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Collection Summer Capodarte

Capodarte-Collection Spring/Summer 2014

In times of releases of new collections, came the time of Capodarte announce what are your news for next season. The new collection of the brand come inspired by the beauty and sophistication of Italian jewelry, a luxury for your feet this summer.Check out: Continue reading

Lifestyle Sunday #106

He’s already there, the last Sunday in June. So it is now almost official, the first half of 2016 is rum. Was not so bad, right? Maybe in the second half you will also see something of the summer. Today, there are definitely stylish accessories and clothing, chic sneakers and a lot more. As always presented in a post, the Lifestyle Sunday! Continue reading

The Boots Are Stylish and Warm Feet

The winter of this year is more rainy than usual and, with so much water, there are shoes to protect the feet of molhadeira. But there is a tragically hip and fun way to stay dry: use galoshes. They no longer serve only to clean the yard, colors, prints and accessories to become fashion. Continue reading

Lindos Dresses Fashion Jeans

If you want to be beautiful and comfortably dressed for summer 2018, you need to complement your wardrobe with pieces like jeans dresses that arrive in the most varied cuts and formats, catering to all tastes and styles. Continue reading

You Have to Look Out for Oversized Shoes

Our feet are subjected to an enormous strain all day, which can affect the health of the whole body. For the well-being of your feet and joints good shoes are therefore mandatory. We have asked two experts for oversized shoes, what you need to look out for. Continue reading

Sandals with Ankle Straps: Models, Tips

Very feminine and sexy, the  sandals with ankle straps  promise to be a hit this season. This sandal has support at the heel and a strip-it can be more than one-that surrounds the ankle, in addition to having another one just above the fingers. In international fashion weeks, this model of sandals has already appeared in fashion shows of important footwear brands and here, it is already possible to find parts in several stores to buy. Here are tips for using this model: Continue reading

Summer Sneakers

For non-employed, the sneakers world can be seen as pure jungle. In a multitude of limited editions and design collaborations, it’s really a tough task to find the right model for their own style. To clarify the subject, Manolo has chosen his favorites for the season. Continue reading

Designer Sneakers 2.0

You who exclusively carries welted leather shoes from brands with the 200-year heritage and looking sneakers that “something for the tennis court” can stop reading now. This post will be about the right sneakers. Or even worse designer sneakers. Continue reading

5 Tips on Loafers

It is difficult with loafers, we should not deny. Though it is only a few footwear without laces.
You don’t want it to look like that if you put on a pair of loafers because they are “a couple of practical and comfortable shoes”. Then it can be just as bad as the loafers, or worse yet, a pair of sandals with socks in only a small notch better than slippers. Continue reading

Stefanel Collection Spring Summer

A casual style but taste great for a perfect urban-chic look. All spring clothes for everyday outifit comfortable but classy.

The lines are clean and essential ones that have made ​​the brand Stefanel one of the most appreciated and worn by women who want to be good manners without having to waive ‘flair. All elements that we find in the new S / S 2015 collection where sparkling colors like red, orange and blue blend perfectly with the soft colors and the essential black and white. One of the must-have is undoubtedly the red coat bon ton from structured volume, midi length with front pockets and V neck to give a more urban look to your gear.

Continue reading

Moccasin Is the Wildcard Winter Shoe

Remember When I Spoke Of The Strong Influence Of Male Style In Women’s Wardrobe, Especially In Tailoring Clothes?The Same Goes For Shoes. Continue reading

Models of Espadrilles

The alpargata, is a unisex footwear that can be of cloth or canvas and rubber sole or rope. Its origin date of Spain and France and was exclusively used by employees. In the Decade of 80 emerged as a trend but soon got sideways, back again around the year 2010 with new collections and many models. Continue reading

Skate Protective Gear: Meet Essential Tools to Practice Sport Safely

Helmet, knee pads, gloves and appropriate clothing can prevent serious accidents for those who practice the sport Continue reading

Skate Skateboard Models to Enjoy This Fun

For women who also enjoy good sporting moments, there are many models of skateboarding that can be used to create urban and super stripped looks in a modern and elegant trend. Continue reading

Use the Bike in Winter

With the arrival of autumn, and the winter there at the door, many bicycles tend to lie in a corner, waiting for spring.  But it does not have to be this way. Whether you use your bike for leisure, sports or in a utility context, as a means of transportation, you can continue pedaling even on cold or rainy days. With small adjustments to your usual equipment, you will see that it is a simple thing after all and that even in winter you do not need to take so many times in the car. Continue reading

About Low Shoes

The scoops are an obvious part of the wardrobe. But choosing from the models is a lot more difficult question. Manolo has listed the five most common and how they are best combined. Continue reading

5 X Sneakers

Certainly, we have a penchant for rugged shoes in leather and suede here at Manolo but as spring approaches seriously, there is definitely the opportunity to review more available options in the forest. For a pair of light cotton trousers, jeans or why not shorts on holiday, sneakers often make excellent for a comfortable and free style. Continue reading

Nike Women’s Air Max Shoes, Comfort and Performance

Nowadays, when it comes to running and practicing physical exercises, year is worse than uncomfortable shoes, is not it? Continue reading

Phantom Leap:Learn All about Shoe that Has Enthralled Wome

Women are capable of many things, but the vast majority of them are not able to give up using a nice high-heeled shoe. Although research and more research declare the harm caused by this attachment, there is no one to take the head of the women will use the high balance. Continue reading

Wedding Photos Part 1: Great Photo Motifs

Without wedding photos it does not go. That is clear. Therefore, we would like to start with a small series of contributions the topic “wedding photos”. In this part, it is supposed to be great motifs. Of course, snapshots and photos of the bride and groom are essential. But also other motifs give wonderful memories of the wedding and the subsequent wedding celebration. One or the other will see these photos as small works of art. Continue reading

Considerations on Cutting Edge Slippers

Hello, Ballet lovers! You asked, and we’re preparing a new space devoted to the slippers of tips! This is a long subject, and that is why we will divide it into some posts so it does not get tiresome. The idea is to have a handy and easy guide for all ballerinas who will start strengthening jobs with the tips, and for curious in general. After all, information is always welcome, isn’t it?

Continue reading

Learn how to Choose the Height of the Heel

Every vain woman knows the power of high  heels. It leaves the body slimmer, enhances the legs and ensures a sweeping look. But shoe height is a point that divides opinions when it comes to health. Continue reading

Children’s Boots, Search by Quality

To encourage young children in sport by providing them with more health, the children’s boot is an accessory that will contribute a lot, if the favorite sport is soccer, but to ensure the greatest comfort in practicing the most practiced sport in the world, need to be well-worn. Continue reading

Heels under Mini-Trampoline Amount to Lymphatic Drainage

Compared with the body massage, Power Jump brings better results by high contraction of muscles, as well as promote a loss of 700 calories per class of writing exercises that combine lymphatic drainage, resistance and high movements contraction of muscles of the legs. This is the Power Jump, gymnastics program of Body Systems, accomplished with jumps […] Continue reading