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7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

You have decided to enter the covenant of marriage and are now looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future ones? To find the perfect engagement ring, we have put together 7 tips to choose the right engagement ring.

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Bracelet Mounts-Disassembles:Amazing Design

I wanted to show you this amazing bracelet, called paths, which integrates the Roberto Burle Marx collection by h. Stern. Looking at the picture, you don’t say that she disassembles piece. But that’s what happens. The wider version is composed of three parts; the narrower version, two. And the proposal is playing ride dismounts, something playful and fun according to

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Maxi Collar: the Exaggeration Can be Fantastic

Some time ago, a lot of people were scared to wear a large collar.In the past, there was a general conception of fashion that it was necessary to avoid any exaggeration. Continue reading

Where to Find: Body Chain

Ever heard of body chain? The accessory that literally means chain of body is nothing but a necklace that traverses the neck and belly/back. The accessory is a charm, is hidden inside the clothes or the view used with a bikini or on top of clothing, and it is necessary to personality and style to use it. Continue reading

Pearls:What to Do If She One of Them Fall

Every bit a blog reader question about fix pearls, whether it is recommended to use glue and what to do if one of them falls. I heard an expert of h. Stern, mark Munhon. Go to tips? He shared the pearls in three groups:

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Bracelets Count Calories

Today I want to tell you about my latest discovery, referred to as far as fitness fashion world , and to which I confess, I’m totally hooked, bracelets has calories.

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Jewels, Pearls

The difference between natural and cultured pearls.

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Heartbreaker for minis

Trailer teddybear with red varnish silver ball chain 45 cm silver

Soon is again back to school and a great opportunity a little bit with the designers and brands for jewelry for children to browse. But the yield is rather sobering, as so often. More so I am happy the now heartbreaker line „ heartbreaker for minis “ makes a step in this direction. Continue reading

How to Make Amazing Combinations of Earrings

Who has a second hole in the ear, as well as the charm of each production, has the challenge of finding the ideal accessories to use. And even the part being minor, must have the same prominence that the earrings bigger. Come to think of it, separated some amazing combinations and options of small earrings for you to use in the second […]

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Pearl Earrings:Tips for Modernizing Your Looks

Like diamonds, it can be said that pearls are also eternal.The pearl earrings are a classic that never goes out of style, making it an almost mandatory item in any woman’s jewelry holder.

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The Most Famous Engagement Rings in History

As with everything in the fashion world, great female icons exert a lot of influence even on engagement rings. We selected 5 iconic women who owned, or own, the most famous and desired engagement rings of all time!

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The Royal Wedding and Diamond Tiara

OK, one third of the inhabitants of the planet stopped to see the marriage of Lady Catherine Middleton and Prince William. And, I can tell you, it was a thrill even for those who watched from afar, for the small screen. I say this because it’s nice to see when young people follow traditions, as a tribute to his ancestors, but do it in a way people and modernised. This Royal Wedding, tradition with a modern twist, starting with coverage on Youtube, Twitter, Flicker, Facebook and blog-official channels created by the Royal family.

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X by Trollbeads

X by Trollbeads

Before of my year’s flu I was at the invitation of Trollbeads and Eulit to the presentation of the new collection „ X by Trollbeads “ in Copenhagen. Unfortunately I did it just now, to cover my there gained impressions into words and would like to apologize at all, which were already eagerly waiting the whole event was great organized and staffed by international editors and bloggers. All official, all employees and designer of Trollbeads are very friendly and great people with whom you can have is wonderful and devoted to their work on everything. Also the coexistence within the company was very moving for me, there was a very family atmosphere and this cohesion is also taken great thing you immediately noticed on the first evening in the in-house restaurant.

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Jewelry with nobility: Countess Arnim

Constantin von Arnim

Granted, jewelry is not democratic. Even if shows like “shopping Queen” show that you get some pretty accessories to the outfit to do so for less money, the jewelry interested woman know that beauty only long-lasting, if the materials and workmanship – what is reflected generally in the price. The prized piece was then perhaps more of a brand, that names already expensive sounds – woman perhaps resignedly no longer looks on the price label … don’t stop! The jewelry brand Countess Arnim offers colourful and elegant jewellery with pearls and precious stones for smaller budgets, even if of course upwards, the borders are open. The fine pieces in your own online shop or – especially the less expensive variants – in the shop of cabal stuff are available. Continue reading

Marshop Launches New Line Of Men’s Bracelets And Necklaces

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, have to Release today Coriander? And Male Accessories? That’s right? That’s right! haha the Marshop give the guys here in the male fashion for presenting your new line of bracelets and Necklaces for men, with 12 news in accessories.

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The Engagement Rings Models That Will Melt Your Heart!

