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Easy Tips For Brides

You work, perhaps to study a master’s degree at the same time, you have thousands of commitments and at the same time, plan the details of your wedding. But you can with everything: thus are the women of today. Continue reading

The Best Kissed Lipsticks

Kissing is fun and happy. And since there is an anniversary day for every occasion in this world, it is hardly surprising that there is also a day of the kiss. This is July 6th. And then it is – Kiss, Kiss, Kiss! But please without nasty smudge marks.Therefore, we present the best kissed and long lasting lipsticks that really keep their promise … Continue reading

Fans of Nail Art

In our opinion, the communication of large signatures the world of the luxury always going too fast, but to promptly inform you about everything what happens we cannot but make us echo of its rtheeases to try to anticipate you all the News. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date or you can let your girlfriends unofr the tree of Christmas. Continue reading

Nail Art Spray

Glaze spray, here’s the product we all expected and that could revolutionize the manicure. Never long pose neither imperfections: spread the glaze will no longer be a problem, even for the less experienced!

Every woman has dreamed at least once in their life: from now on the manicure will never be the same. No more long time of laying, with smears on the fingers and the second and third passed! The revolution is called glaze spray. From today, or rather, from tomorrow, the manicure will no longer be a nightmare, especially for the most inexperienced and hasty who don’t have time to wait on our hands that the nail polish to dry. Who has never dreamed of a Polish that dries instantly? Well, Nails Inc. tried to fulfil this wish of inventing a glaze spray. Continue reading

Celebrity Lips – Lip Gloss

Girls, today I come to talk about Celebrity Lips, a novelty in the cosmetics market that promises to raise lips naturally. No surgery, no makeup trick.

Many women have been using it because they want the same result from celebrities as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Continue reading

Freehand Nail Design | Rose with Watercolors

Very good!
Already Friday! This nail design as practically know all I make freehand, let’s make a rose with “watercolors”; I put it in quotes because we will not do with acrylic paint and a trick. Continue reading

Seven Infant Halloween Makeup Ideas

Approaching the day and still not very clear to you what will dress up your children. If you want to implement your arts of aesthetics, here are some child Halloween Makeup ideas. Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup was very time consuming, she needed for about two hours.

The look itself after make-up not one-to-one because Marilyn has made getting a giant secret from her makeup “Tricks” and that’s why not everything is known. Continue reading

How to Properly Put on Perfume

Delicate, strong, explosive, fresh and sweet. The scent an accessory like a ring can be defined, a bracelet, earrings and as such should be worn to perfection to give off the most beautiful side of ourselves.
So, what are the rules to wear well on our body?

Here are 5 tips to follow:

1- The amount

The scent, although it has a delicate, light fragrance, to be applied sparingly (especially if it’s expensive ones!). The explanation is that each perfume applied to the skin, changing its odor and for this we must be cautious with the doses as not to create a too strong impact and leave an unforgettable trail when you pass. Two small spruzzetti is just enough.

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Scrub DIY: Find That Perfect For Your Needs!

You want to take care of your skin safely and naturally? Try one of these recipes for a scrub DIY: for a beautiful and healthy skin, both of the face is the body!

The scrub is a beauty treatment that is used to exfoliate and smooth the skin of the face but also the rest of the body.

Thanks to scrub, we can eliminate the surface layer of dead cells and dirt that accumulate over time on the skin: in this way the skin can oxygenate and regenerate, also preventing the appearance of the hated ingrown hairs.

Moreover the skin, in particular that of the face, will be even brighter. Continue reading

Tricks to Tame Frizzy Hair

The misfortune of the kinky hair hounding, particularly when it is wet and you’ve just made the fold. Hold the scream and exploits these frizz quick tricks to manage your hair without your head look like a shaggy, shapeless ball.
The frizzy hair is mostly caused by lack of moisture, but too much moisture can also be the cause. The celeb hairstylist of Mark Townsend says: “Your hair lose moisture during the day and, at mid-day, the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) opens and lets in the air, drying them, makes them frizzy”. Mark Townsend, Mark Garrison and Ursula Stephen, who handles the hairstyles of Rihanna and Kerry Washington, will reveal their tricks to fight frizz.

1. Choose one of glycerin rich shampoo

Search a shampoo with glycerine at the top of the ingredients list (the ingredients on top are the ones present in greater proportion in the product). The glycerin, in fact, helps fight frizz penetrating into the hair shaft and moisturizing it from the inside out. Moreover, it creates a protective coating to the hair shaft level and prevents it from breaking. Continue reading

What Is BB Cream For

Hailed as a miracle product all-in-one, the BB cream is a bit ‘anywhere in this period and this trend does not seem to give signs of stopping. But how do you apply BB cream (or Blemish Balm, which is not a neologism, but the full name of the person who invented BOH) correctly? There are special techniques that you have to know? We asked for clarification to some industry experts. Here’s what we discovered.

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How to Make Hair Perfect

If genetics has been stingy with your hair, do not take it. Try the miraculous hair trick live from backstage to make your perfect hair. They work!

  1. When they are wet, use extra sweetness
    Before pat dry with a towel, put a few drops of oil on the tips to avoid the nodes, then uses a static wide-toothed comb.
  2. If you have them thin, increases the volume
    A fantastic cosmetic discovery, sera that wrap the hair with a sheath and make them thick and bushy.
  3. Dry tips? Cut & Hydrates
    It’s called “dusting” the technique to eliminate split ends alone with a pair of scissors curved blade, working small sections. Then moisturize with a cream without rinsing. Continue reading

How to Use Dry Shampoo Properly

The dry shampoo saves your life, read on to find out if you use it the right way.

