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Glamour in Cannes (2)

All in gold sparkled Naomi Campbell on the red carpet in Cannes. The jewellery by de Grisogono was perfectly matched to her dress and gave even more glamour to the supermodel. Seeing this, the negative headlines are quickly forgotten about her excessive temperament. On May 22 the British model and actress celebrates her 40th birthday by the way. Continue reading

Glamour at Cannes (1)

Before the Cannes Film Festival were opened two days and already there are the first images of the red carpet. Beautiful dresses and glamorous jewelry make women’s hearts beat faster and will take you into another world. We would lose many words, but showing at this point Eva Longoria with precious gems by de Grisogono: Continue reading

Exhibition: Maharaja – splendor of the Indian Princes

Many ideas come from talking out where everyday problems will be addressed. As the Swiss, he met César de Trey on an India travel on British officers, they complained, that their watches at the polo match offer inadequate protection. De Trey told Jacques-David LeCoultre thereof affiliated 1931 introduced the first Reverso. The Clou: the turning clock is equipped with a rotating case, whose Unterseite can be turned upwards. As a result, the watch glass is protected. The back has space for engravings, artistic enamels, the views of the movement or a second dial. Continue reading

Temporary JLC boutique in Munich

Jürgen Bestian, Andrea Sawatzki, Bernd Keil (from left)

Boutique on time open second Jaeger-LeCoultre from today until July 24 in Munich its doors. For the temporary luxury shopping, the branch of the jeweler Bucherer in the wine road was rebuilt. The business looks like now for a week by the façade up to the complete interior of a Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique. More than 80 clock models are offered for sale. While all lines in various designs are represented including Reverso, master, Memovox, Duomètre, AMVOX, and Atmos. Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie jewelry watches and exclusive highlights from the are also presented and can be purchased without the usual long delivery times. The smallest movement in the world, developed in 1929 in the manufactory calibre 101 is available together with a caliber case with 40 different movements in an exhibition to the view. The temporary boutique was announced today by the actress and brand Ambassador Andrea Sawatzki together with Jürgen Bestian, Jaeger-LeCoultre General Manager for Northern Europe, and Bern wedge, head of business opened by jeweler Bucherer in wine Street in Munich. Opening hours: 16 – 24.07.2010, MO – SA 10:00 – 19:00.

Alchemists in the Galerie Slavik

, The Vienna’s Galerie Slavik introduces the jewelry fall on October 20 with an exhibition of young graduates of the Alchimia in Florence. It will be also works of Italian jewelry artist Lucia Massei, at the same time former Professor of the Florentine School of experimental and contemporary jewellery and design, to see. Traditional materials such as gold and silver, as well as modern materials are incorporated in the work of international artists, which include Yoko Shimizu, Eugenia Ingegno, Marzia Rossi, Margherita de Martino Norantes, Eunjae Baek, Siri Kvalfoss and Silvie Altschuler. High contrast and vibrant, Transparetes, mysterious, are fantasy and humorous until 7 November under the title „ Lucia Massei and the Alchemist “ exhibited at the Galerie Slavik. Continue reading

Munichtime in the Bavarian court

Is for the second time at Hotel „ Bayerischer Hof “ held in Munich (30.10 up 1.11) a show of valuable and complicated watches. Many exhibitors are present on 1400 square metres. Including also the Swatchgruppe and the Richemont group. Last year, the event on the, there is however no sale, had attracted about 7000 fans.

Retrospective David Watkins in the jewellery Museum Pforzheim

Jewelry by David Watkins. Photos: David Watkins and Michael Hallson

the jewellery Museum Pforzheim invites you to a special exhibition from 24 July to 18 October, which deals with the creative work of the British jewelry artist David Watkins. In the retrospective, visitors can trace the different stages in the design and the variety of materials and techniques. As a virtuoso, playing the jewelry artist with ideas, evolving it. His devotion to music is certainly formative for his handling of the materials and the implementation of his designs, because David Watkins is not only jewellery artist and sculptor, but also jazz pianist. He transmits the possibilities of improvisation and free jazz design on his jewelry work and gives his pieces so that a comfortable, artistic ease. Portable, large sculptures, strict and minimalist shapes, colour and expressiveness, gold and classic Goldsmith techniques identify its different creative periods. Who would like to see the works of the artist, who worked from 1984 to 2006 as Professor of metal design and decoration at the Royal College of art in London, in natura, has starting tomorrow until October 18 at the jewellery Museum Pforzheim the opportunity. Continue reading

Panel discussion on the subject of procurement of spare parts

In the context of Midora Leipzig (05. 07.09) a panel discussion turns on fair Sunday the problem „ spare parts – the clocks stop ticking? „. Moderator Horst Eberhardt, Executive Director of the Association for watches, jewelry and time measurement technology will gather here representatives from industry, trade, crafts and policy round table to discuss this issue of vital importance. So far have pledged their participation: Continue reading

Tribute to the reunited Berlin

In the jeweler easy at the Hotel Adlon Hanspeter and Eva Wellendorff presented a gold ring in a limited edition as a tribute to the reunited Berlin together with the couple of light. Among the guests at the opening of the joint annex which were Ambassador France, Great Britain and Switzerland, and actor wife Natascha Ochsenknecht, Dressage Rider Nicole Uphoff and Berlin BMW head Hans Reiner Schröder.

