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23 Jewels Inspired by Harry Potter You Want

You’re a fan of Harry Potter and you’re tired of the jewels and trinkets sold around common? How about be inspired and get their own pieces inspired by the most exciting ever released to date? Continue reading

Heart Ring-a Good Choice for Engagements

The proposal is always a tense time for men. So, it is increasingly common for the couple to decide together to get engaged and plan easy marriage. In addition, the classic engagement ring is no longer as desired by the younger women or independent cherish more the origin of its parts than by the values of the stones and noble materials that tend to make other items. So, new alternatives are being created to satisfy young people more attuned, as the heart ring. Continue reading

Delicate Rings-How about Using Them Together?

For us who love fashion accessories of the handful is a real gift, isn’t it? Never seen so many choices of rings used together and in multiple fingers. The best thing is to hit the fashion world that there is only one rule: the more delicate the rings, the greater the options of use. Continue reading

7 Watches That Stand for Real Understatement

Watches And Their Hidden Luxury Claims

Modesty is not a duty, but a virtue. For many people, understatement is a life setting – whether by car or by the clock. Whoever is humble, does not create envy in the opposite direction and avoids competing among his own friends. Some even profit professionally from such respectable restraint: Politicians seem more approachable without expensive accessories; a representative or business consultant enjoys more confidence if he does not give the impression of enriching the customer; and the boss of a manufacturing company gets better at his employees when he does not stroll through the factory in velvet and silk.Especially men show style when the men’s watch fits to the clothes, ie the suit, the belt and the shoes. Continue reading

Watches Made in Germany – Watches from Rainer Brand

Individual Watch Design From Germany

Rainer Brand is not only the small watch brand from the Unterfränkischen Heimbuchenthal near Aschaffenburg, Rainer Brand is also the creative head behind it. As clear and unambiguous as the company name, the clocks are so clearly and uniquely designed. Continue reading

Fashion Necklaces

Maxi Beads-2013 Summer Trend

Spring begins next week and with it comes the anxiety by warmer weather and a half-season. No more boots, coats and scarves, women want to show. And as the most pleasant climate the year the clothes are fresh and open space, guaranteeing to the accessories. No naked neck, we want maxi necklaces. Continue reading

You Have to Pay Attention to the Purchase of Eheringen

Today you can buy just about anything on the Internet.You do not need to go outside the door and has bought with a mouse click a house, several outfits, the next vacation trip and also all that, which belongs to a wedding to it.Some buy themselves even the appropriate partner to marry.But well, this is another topic.You can also buy your wedding rings online.We from have since also a nice selection in the program.And in addition, we want to help you under the arms and show you therefore, what you should pay attention to the online purchase of Eheringen. Continue reading

Jewelry with a Star Sign by Amoonic

A great “hello” goes today from us out to all who are born in the zodiac sign of the Capricorn.Maybe you’ve already celebrated your birthday, maybe in the coming days it’s ahead of you.But for you all, our jewelery of the week is thought of, this noble necklace with the star sign pendant Capricorn. Continue reading

Accessories for Brides Wear on Their Wedding Day


Tips For Brides

On the wedding day, all what the bride wants most is to be very pretty and garnished, but this desire often can end up in a “disastrous”, that is, the combination of items that do not go well together and excess. Accessories are indispensable to make the look on this day, but you have to know how to combine them what is being currently used. Check out some tips: Continue reading

The Hoop Earrings Are Back in Fashion

Hoop earring is already used for many, many years, being a darling of many women, which do not live without her. But for some time the fashion gave way to other styles of earrings and rings were most forgotten. However, now they are back in fashion and it’s worth betting on penalty play. Continue reading

The Brilliance of Jewels in Side by Side

The last chapter of the novel “side by side” airs today, but some scenes are already announced. Continue reading

Earcuff Fashion Accessories

Earrings Attached-New “It” Accessory

Accessories ceased to exercise your original function and become essential in any look.  Continue reading

Luxury Rings – Learn How to Buy Paying Little

If there is an accessory able to leave any woman in doubt they are for sure the rings. That’s because the range of models and sizes so much that it’s hard to choose just one piece to go, especially if the item is a ring of luxury. Continue reading

Practical Styling Tips for Fashionable Looks

The party of the year is approaching with great steps – and have you already put together your ensemble for the 31st of December?

