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Advent calendar 1: Julia Miltenberger

Some rituals bring small oases of time in everyday life. Let disappear hustle and bustle and fond childhood memories. Baking Christmas cookies is such a ritual. Even the sight of the small cutter on the contemplative advent time right and leaves behind an idea of sweet cookie scent. Continue reading

Sales In Fashion Necklaces

The second sales in fashion have come to the jewellery shop online The Moon completo Choice. This type of fashion accessories are the most flattering. And it is that both in summer and in winter they adorn our neck so they get, depending on the material with which it is made, bring light to our face and make us feel more radiant and beautiful. Continue reading

Wax Cord and Gemstone Beads Bracelet

This is a really modern bracelet with 3 strands cotton wax cord and gemstone beads. The beads are wrapped with wire. A pretty and individual bracelet what little material need. Continue reading

Jewelry for Beach Vacation

After two relaxing and sunny weeks on the Mediterranean, I am now a bit smarter, as far as this year’s Must-haves in jewelry and watches on the beach is concerned. So far, I assumed that you might have a couple of earrings on the beach, but that was it. But what I was able to experience on the beaches of Es Trenc, Sa Rapita and Camp de mar, taught me a better one. Continue reading

Luxury Jewelry Designer

This morning, grey and brilliant at times, I’ve come to a appointment of luxury with a jewelry designer, Illustrator, artist, an enlightened man of the 21st century, presenting a jewelry collection amazing in the Madrid golden mile, in the calle Claudio Coello. Continue reading

Craft Acrylic Elven Earrings

I find these earrings very glamorous. The acrylic flower is very light and easy to handle. If you move your head, the Pendants move happy with.

-2 Calla acrylic beads in Lilac
-6 silver plated pins
-2 silver plated eye pins
-4 Matt anthracite Pearl
-4 beads 6 mm violet
-1 pair silver ear hooks
-Bead- Bali style silver plated 2
-2 eyelets 5 mm Continue reading

Unique Jewelry Accessories

Love and drama, dispute and reconciliation – since 1992, the start of the daily SOAP, feel the fans every night with their GZSZ stars. Take also the styling of their series Heroes carefully scrutinized, finally, Nele, Elena or sunny present the fashionable trends and can be wonderfully inspired it. The successful RTL series is of course also always a barometer of trends. Often, the series figures wear current jewelry and other hip accessories. What marks their TV heroes are equipped with, many of the audience knew this probably only too happy. We can solve some mysteries, because so many actors from GZSZ wearing bracelets, necklaces and rings from unique jewelry.

(Bracelet by Nele)

B 5149 Continue reading

Pearl Jewelery: the Natural Jewel in the Portrait

Pearls have been admired for thousands of years for their unique brilliance.

The silky shimmer of these natural treasures knows to excite and attracts looks magically.

Whether in Asia, America or Europe – high- quality pearl jewelery fascinates people all over the world.

Now, in the fourth and last part of this compact jewelry guide, you will learn everything about the coveted treasures of the sea! Have a good read! Continue reading

Best Jewelry to Collect

Collecting useful, beautiful or valuable things and objects created the humanity in the cradle. In some people, the propensity to store is more pronounced in others less. Children gather like – about the characters of the famous Schokoeiern, playing cards, stuffed animals, or just little things that find them out there in nature: for example, stones and leaves. In adults, jewelry is one of the coveted collection objects. Continue reading

Crystal Crafts Earrings

The our site company producing high-quality cut crystal glass since 1895. It is a high-quality lead crystal, manufactured since the beginning of the last century after secret recipe.
The quality of the material is characterized by a high durability. It scratched and not discolored and remains particularly long beautiful. Thus, the Crystal over the years keeps always its clear, clean luster. Continue reading

Tinker Bracelets Yourself Diy Jga

Tinker Bracelets Yourself Diy Jga

Hen your girlfriend is imminent and you’re looking for a personal gift with which you can make a small pleasure not only the bride, but also her friends, yet? Then DIY JGA bracelets definitely the right choice for you! With such beautiful bracelets, this legendary day is guaranteed long memories and a little souvenir you kept forever in your jewelry box. The JGA can bracelets with alphabet beads easily with the initials of the bride (and groom), the wedding date, as well as the JGA (stands for hen) customize. Some JGA group wear the beautiful bracelets even once at the wedding to remember the great common day. Continue reading

How to Wear Glasses and Jewelry

As fashion accessories, glasses are already more than mere Visual AIDS. They underline a look and belong to a perfect outfit such as the matching shoes or the correct shade of nail polish. Just as harmoniously, also the jewellery on the clothes and the glasses should be matched.

The Aim Is a Harmonious Appearance

Jewelry is the combination of gold and silver tones while in the meantime you are welcome to and produces exceptional bicolore jewelry pieces. However, is the wearing of gold jewelry to a silver-colored glasses rather than ugly, or even as a faux pas. The color of glasses should fit to the respective piece of jewelry. In the choice of earrings should care to be particularly, because they are worn in close proximity to the glasses. Rings or bracelets are, however, farther away and must be therefore somewhat extravagant. Rimless glasses can be more easily combined with regard to the color. Basically, it comes not only to the color of glasses and jewelry on, but also on their size and fashion style. It is regarded as so often: less is more. Continue reading

What Earrings Match Which Chain?

