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Keep an Eye on Nail Polish Trends Spring/Summer

It’s always like that, come this time, we were elated to find out what happened in the major catwalks around the world, the trend that will turn at the next station, between what has been seen in past parades. From clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up and, of course, our beloved glazes, they won’t be out! Continue reading

Nutrient Intake in Adolescence Influences Future Motherhood

In pregnancy, it is common to hear that pregnant women are eating for two.What many do not know is that feeding a woman decades before getting pregnant can also affect the future of her baby. Continue reading

Nails Launch Opi: Tickle My France

After the last Superhypermegaglitzerlack, this time had to produce a subtle color… I had worn before him, but with a matte finish, this time I opted for the normal, glossy version and am although color pleased but still not high. Her → read here can the old post. Continue reading

Meet All Types of False Eyelashes and Choose Your Preferred

The devotees swear eternal love and who haven’t tried usually has at least curiosity. The false eyelashes are stars of travel case and have the ability to supercharge any look bringing a powerful air in the Act. The entire model, which takes the inside corner of the eye to the end, is still the most used and may appear in various styles-the more stretched the discreet. There are also false eyelashes that take up only half of the eyelid and other placed just on the tip. Learn how to identify each one of them and choose the your preferred. Continue reading

Precious Nail Care Tips

Most women have a real passion for nails, even more now, with the enormous variety of nail polish that the Brazilian market has been presenting. Caring for the hands and nails is an essential activity that requires time, disposal, hygiene and specific or special products. Continue reading

Essence Effect Nail Polish

Such as nail art accomplish for the Christmas holidays in 2013? With the new Essence Effect Nail September we give vent to our creativity! Continue reading

Beauty Myths around Hair and Nails

Tips from Granny or mother, or advice of the best girlfriends: circulating many beautymyths of which is that they are simply wrong proved. Continue reading

Match the Eyelid with an Eyelid

An eyeliner gives your eye make-up the finishing touch. How you draw it best depends also on the shape of your eyes.

With the help of an eyelid, you can put your eyes into the scene. For this to happen, you should know which eyeliner suits which eye shape. For otherwise, you can set the focus wrong and the eye makeup emphasizes small blemishes rather than conceal them. Continue reading

First Aid Tip for Torn Fingernails: the Tea Filter Method

Nail Torn Use The Tea Filter Method To Repair Quickly And Easily Torn Fingernails!  Continue reading

Bellaoggi: Italian Brand of Makeup!

Hello my loves! I was very excited about the idea of making this post for you, because today I will throb on a brand of makeup that I am “in love”: the BELLAOGGI! This line came from Italy and makes the most success there, was recently brought to Brazil by the Hinode Cosmetics. The Bellaoggi is produced by Eurostyle, same company that provides the active ingredients for products from MAC and Lancome. A breath, huh? Continue reading

6 Nail Polish Hacks That Make Life Easier!

Thick nail polish and glitter varnish that can no longer be removed from the nails? These six tricks can help!

The problem is familiar to many:thick nail polish, which does not want to dry so quickly, the missing accessories for a more creative nageldesign and the annoying removal of nail varnish remnants. We’ll give you six nail polish hacks that can solve these problems. Continue reading

Nails 06.12.13 – Told – ‘Forever Yummy’

Nicholas day I missed a red painting my nails.”Forever yummy” is a simple, classic red by essie stand type range and therefore predestined for it to be – I have to say anything else worn at Christmas time? Continue reading

Cultivated Nails and a Natural Look

With the nail care is such a thing.Some love them and celebrate them properly; others limit themselves only to what is necessary.But I think we’re all pretty sure that well-groomed nails are an important sign. Continue reading

Nail Polish Dry: 5 Tips for the Wait

The fingernails are freshly varnished and now it is for you: wait a full 15 minutes until the nail polish is dry. Otherwise, nasty imprints threaten the manicured nails. However, if the wait is too boring, there are five things you can do in parallel. Continue reading

How to Make Your Eyebrows Perfect for the Big Day

Every woman wants to reach the pinnacle of her beauty on her wedding day. Rightly so, this is a great day, one of the most special days of your life. In addition, all the attention will be focused on. You really need to look beautiful.

For this, many brides invest in diets and aesthetic treatments, take care of hair and nails and choose the most beautiful dress they can find. Continue reading

How to Get a Softer Lips and Seductive

Soft lips and seductive are a sought-after and attractive physical trait both in men as in women. Some nice lips give us greater confidence and more reasons to smile.

But are not always easy to get and some essential care are needed to let them well hydrated and beautiful. If you want to end up with lips parched and makes them more tender and seductive, then check out our upcoming beauty tips . Continue reading

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder – “Porcelain Pearl”

Limited currently available:the Brightening finishing powder by Bobbi Brown in a new color combinations – “Porcelain Pearl”. You may still remember last year, since I already bought the first version of the “normal” brightening finishing powder (“Brightening Nudes”) → gereviewt. This is available at the moment again limited. At the end of this post, I have therefore even a small comparison for you. Continue reading

Autoimmune Diseases Causes

Although the causes of autoimmune diseases are very complex and are due first and foremost to the genetic heritage, among the factors contributing to their appearance there are also wearing lipstick and hair fixative.

Continue reading

Skin Care Tips for Models

Copy these 13 little secrets, but know that the models that do not declare, to be always beautiful

Even the models are women like all others, have your problems, the same as a woman working in the office, in the store or at the supermarket checkout. Ready to overthrow the maxi bags that each model goes back over the look book? Maybe there are some tip for your life out of the walkway.

The world of modeling is varied: maybe have no style off the set, but who cares! You currently rather have 90 years and much style (which is debatable) to advertise an economy car disguised as a Rolls Royce? Or be a size 40, green eyes, blond and metroeottanta, daiii not joke about!  Continue reading

Passing Eyeliner in the Eyes – Step By Step

Tips on how to go step by step an eyeliner

Passing eyeliner is always a problem for those who dress because it is something that needs to have a good hand and also practice in applying. But to risk the eye liner know that there are some tricks you can learn to pass it. Following a step by step has no error. Continue reading

The Japanese Nail Style in the Fingertips

A Russian proverb says: “hands are to the the GLück create and the distribute grief.” One more reason to pay them 😉 and some attention Continue reading

Mascara of Eyelash on Diorshow New Look

I used one of the new Quint you Yes → already shown – in addition is now beginning of February the new mascara’Diorshow New Look”by Dior launches. Natalie Portman as glamorous as ever, unfortunately, but not only with the mascara (too bad, that’s always still not will be marked in Germany, when false lashes or Photoshop are in the game…). But with a beautiful overall look, I to would like to make-up again on occasion. Continue reading

Rice Cooker-Recipe, How to

Rice Cookie Recipe

There are dishes that can be useful at home, to enjoy leftovers and still be super delicious. It is the case of the rice cookie that we can use the rice that was not consumed at lunch or dinner and make tasty and tasty rice cakes. Continue reading

Milk of Almonds and Chestnuts – Detox Market

Third and last series of recipe Detox Market, for those who want to have a healthy diet, natural and tasty. Continue reading