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See The Risks Of Buying Fake Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life.Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life. Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

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Mascara-Mask of Cilia:the Complete Guide

Every woman knows what a mascara eyelashes from, but mask/there’s always new products on the market and details to know and stay even more beautiful.

Today we will give tips on types of brushes, resistance, colors, what’s new, how to apply eyeliner, basic care and removal.

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Sunglasses Addicted: 7 Brands of Sunglasses

I’m an addict confesses in sunglasses! I love collecting and think they are never too much outside that can change the style of look in no time. I’ve had the time of Aviator, wayfarer, and now everyone just wants to know the mirrored! hehe

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New: Alverde Lipstick Pencil in Nude

The new lipstick pencils from the test package by alverde NATURKOSMETIK me wonderfully in color and texture. Only require a Pencil Sharpener , is bugging me. There was none, my existing three do not fit. Why he’s not hidden in the CAP at the Eye pencil by p2 or why there are like last time no rotation mechanism such as the chubby sticks by Clinique? Who can see about this shortcoming over – perhaps facilitated by the price of EUR 3.45 compared to just under EUR 20 at Clinique – finds three great colors in this collection:

  • Nude, 20
  • Berry, 10
  • Red, 30

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Pupa Crazy Crystals Nail Art Kit

Pupa continues to delight us with exciting twists manicure fashionable.

Now come the Pupa Crazy Crystals  Nail Art Kit, Sept 12 limited edition for spring summer 2013, which allow you to create a dimensional look on your nails!

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[Artdeco Glam Vintage Le] Ceramic Nail Lacquer No. 380

The limited Glam Vintage collection by Artdeco has been a bit longer in the stores, but I recently discovered it in a perfumery. I was lucky and won the Artdeco newsletter some time ago so I could choose three products from the Glam Vintage LE. As an old nail polish fan, of course, one of the three duochrome nail polishes from this collection had to be there! Especially the Ceramic Nail Lacquer in the color No. 380 “Iridescent Red” I liked the pictures well and I was not disappointed. Anyone who follows me on Instagram (or reads my weeks back ;-)), already knows this from a past NOTD. Still, I would like to lose a few more words about this pretty varnish.

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Nail Polish

Nude manicure, soft shades and refined, almost pastel. This is the nail trend for next season according to the US brand Zoya, who presents his new collection of Whispers Spring enamels for spring 2016.

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At Home Eyelash Extensions

Does little, wrote an entry in which spoke of false eyelashes. In the wake of this entry, I have received several inquiries from people interested in the subject of the application of false eyelashes on a permanent basis or what is also referred to as Eyelash extensions.

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Wycon Cosmetics Online

Wycon is a trademark of Italian cosmetics, celebrated between the beauty passionate for the wide range of functional products and affordable. But where are the stores of this brand? I will reveal in this article!

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Which is Better BB CC or DD Cream

Seems like yesterday, locked in the bathroom with the tricks of my mother and my older sister, I began to realize my first make up not quite accurate and often a bit ‘excessive, the rest 13 years one would most like to dare; my mother then realized that it was time to teach me to make up and brought me in perfumery to buy the right products for me and at my age;some delicate eye shadow, a blush and a cream colored.

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Nails:the Importance and Their Care

Why use nails?

Many Brazilians are in difficulty to maintain naturally beautiful nails for these break easily or by habit of biting them. The immediate solution to bring more beauty to your hands may be the simple fact of using nails. Most of the time it’s easier to take care of an artificial nail, than their own natural nails.

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Makeup for Rainy Days

By that time, no one knows when it will rain or when it’s going to be sunny, when the weather is fine and suddenly closes and drops the biggest storm. Are those hours that we women we say goodbye to our production and our makeup is tricky. Continue reading

Nail Art Animalier, the Most Original Ideas

Nail art animalier, the most original ideas to make your nails super glamour with spotted fantasies!

To change a bit the look of your nails to make them more cheerful and appealing you can, thanks to nail art. Animal print version is the trend this year, and the design possibilities are endless.Zebra and Leopard print nails show on the hands of many and it is impossible not to! Continue reading

How to Eliminate Cuticles

After learning everything there was to know about the anatomy of the nails, we continue our journey discovering how to effectively remove the hated cuticles! Continue reading

Makeup for Jerk Inspired by the Fire of Saint John

Now is the month of June and that the celebrations will start to appear, to you be okay linda in the party, we brought a makeup tutorial for jerk inspired by the colors of fire. Continue reading

Waterproof Makeup

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Girls, today I will talk about waterproof makeup, the story is always the same: you go out every wonderful and produced from home in the morning. In the middle of the afternoon, when you look in the mirror the mask ran, the shadow is gone, left your skin glow and there’s no trace of lipstick.

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10 Secrets to the Makeup Last Longer

01 -before make-up is nothing better than having a face clean, well washed with a cleaning SOAP for the face. If you often use water micelle to demaquilar, before the makeup she serves to sanitize your skin. So with the facial skin clears the makeup will last longer. Continue reading

Diy Nail Art with Flowers, the Simplest Ideas and Original

DIY Nail art with flowers, the simplest ideas and originals to decorate your nails so extravagant and creative to be perfect even on the beach. 3D Nail art, nail art stickers, embellishments with Rhinestones and beads and many other ideas to copy for making small DIY masterpieces.

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5 Makeup Ideas to Get out of the Obvious

The makeup goes far beyond disguising imperfections( says who?) And framing women to outdated patterns of beauty. It can serve as a finish. As another detail that shows of his personality and makes the result more special. Continue reading

Nails Decorated Leopard Walkthrough

Any self-respecting woman likes to take care of their appearance and, by extension, your nails decorated Leopard is one of the items in that ‘ flawless ‘ is the watchword. Time to try out trends, nails of Leopard is one of the areas that best expresses the news from theworld of fashion and the female characteristics.

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Easter Makeup:Get Inspired in Tutorials!

This time of year many people get together with the family, go out with friends or prepare that party to spend with the people you love. If you already have an event marked, but is super lost and still don’t know what prepare on makeup of Easter, we’ll help you!

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Easy Tips For Brides

You work, perhaps to study a master’s degree at the same time, you have thousands of commitments and at the same time, plan the details of your wedding. But you can with everything: thus are the women of today. Continue reading

The Best Kissed Lipsticks

Kissing is fun and happy. And since there is an anniversary day for every occasion in this world, it is hardly surprising that there is also a day of the kiss. This is July 6th. And then it is – Kiss, Kiss, Kiss! But please without nasty smudge marks.Therefore, we present the best kissed and long lasting lipsticks that really keep their promise … Continue reading

Fans of Nail Art

In our opinion, the communication of large signatures the world of the luxury always going too fast, but to promptly inform you about everything what happens we cannot but make us echo of its rtheeases to try to anticipate you all the News. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date or you can let your girlfriends unofr the tree of Christmas. Continue reading