed, safe, and well-equipped, we already have a free kick to think and have fun with the pedal.) Continue reading

Skate Protective Gear: Meet Essential Tools to Practice Sport Safely

Helmet, knee pads, gloves and appropriate clothing can prevent serious accidents for those who practice the sport Continue reading

How to Choose Your Tent?

Choose your tent

The tent is a must in the mountains. In recent years, the growth of ultra light walking (MUL) has led to the development of tarps, these lightweight tarps that protect from rain but for difficult conditions the tent remains the only effective alternative. Here are some tips to help you choose a tent. Continue reading

The Allure of Fishing – Thinks Always Different Than You

At the end of the year, we come to rest, let the year pass, look around in photo folders, revel in memories, and share us with friends. Many thoughts in my head, turning about, what actually makes the fishing in our day and age came to me these days. Here the result: Continue reading

Use the Bike in Winter

With the arrival of autumn, and the winter there at the door, many bicycles tend to lie in a corner, waiting for spring.  But it does not have to be this way. Whether you use your bike for leisure, sports or in a utility context, as a means of transportation, you can continue pedaling even on cold or rainy days. With small adjustments to your usual equipment, you will see that it is a simple thing after all and that even in winter you do not need to take so many times in the car. Continue reading

Indication of Tents

The day to day FuiAcampar we receive daily emails of campers in doubt about which model to buy tent. Whenever possible we seek to answer each email and message, but with the objective of facilitating and democratizing information we decided to create this post, with indication of tents for specific uses. We hope this article is useful. Continue reading

Know 5 Sports Practices to Improve Your Health

More than being celebrated, World Heart Day, September 29, is an opportunity to reflect on our way of life.

Data of the Society of Cardiology  Indicate that approximately 17 million Brazilians are affected annually with cardiovascular diseases, and that most of these problems could be avoided. Continue reading

How to Choose Your Inflatable Mattress

The inflatable mattress is much used by campers, especially those who go camping organized / structured.

The mattresses were losing space as the mattresses evolved. A mattress today has almost the same price as a mattress, and anyone who has slept in it knows well the hardness, with the pardon of the pun, that is.

Continue reading

Brazilian Team Tests Its Limits in Track Cycling

The World Cup of Track Cycling 2015-2016, as its name says, brings together the best selections of the actuality in the modality. For the second consecutive time Brazil will be part of the select group that has met the strict criteria of the UCI to participate in the competition and from this Friday (30) the green and yellow team begins its walk in the event, whose first stage will be in Cali, In Colombia. Cyclists Gideoni Monteiro, Flávio Cipriano, Hugo Osteti and Kacio Fonseca are part of the Brazilian team. The goal is to make good results, gain experience and test the limits, mainly targeting the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading

The Invisible Helmet for Electric Bikes

The helmet is a kind of protective shell that is placed on the skull, but if you wear your neck? Of course it would not harm our hairstyles! So Hovding is born, an invisible ” helmet ” that will protect us from falling and keeps our hair intact. Continue reading

Cleaning and Care of Tents

We all want our beloved tent to last a long time and for that it is worth having some care in mind: Continue reading

How to Camp with Rain

  • Luggage. Provide your suitcase with clothes suitable for rain. Even if it’s summer, remember to wear some coat, plus a raincoat or waterproof clothing. Remember, in addition, to carry with you always an umbrella could be useful. Continue reading

The Four Levels of a Backpacker

The preparation of the luggage (backpack) for my last trip in the south of Argentina was born with a basic criterion, based on my not so bulky experience, but above all, therefore read on hundreds of blogs and forums for backpackers: the idea was Carry as little as possible of what we think possible, because evidently, the backpack can become our worst enemy during a trip. Continue reading

Types of Sleeping Bags

SARCOPHAGUS: the sleeping bag warmer and lighter: the shoulder is wider and narrower feet, the coldest part of the body is the foot, for this reason there is a sarcophagus model. The sarcophagus has also seams throughout your length, which keeps the cold air out of the sleeping bag.

Continue reading

Outdoor Clothing – Materials and Technologies

This is a guest post from Christian, who else is blogging on and .

You hit catalogues today or surfs the net, so you will be heaped upon terms about materials and new technologies. Continue reading

What Blade Length Is Best For Your Pocket Knife?

If you want to find and buy the best pocket knives that are available then you must also choose one according to the length that it has. Continue reading

Revolights-Bicycle Lights Illuminate Urban Cycling

The Revolights Eclipse + is a beacon for bicycles that promises to revolutionize the cycling urban lighting system. Instead of the traditional light bulb on the wheel, this system emits light arches from the wheels, creating an amazing effect and increasing the safety of the rider.

Continue reading

Tips for Pedaling at Night

Pedaling at night… For some, it is already an addiction. For others, it is a necessity!Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of cycling at night, whether in a city or on a trail, knows how this moment can be unforgettable, especially with the right equipment. Continue reading

Take Awareness of the Body and Breath in Yoga


The awareness initial is something very important in our practice. If you go to yoga classes always done in a manner guided by your professor or teacher, but we cannot forget this part if we carry out our practice at home and on an individual basis. Continue reading

Original Sunglasses

Every year there is a model of sunglasses that becomes fashionable among celebrities, it girls, fashion victims and bloggers. If a few years ago Audrey (de Céline) conquered the throne to many, since last year he snatched Dior its So real model. A few original sunglasses, eye-catching and cool more. And today they are two bloggers of our land who fight in duel. Continue reading

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Glasses round, style lady with glasses effect mirror, retro aires or transparent frames… There are thousands of models in the market and choosing can become an Odyssey (even more if you want to get a hold of all), so here are more cool sunglasses for summer. With what will you be? Continue reading

Fitness Center” a Possible New Sports Application of Apple Patent

According to PatentlyApple, Apple would be developing an application sports with social nuances and clearly intended to facilitate and encourage the user to practice any sports activity to improve your fitness. Continue reading

Camping Sea Trail On French Beach-Al

French Beach, surfer stronghold, is located on the South coast of Alagoas, in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro, 30 minutes from the capital Maceió. It is a well-known beach in Brazil, marked by an area of native forests and palm trees, as well as a huge barrier reef that form natural pools ideal for the practice of diving, floating and baths. Continue reading