  1. The spray only in the root. Ok usually charges the dry shampoo on the skin to dry excess oil, but trust that has a dramatic effect on even lengths. Use it as a volumizing by spraying all over the head. Wow!
  2. Do not brush. Instead you should. Once applied, remove the excess with a brush made of synthetic bristles.
  3. You have too much haste to brush. Let it soak a few minutes before removing the excess with a brush.
  4. The applied on the scalp without lifting the hair. For best results, you have to divide the hair into portions and then proceed to vaporize. Continue reading

Beauty Tips Hair Removal

At temperatures above 30 degrees You attack probably too short plus size trousers, dresses in large sizes or skirts. No wonder, everything else would be far too hot! All Plus Size Ladies who prefer a smooth skin for your summer outfit, I am presenting various methods of hair removal.

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How to Apply Makeup for Bridesmaid

How to choose a beautiful makeup for godmother, but without competing with the bride?

It is very important to remember that the wedding day will be one of the most important days in the life of the bride, she chooses carefully the details of the wedding, decorating, cake, dress, including the costume of the bridesmaids!

If she gives a warning about the type of makeup you should use, obey … is her right to choose what she want for the day. If it does not give any opinion on this, you are free to be inspired in the beautiful makeup to be a godmother spectacular, without taking the brightness of the bride, of course.

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Makeup Step by Step Instructions

Nowadays there are few women who do not wear makeup. After all, makeup products are increasingly accessible and she still has the power to enhance the feminine beauty. However, it is common to find women with questions and difficulties in making some models of makeup.

Ideally, you know some makeup techniques for each situation, according to the type of skin, face and style.

Learning the basics, that is do a makeup for the day and night, it is possible to look great in any type of situation.

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10 Looks for a Retro Style

The retro style is on the rise, this is not news to anyone else, from clothes to makes and hairstyles, and is what we show here, because a lot of people do not know is that there are some simple tips on how to get a visual retro without having to resort there is a professional, it is, you yourself can get it from using a simple red lipstick, even betting on a hairstyle past the half-moon nail … well, see below some features and beauty to achieve charming retro style.

Looks Tips for a Retro Style

  1. The Power of Kitten

Who has not woke up finding the most terrible of deadly ??? Well, you know you are not alone in this, but at such times, believe me, a good black eyeliner can save your life, or at least its production! And the cool thing is that he did not fight with no style, it goes well with all kinds of clothes and of course you according to his will, and with the occasion. You can opt for a more discretinho look to a more radical. Tip: try to tilt the head back in the time of application, it will become the eyelid.

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How to Make a Good Makeup Tutorial?

Make a good makeup is a challenge for most women, and it becomes more difficult with age progresses, but does not mean that an older person can not or should wear make-up, on the contrary, there are several models and styles of makeup for women.

We know that nowadays with so many treatments and surgeries are more difficult to know the age of the women who are aging time later, and the makeup is a powerful ally in this regard. We will try to spend means for our more mature friends continue to age with elegance and class.

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Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

Every woman should take advantage of the makeup, as well as letting us even more beautiful, it also helps hide minor imperfections on the skin. However, the makeup for a young woman, must be different from the makeup for a more mature woman. With that in mind, today I will talk about some tricks of makeup for mature women.

The skin of the women above 40 years calls for a suitable makeup, you can enhance your features and at the same time to disguise the marks of time. For this, it is essential to know a few tricks that help a lot to get these results. Check out the following various tricks of makeup for mature woman that will help you make right.

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6 Suggestions for Romantic Makeup

The makeup is the great ally of women in time of creating productions for different occasions. That’s because she is able to transform any woman into a real diva, isn’t it? Knowing how to choose the right products, colors and style of makeup, you can look gorgeous and stunning for any situation, day or night.

There are several types of makeup, but one of the styles that does success at any time of the year is the romantic. Romantic makeup is delicate and discreet that, with perfect skin, Illuminator, light and much shadow Eyelash mask to look like a doll! For this style, the clothes, accessories and hair must also match.

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Beauty Tips for Pregnant Ladies

It’s not because you’re pregnant you need neglecting appearance, isn’t it? Every woman need to take care of the skin, body and hair to feel beautiful, healthy and most confident. Daily beauty care are critical, because they help to raise our self-esteem. However, many pregnant women don’t know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can dye your hair during this period, among other questions about beauty.

These and other questions end up doing many pregnant women give up of care the appearance. However, it’s not good for your self-esteem leave aside these pleasures in a woman’s life. Thinking about it, I selected several beauty tips for pregnant women that will help you take care of your appearance during this phase so special in the life of a woman. Check out!

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DIY Nail Decoration

To be really trendy Halloween night is not enough to have a proper and masquerade Halloween make up hip but is essential to cure even the smallest details such as the manicure.

If you don’t want to go the beautician to decorate your nails you can always choose the DIY: here are some tips to decorate your nails in Halloween style quickly and easily.

As a base you can choose from the colors of glazes fashion for fall 2010, dark and metallic, although we recommend using just one Black enamel, perfect for Halloween manicure. Continue reading

The 15 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

A lot of women still think make up the face is just out painting with the colors you want … just don’t. The makeup is much more than that, it serves to enhance the features and correct imperfections.

Yes, but when it is done the wrong way, in addition to reveal and even exaggerate flaws or imperfections, she can really destroy a total look. And the worst part is that there are makeup errors we made without realizing it, but that can make the biggest difference in the result. So, I decided to share these 15 makeup mistakes that are regarded by experts in the subject, as the most common. Want to know what they are?

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