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Take Awareness of the Body and Breath in Yoga


The awareness initial is something very important in our practice. If you go to yoga classes always done in a manner guided by your professor or teacher, but we cannot forget this part if we carry out our practice at home and on an individual basis. Continue reading

Original Sunglasses

Every year there is a model of sunglasses that becomes fashionable among celebrities, it girls, fashion victims and bloggers. If a few years ago Audrey (de Céline) conquered the throne to many, since last year he snatched Dior its So real model. A few original sunglasses, eye-catching and cool more. And today they are two bloggers of our land who fight in duel. Continue reading

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Glasses round, style lady with glasses effect mirror, retro aires or transparent frames… There are thousands of models in the market and choosing can become an Odyssey (even more if you want to get a hold of all), so here are more cool sunglasses for summer. With what will you be? Continue reading

Fitness Center” a Possible New Sports Application of Apple Patent

According to PatentlyApple, Apple would be developing an application sports with social nuances and clearly intended to facilitate and encourage the user to practice any sports activity to improve your fitness. Continue reading

Camping Sea Trail On French Beach-Al

French Beach, surfer stronghold, is located on the South coast of Alagoas, in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro, 30 minutes from the capital Maceió. It is a well-known beach in Brazil, marked by an area of native forests and palm trees, as well as a huge barrier reef that form natural pools ideal for the practice of diving, floating and baths. Continue reading

Paul and His Deuter Backpack

We in the bag Department see every day so many bags, backpacks, purses, trolleys, travel bags and, and, and. Logically, as the one or the other copy particularly well like us. Even better if we need exactly this piece of jewelry in the bag collection. And we confess: for most of us the bag collection is slightly larger. Therefore, it is high time to introduce the favorite pockets of the bag department store employees here once. Continue reading

Hunter Knife and Knife Police-Cheetah

Knives are essential items in camping and outdoor activities. Are very useful in time to build a campfire, prepare food, build a natural shelter and even to cut a cord.

There are knives of various sizes and shapes and that I will present today have ideal size to be loaded into belts, backpacks or purses. These are two knives Cheetah brand I’ve acquired recently for use in outdoor activities, the Police and the Hunter. Continue reading

Hiking Socks: How To Avoid Bulbs

To avoid many worries, it is important to choose good material. And in this article is on the hiking socks we wear our attention.
More than just a piece of fabric, the hiking sock is truly a technical undergarment of high importance, which should not be chosen at random. Continue reading

How To Choose Your Mountain Bike Helmet?

Choosing a good ATV helmet can be motivated for two reasons. Either you are a serious cyclist, who understands the need for a mountain bike helmet. Either you take part in an organized “mountain bike tour”, and you are as if you would have to buy a helmet. It is important to choose the right mountain bike helmet because today a mountain bike helmet can be practical, aesthetic and not embarrassing at all. Continue reading

After A Heavy Fall, Xavier De Le Rue Thanked His Helmet

The French snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue, a multiple world champion in snowboard cross and freeride, thanked his helmet, which” did not serve that to decorate“, victim of a heavy fall in freeride on Wednesday 1st March.

Falls, Xavier De Le Rue has known. But it would seem that the one he suffered on Wednesday 1 March could have been fatal. Fatale if he had not worn a helmet: Continue reading

Winter Gloves from Garibaldi Iver Primaloft

Perfect fit and maximum protection combined with being comfortable and warm with a high resistance to friction makes gloves Garibaldi Iver Primaloft the perfect choice for winter. Its avant-garde design with Primaloft lining allows us to keep your hands dry and warm when we travel in winter with the bike. Continue reading

Annelie Pump, Sports of All Challenges

Who said that cannot be good for a domain? Annelie pump not anyway. At the age of 32, the Swedish continues to push the boundaries in the field of outdoor sports. Free apnea, photography, mountaineering, trail… And tomorrow, another challenge!