If you still lack inspiration: In the following I have put together for you practical styling tips for the perfect New Year outfit. Regardless of whether your clothes should be classic and glamorous or trendy and sleek – these fashion tips will surely bring you a stylish new year! Continue reading

In High, Brazilian Stones Adorn Jewelry Collections

The Brazilian colors are in evidence in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. During the XXVIII Ajorsul Fair Mercoóptica, the exhibitors have shown that, in addition to valuing national products stones help to show the personality of each consumer. At the Art of green nephrite Itá, and Blue Topaz dominated the showcase and customers. Continue reading

Tops and Flops: Oscars

And the Oscar goes to… The star studded could have hardly any bigger: Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, and Penélope Cruz & co. came to the 82nd ceremony of the Oscars at the Kodak Theatre to Los Angeles. Our fashionable tops and flops! Go to the Slideshow: the Oscar winner Continue reading

Balance Bracelets-Where to Buy-Power Balance

Nowadays people are moved to beliefs and are not always true no more than trot to get the money from a lot of people, especially when it comes to health and beauty. To maintain the balance bracelet Power Balance promises to be effective and it works just try and complete the results. Continue reading

Necklaces Models to Choose a Necklace

People, love necklace… never leave the neck “naked“, I feel like something’s missing. If you’re like me, you’re going to love this post. I’m talking about the most varied models of chokers and I’m sure some will surprise you.

Those who like the more expensive, chokers usually uses the smallest, first by discretion and elegance and second by the price, after all, a small piece of gold may cost very expensive, if the pendant has some precious stone then, forget it. Continue reading

The Organizer

We show you how to make an organizer for your desktop where you can order your tools of study or work, having to reach leaves, your notebooks of notes, clips, glue, drill, markers and many other things, also boasts an erasable Board for quick notes and other Cork for gluing small roles. Continue reading

The Jewels of the Golden Globes, Necklace, Toe rings

Kerry Washington, super fixer Olivia Pope of Scandal, used the most wonderful set of Deco parts–and were not few-of the red carpet. The brooch with an old European cut diamonds 2.65 Carat framed by quartz and more 1.85 carats of diamonds in Platinum already took my breath away. The earrings and ring of the same period were also beautiful and also belong to the collection of jeweler Fred Leighton. To top it off, she wore a watch, Movado vintage watch that’s poster girl Continue reading

The Tradition of Family Jewels at the Wedding, Bib Necklace

Use a family jewel on her wedding day is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing love, respect and affection by the ancestors. As if it were able to evoke all happiness lived in a marriage and reflect it in the next generation, the jewel, which passes from mother to daughter, becomes a symbol of eternity, a symbol of eternal love. Not incidentally, this is a very strong tradition in the Kingdom. More than a prop to make the most beautiful bride, the jewel communicates the continuity. And one of the coolest trends in jewelry is playing reinventing to use this jewel. So, have you seen necklaces, tiaras earring pendant and brooch turn saw bracelets. Playful and special work has been done with great care by Jewelers as Bibiana Padilla, Carmen Nazar and Alessandra Cazzaro. Continue reading

Maxi Female Necklaces Fashion


  1. Maxi stone necklace
  2. Maxi paste neon
  3. Maxi Pearl Necklace
  4. Maxi lace necklace

The maxi necklace is a trend on the runway and mainly on the streets, there are at least four seasons. Since he won the attention of fashionistas, the attachment still figuring in the neck in different styles and shapes. The maxi collar, as its name suggests, is a bigger, more flashy and more than an accessory becomes a visual complement. Choose your favorite model and learn how to do. Continue reading

The Belly Dancers Jewelry Trends

It is great on us. At least as regards the trends for jewelry this year. Big, lush and long-so we could describe the best Jewelry neck, the 2010 decorate arm or finger.

Chains that adorn the neckline are passé, arrive in the new year the necklaces at the belly button. Chains in the large pearls, oversized crosses and huge pendant should be missing never. Very brave wear chains with large links and barbed wire elements. Trendsetters for the mega jewelry are by the way top model Kate Moss and singer Beyoncé.

Continue reading

Trendy Skull Ring

Among current fashion trends is the skull ring, a trend that comes in growing sympathy, especially among young audiences. Continue reading