The São Paulo House has been innovating in its creations, to take from the sameness the ring of engagement ultraclássico, with rim and a brilliant.In the collections signed by designer Ana Paula Cruz, the engagement ring gains shapes and glamorous design inspired by contemporary women who have been gaining more and more space in all spheres of society.

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Advent calendar 3: TeNo

There’s no emotion in stainless – steel? Are ’ s yet! The Designschmuckmarke TeNo succeeds again and again to the hearts of her male and female fans: with stainless steel jewelry, which is characterised by refined details and is combined with modern and noble materials. 18-carat gold, pearls and Top Wesselton diamonds lend elegance and glamour, rubber and leather provide rock striking accents, colorful ceramic inserts bring variety and happiness in the jewelry. All pieces are in the own factory in Pforzheim, where is made the base by means of modern technology and finally refined by hand. Manual work is evident in the pieces of Groove surface particularly strong. The characteristic structure is milled by hand, where the exerted pressure and the movement of the employee reflected directly in the pattern. So is a bit different and has its own Groove. For a lighter finding your way around the collections TeNo has converted its lines this year and to presenting them under the names of TeNo woman, TeNo TeNo partner, TeNo deluxx and collect TeNo. Available design strong stainless steel pieces jewellers all over the world are and can be ordered in the shop under Here is a look in the TeNo fan worth magazine entertaining focused on the brand and its activities. Continue reading

Advent calendar 2013: Winner day 01

So now we go, as always we have chased all participants by and posted on the drawn eMail address. The first winner has reported to us today, short and brief, and we congratulate: Christian Velten from Berlin to the Förmchenkette with the cookie cutter „ gift “ by Julia Miltenberger valued at 69 euros! Good luck to everyone else of course, for example today at door number 3. There is her designer jewellery from Pforzheim. To win there is a 5 row Pearl rubber necklace Teno in 278 euros!

Advent calendar 4: jewelry factory

A ring, rattles, a diamond that floats, a ring that can be worn as a bracelet … jewellery factory surprised again and again with new, innovative ideas which go beyond mere decoration and experience the jewelry. So that everyone can equip themselves with the original Designpreziosen, there are the jewelry of jewellery works not only in 750 gold and Platinum, but also in stainless steel – permitting the realisation of the design. Purist and squiggled pieces are here, as well as delicate and rock gems. But whether small and fine or opulent and distinctive: High quality and best quality are always at the heart. It is made in the own factory in Ratingen, located in a historic paper mill and disseminated a wonderful flair. In this environment, unusual ideas are so to speak including. This year, the extension of the winding Medusaringe versions with magnetic, interchangeable color gemstone tops, the new, sophisticated collection chaton in pearls and diamonds in glass used on an elegant throne and the infinitely beautiful collection endless, is their masterpiece the platinum ring with the modern interpretations looping mit Diamantbesatz belong to the novelties. Continue reading

Doll up sisters: Golden Autumn

The autumn shows golden! In the autumn novelties of doll up sisters to the famous Brown jewelry brass shades of gold now also join. They flirt with beads in soft white -, Brown -, and Cassis. Despite the high quality gold plating, the prices of hand-crafted jewelry remain in the trend area. Colorful Glasperlchen and glass drop cut Bohemian tradition clinging to exotic flowers and playing with the old friend of the brand, the friendly sugar skull or the mini version of the maiko mouse mouse, the maiko. Rococo elements (Pompadour), as well as delicate Vintagedesigns (Sissi, Golden Flower) complement the fall collection, which is newly available in the online shop of the brand. With a bit of luck there is also still a shopping voucher: easy until August 31 at the summer sweepstakes on the Internet site of doll up sisters take part! Good luck!

Advent calendar 1: Julia Miltenberger

Some rituals bring small oases of time in everyday life. Let disappear hustle and bustle and fond childhood memories. Baking Christmas cookies is such a ritual. Even the sight of the small cutter on the contemplative advent time right and leaves behind an idea of sweet cookie scent. Continue reading

Sales In Fashion Necklaces

The second sales in fashion have come to the jewellery shop online The Moon completo Choice. This type of fashion accessories are the most flattering. And it is that both in summer and in winter they adorn our neck so they get, depending on the material with which it is made, bring light to our face and make us feel more radiant and beautiful. Continue reading

Wax Cord and Gemstone Beads Bracelet

This is a really modern bracelet with 3 strands cotton wax cord and gemstone beads. The beads are wrapped with wire. A pretty and individual bracelet what little material need. Continue reading

Jewelry for Beach Vacation

After two relaxing and sunny weeks on the Mediterranean, I am now a bit smarter, as far as this year’s Must-haves in jewelry and watches on the beach is concerned. So far, I assumed that you might have a couple of earrings on the beach, but that was it. But what I was able to experience on the beaches of Es Trenc, Sa Rapita and Camp de mar, taught me a better one. Continue reading