Exhibition in Leipzig: caught up

Exhibition caught up, 18.8.-31.10.09, Gallery Mangold

Issue: Antje Godglück, Katrin Heinrich, Susanne Kunz, Sofia Schaffshausen stone, Eva Simsheuser, Beatrice Ruhle, Mandy Rasch and Alexander Vohswinkel. Continue reading on the art and culture mile Zwickau

To the Zwickau art & culture mile on August 15 of the online shop will be represented with a stand. The visitors of sweet cream meringues in the form of rings and Lakritzschnecken for the neck and ears can directly in front of the Department store John (design: Tanja Hartmann) be seduced. Colourful geometric gems of aperitif Switzerland, elegant Silver jewelry by Tezer design and extraordinary creations of other designers give an insight into the wide range of contemporary jewellery creation. Continue reading

Goldsmiths courses in Wiesbaden

You want to realize their own ideas or are a very special and unique gift? Goldsmiths & Manufactory Krumpholz from Wiesbaden Goldsmith courses organised again this year. You will learn how even modern machining methods in addition to the basics and the ancient goldsmithing techniques. Prior experience not required. The course fee of 180 euros per person includes Tombak and nickel Silver even sterling silver. Other precious metals will be calculated separately. A course includes 4 nights from 6 pm to 9 pm. The maximum number of participants 6 persons is limited, you should quickly sign up for an appointment. The dates and other information can be found on the Web page of the goldsmiths & Manufactory Krumpholz.

Young Cellini for the 2nd time on the MIDORA

Image: Wikipedia

They come from Germany, Austria and Italy, and imagine the audience with a total of 148 pieces of jewellery on the Midora Leipzig (05. 07.09). Europe’s highest endowed prize was this year under the motto „ is colorful jewelry, Opal jewelry “ and was silversmiths and jewellers have been awarded for the third time by the Central Association of the German goldsmiths. „ We have built no restrictions, everyone can let his imagination run free – only Opal has a role to play. We will see interesting and new approaches in the opal processing “ Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb, President of the umbrella organization says. Continue reading

Tradition and modernity, Oriental folk jewellery in the change

, The new exhibition at the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau offers also an ethnological lesson about the aesthetic enjoyment. Jewelry as a status symbol or lucky charms, jewelry and symbolism, determination and magical meaning. The exhibition will be shown until September 19, the informal accompanying texts provide information about the meaning and purpose of the 300 displayed exhibits of bride – and head jewelry bracelet and finger rings to amulets, crosses, belts and ceremonial weapons.

Annenberg diamond will be auctioned

On October 21 is the so-called „ Annenberg diamond “ on the New York gem auction by Christie ’ s auctioned. It is a flawless diamond of 32,01 carats, which is drawn in a ring, designed by the jeweler David Webb. He owes its name (Lee) Leonore Annenberg, former Sommerlath in the Reagan administration. Her husband Walter Annenberg was an ambitious collector of art, he gave his Impressionist collection as a gift to the Metropolitan Museum 2002.

10 Tips for Fun and Useful Wedding Souvenirs

The memories should be one of the points discussed carefully while preparing for your wedding. There are several types of items that can be used to make your guests keep a memory of that special moment. Knowing how to choose the right one for your party is also a way to make it even more special. Continue reading

How to Make Your Eyebrows Perfect for the Big Day

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Magic Motto Wedding Cards with Forest Fairy and Elves

Holla die Waldfee: Mademoiselle Fée takes us today to an intimate and in front of us humans actually hidden marriage in the heart of a fairy forest. With magical decoration, seductive sweets and a romantic atmosphere that is not quite of this world.

When a forest fairy marries a forest elf, a very special spell resonates.
Be there when the fairy Liloé and the Elf Finleón give the yes-word. Continue reading

The Wedding Planner to Reduce the Wedding Costs

In this article, you will learn about the tasks of a wedding planner, how to find a good wedding planner and what this service costs. Continue reading

Naked Cake Instructions

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Contraceptive Selene – Price, Fatten, Forgot to Take

Price of contraceptive Selene, if you get fat and what to do you forgot to take Continue reading

The Four Toys that Promised Success in Christmas

When did the trousseau of Leo, some toys, for me, were the must-have. I had, because I was, because I had to buy. Listened to what my friends were talking about–your children loved passion–and there was certain that Leo would also fall in love.

But it wasn’t like that. Some famous and well known toys that appeal very baby around, here at home have not made the least success. Continue reading

World Rock Day: Rock ‘N’ Roll Music


Much more than a musical style, today rock is considered a lifestyle, an influence in the world of fashion and synonymous with pure attitude.

Today is the world day of rock and we will tell a little more of the history of this contagious musical genre that has been winning more and more listeners and how it has influenced so many fashionistas. Let’s meet? Continue reading

This Selfie Shows How Insane the”Oversizes” Are

This shopping experience is currently causing a stir in the Internet-and rightly so! For what Ruth Clemens from Leeds had now passed at H&M, we should all be interested.  The young British girl was looking for a new pair of jeans and reached a lowered model in size 42. The Selfie,which she then made in the dressing room, shows the disaster: the pants are much too tight and can not be closed , although Ruth is anything but overweight. Continue reading