Earrings and necklace are a true classic among the jewelry combinations. Together, they form a triangle which emphasizes both face and decollete. The pieces of jewelry so form an optical force. Therefore, they should fit well together. But what earrings match the best to which chain? The Jeweller is the answer and shows how you properly combine necklace and earrings. Continue reading

Dreams with Gucci

Flowers and flowers, butterflies and bees – nature unfolds in the spring their potential with full force and ensuring a romantic flair and good mood! The Italian luxury brand Gucci captures the wakes and translates them into beautiful pieces. Flora – the name of the collection – plays with delicate flowers and glittering insects and can accept them in feminine pieces of jewellery form. In the choice of materials, Gucci relies on diamonds, coloured gemstones and 18 ct gold, colors are achieved by enamelled surfaces. Of course the classic characteristics of recognition should not be missed – in this case the characteristic Horsebit buckle, which blends harmoniously into the design. Continue reading

Note to me

Ariane Hartmann present.

Caught! If you thought, you can now get an insight into a very private message, you have made a mistake you unfortunately. The jewelry idea of Ariane Hartmann is anything but secret, but absolutely I want to share it with you!

The Düsseldorf and Hagen now based designer gave the floor to the customers in their collection “In the word” and stamping the request message in rings and necklaces from silver 935 or silver gold plated. If you have very much to say, finds rings in different widths, which consist of processed gold and silver strips, which are complete with stamped in the line “Themed design”. In jewellery “Stations”, written life motto is also crowned by a gem. Continue reading

Jewelry Ahoy!

Don’t worry, want to say not goodbye jewellery, we introduce you to some maritime inspirations for the day by the sea or at least for a relaxed urban holiday feeling. The main colors: Blue, white and Red!

Bah & Bell: Marina

Beka & Bell expanded the color spectrum in their Marina collection but a few more shades. The summer collection includes bracelets, necklaces and key chains, which come in the sailing rope look or are finished with freshwater pearls. Who wants to add a touch glamour, combines the best the bracelets and chokers Krispy faceted crystals. As additional accessory quickly another cloth from the new accessory line the trendy Beach look is set to – done! Continue reading

Summer, Sun, jewelry?

If the temperatures over 30 degrees climbing, rings suddenly no longer fit and the clock on the joint must be set slightly further. Earrings prove bathing suddenly impractical, large chains leave their contour when tanning. Summer and jewellery – is that actually? Continue reading

Statements in glass – jewelry novelties by Leonardo

All rain grey, the spring is reflected in cheerful colours. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips vying for the most beautiful colours and animate to do the same. If the budget for large color gemstone jewelry, the views of high-quality trend jewelry is worth. Continue reading

Fairtrade fairmined – jewelry by noën

Sustainability is the buzz word of the time – as well as in the jewelry in many areas of life. While it has become a matter of course, only after the Kimberley process to use certified diamonds – which are those where there are the official certificates of origin of the country of origin and that demonstrably do not serve to finance wars, as is the case with the so-called blood diamonds – the use of recycled and sustainably obtained precious metals is still in its infancy. Claudia and Malte Schindler have with their brand noën completely the ecological sustainability committed to. Continue reading

(Polka) Dots & pearls – jewelry by Tanja Friedrichs

To the point: jewelry designer of Tanja Frederick has a real soft spot for the dainty Pearl wire, in which small dots of gold or silver close to close ranks and result in a delicate and decorative image. From a sleek Gallery wire molds them airy balls, wide band rings and plain bangles, let him become ornaments or wrap themselves around. Suitable to the advertising character of the material she calls her collection therefore also “pure ornament”. The forms vary, and get a different character by new details again and again. Only the impression of delicacy remains. The pieces “Méridien de Pearl”, which combined the Perl wire with white freshwater pearls and dark Tahitian pearls belong to their latest creations. The dotted, airy jewelry cage underlines the elegance of the gleaming treasures which have the potential to the summer trend by 2015.

Filigranes with Pearl – Jewelry by Eva Strepp

Pearl jewelry can be quite classic, but also very modern. It can be difficult and opulent, large and striking or very delicate and filigree – like that of Eva Strepp.

The designer at leaves the freshwater and Tahitian pearls playful fine steel cables, take silver or gold square. The pieces on the body float effortlessly and almost weightless. Feminine and curved shapes give movement and give them their special ease. Eva Strepp only sparingly deploys beads and can they act like individually. Clean lines and simple, delicate forms highlight their beauty. The jewelry designer shows that good design must be anything but complicated. Continue reading

The spring beautiful made–jewelry ideas fresh green

Tulips and daffodils decorate the meadows, Magnolia Blossom and everywhere, fresh green sprouts – spring has arrived, despite the one or the other snowflake, which once again dared in the past few days on the Earth. A buoyant lightness moves with the spring, the Sun and warm temperatures. Not only nature is colorful, but also clothes and jewellery! We have chosen some lovely pieces of jewellery that bright and fresh green tones charm and cheerful guide us into the month of May. Continue reading

Jewelry and love

, Jewelry and love are a couple who like to together can be found. Without giving away love, a mere product and pure accessory makes jewelry from the gift. To make jewelry without love, let the pieces are quickly interchangeable … Continue reading

Bastian: Limited statement jewelry

The jewellery highlight Lilith by Bastian is a real eye-catcher. A wonderful necklace and bracelet, where are many pearls in curved paths elegantly strung created designer Lina Lundberg for Bastian. At the inhorgenta we were asked last weekend according to our estimate, how many of the small white beads threaded by hand includes the necklace. Well, what do you think? We were about 300 units a little under the correct number. Have you corrected your estimate for this information? Before we reveal the correct number, we tell you quickly that there will be Lilith in a limited edition of less than 50 pieces and only at selected jewelers. The statement jewelry is priced higher than the regular Bastian collection – but hey, finally you have also a very special piece! But now to the resolution: four hundred fifty beads are seductive shimmering in the necklace. If you want to count, a look, whether your Bastian dealer has one of the coveted jewels in the shop window …