A quest towards the highest and the lowest, it is the theme of this web series video that here’s the first episode: Continue reading

What Shoes for Running

This article answers a question of Marc looking for shoes to run a semi. You will find data sheets, photos, and my opinion on these products.

Continue reading

Camping Het Wieskamp: Discover The National Landscape

Winterswijk in the Achterhoek region is well worth a visit! Not just for a day trip to Obelink leisure market, but also for the cosy town centre and the beautiful countryside. The unbebautete area was elected to the national landscape, beautiful cycling and hiking. The town centre is a pleasant tourist and the Saturday market is one of the best in the Netherlands. Mark van Dam talks proudly about his campsite Camping het Wieskamp.

Continue reading

How to Choose Shoes for Running

n running the most important element is the shoes.The shoes that you choose to run should be comfortable and keep your feet safe from possible injury. Continue reading

Eco-Camping: How Can You Contribute To The Environment?

It is hard to imagine that you are a nature lover as a camping holiday-makers. Because camping holiday takes place in the middle of the city, but in the middle of nature, in the forest or near the forest, a beautiful area in the nature, in the mountains or on the water. Has it once contracted with the camping virus, it never lets one go and want you camp, as long as it is to physically able, more often. You can help yourself, to allow this (as many camping sites are already doing it) even future generations.
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Mountain Bike World Champion Represents the Opening Selection

The MTB Marathon World Champion, Tiago Ferreira, is one of the five runners who will represent the national team/Liberty Seguros on proof of opening – region of Aveiro, the race of season road, which will take place next Sunday, between Southampton and Ovar. Continue reading

How to Buy Swim Goggles

Essential accessory in the life of a swimmer, swimming goggles do not choose at random.How to choose the model that suits your face and your expectations? How to properly wear his goggles and how to avoid losing them in a competition?

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Six Useful Apps To Go Camping

You are already planning your next holiday in a tent? You can not miss these applications to your mobile, to help you organize and enjoy the trip. Continue reading

Find The Right Camping In 6 Steps

The spring comes ever closer and you start away to worry about your holiday. You look for the Internet according to a suitable campsite. Maybe go to the first time camping and don’t know where to start. You have heard so many stories from other campers about their wonderful holiday in France. Italy or in Germany. That sounds like music to your ears. But as embark on the search for a campsite? We accompany you on this path.

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With This Outfit, You Go Swimming

Finally summer. But what should women wear this year for swimming? Here are eye-catcher for all sizes.

There are only a few things that to do well as the first proper summer day in the year, the first day, where it is warm enough, to attract open-toed shoes, where you finally wear the favorite dress without pantyhose and the jacket at home can. But all those moments fade in contrast to the first time in a year when it unpacks his favorite swim wear outfit, presents it on the next Bank of bath and spends the day, nothing to do.Though each has his own idea of the perfect day at the beach (relax, be in society, sports, flirt or hide from the Sun’s ultraviolet), there is now a guide of this year’s swim wear trends, which provides the perfect beach outfit for every figure type and occasion.

You are already in the store and immediately need a decision aid? You will arrive directly to the pictures: Continue reading

How to Use a Sleeping Bag

With this article I will give you some useful tips on how to use the sleeping bag and how you could make it to last longer, if used intelligently and stored with care at all times you can use it even 10 years. If you don’t know how to choose go read the article “How to choose a sleeping bag/sleeping bag?”

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Synthetic Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

SHEET SILK-synthetic silk sheet sarco- sleeping bag sheet-Accessories sleeping bags, hiking accessory, SARCO synthetic silk sheets for Shelters & camping.Sacs sleeping sheets, synthetic silk bag cloth bag. In hiking this sheet in synthetic silk is ideal for a good comfort during your bivouac or voyage.

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Klarfit Gullfoss Sleeping Bag

Padding moisture-resistant sleeping bag two layers in synthetic fibres for optimal heat.

Hood with cord and possibility to squeeze the bag to height of shoulders for ideal insulation.

Ideal for all seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter).

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