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Works by Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen in silver and parchment

Under the motto „ jewelry sculptures “ to see about 80 exhibits over 40 years jewellery design from Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen in the silver Hall of the German Goldsmith House until January 17. The artist’s work is characterized by his growing affinity for the Japanese culture. Also, his experimentation with the dynamics and agility gives its objects plays an important role. His jewelry sculptures or also by him often as „ soul sign “ in the sense
a constantly varying picture show named by subliminal messages, by the motion of the wearer. Continue reading

Jewelblog fair calendar 2010

The following trade fair calendar does not claim to be exhaustive, nor can we guarantee that all data. He is thought of us as a service and can be subscribed via this link with Sunbird, Outlook or ICal. If data has changed or missing please leave us a note in the comments.

Hugo Boss fashion show

Jeannine is today in Berlin fashion week and guest at the „ boss black fashion show fall / winter 2010 ″ by Hugo Boss. Who wants to watch the show on the PC I put the the live stream from 20:30 at the heart. Maybe, yes the one or the other Jeannine in the audience recognizes.

How color is black?

The Berlin fashion week is over and I had the great fortune to be able to be on the Hugo Boss show. As I reported from a jewelry manufacturer for the rest of the week, he wished (with tongue in cheek) „ fun in the arguably more colorful fashion world “. But the fashion world is really more colorful than those of jewelry? My answer is clear: no – it is just visible. While a variety of glossy magazines – including significant representatives such as Vogue, Elle, and Madame – the latest fashion trends devote, catwalk pictures show and introduce the next season must-haves, jewellery and watches are usually only a supporting role and are listed rather than an accessory. Special interest magazines like the jewelry magazine and the SUE (jewelry watches gems) have only a low degree of popularity, is only the attention to man watches – not only in journals – quite high. Continue reading

Heideman – Ars gratia Artis

On the occasion of Ambiente 2010 (from the 12.02. till 16.02.2010 in Frankfurt), Heideman presented new products with a feminine exclusive language of forms. Lavender, champagne, Peridot, embedded in contrasting black correspond harmoniously with the surface of the precious metal. The heart of the high-quality ensemble is the new ring system “Alterna” with its countless combination options. The stainless steel rings can be perfectly adapt to any outfit. Simple, but with the right spirit, it brings back the passion. All this combined with a design that provides the best framework for that, what you see at first glance and can also feel. Continue reading

Dazzling performance to Valentine’s day

Which crowns a declaration of love more than a beautiful piece of jewelry? On occasions, where it comes to love, jewelry is a gladly-seen (and secretly, perhaps even desired) present. The next appointment, the lovers should not miss is the 14 February – Valentines day!

For all those who are late, jewelry stores offer until almost last a wide selection of jewelry in all price ranges.  Almost last because Valentine’s day falls this year on a Sunday. Note: at gas stations there are not really beautiful, individual and personal gifts! Continue reading

Skillful handling of Mokume-Gane

Who ever wanted to know, what you can do with the over 300-year-old Japanese metal processing technology, and how to process the material, which should definitely not the Mokume-Gane workshop from October 26 to 29 C. Hafner in Pforzheim Miss. Mokume (wood grain) Gane (metal) is created by the layers welding of thin plates of different Nonferrous and precious metals. Working with the metals is extremely difficult. So must be taken into consideration in the processing of a surface on the metal composition and the number of metal layers. Must be taken for example, how much the sheet metal for further processing into length and width will warp, when and how much should be annealed and to deal with cracks and injury of the metal. Under the guidance of experienced speakers Norbert Rentschler, the participants will learn to master the material. In addition to create finished work, can be taken home many tricks and tips.

Best time of year for the creative young

On the Ussifa Hamburg (10-12.9.2010) 16 apprentices of professional school Steinhauer dam show their skills on the topic of „ seasons “. Thus also the 44th Edition of watch and jewellery trade fair in the North in the MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen welcomes the Hanseatic Goldschmiedenachwuchs.Im decorative frames work will be presented to the trade fair visitors and presented. Visitors of Ussifa Hamburg must Crown the winners of the 2nd Ussifa newcomer Award from these jewelry pieces. As a small thank you a little surprise will be raffled among all those who have submitted their votes. The newcomer Award with material donations is supported by Berckwerk, MW gems Martin being Kamp/Isabelle von Hörde GbR and slate & co.

In search of the spirit of the times

The new trend seminar of the USE – education centre in Pforzheim makes it possible to take a look into the future. Without any view of the glass ball or clairvoyant before talent, the seminar takes a look at the fashion trends of the coming up to one and a half years. While on the following topics: Continue reading

Who has the most beautiful showcase in the country?

The JRG jewellery relations group calls for a Schaufensterdekorations contest. Can participate in all jewelers, goldsmiths, jewellery and watches stores, which themed in their shop Windows with motifs and headlines from the the JRG campaign „ jewelry is? “ decorate. To give ideas how stylish and at the same time economical decorations can look, the Hamburg-based decorator Wolfram Bekker in the industry worlds Pforzheim has three storefronts on the topics of poetry stylish and designed feeling. The decoration Pro Wolfram Bekker is a lecturer at USE gemstones watches jewelry education centre Pforzheim. Themes, mottos and motives as a stimulus to the window dressing participant will receive direct and free the finished print data CD from the the JRG. Deadline for submission is 31 August. Midora Leipzig are presented all contest submissions on a billboard. Visitors will be prompted to choose of the best subject per ballot. The ten window dressings with JRG come motifs that can unite the most popular vote in the final round of the competition. An expert jury judged the ten contestants in the final round and selects the three Grand Prize winners. First prize is 1000, the second with 500 and third place with 250 euro praise from.

The Goldsmith as a brand

How can permanently assert themselves the goldsmith in the regional market – even in times where the money the customer not loose? A panel of experts looking for answers to the Midora Leipzig (4 to 6 September). The Panel discussion on fair Sunday’s motto is „ the Goldsmith, with his trademark “. Sitting at the podium: Rainer Abeler (Managing Director Carl Engelkemper), Hans J. Wiegleb (President of the Central Association of German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewelers), Raphael Fischer (Chairman of European Academy of jewelry stores, gold – and silversmiths, FBZ Ahlen) and Monika Schlösser (editor-in-chief editorial watches market internally Verlag). The presenter takes over Hans Ulrich Jagemann, his character Guild champion Brandenburg and colleague in a rather underdeveloped region. „ With the Panel discussion, we wish to encourage the goldsmiths in the region to establish her name as a brand “, Raphael Fischer says his father Werner Fischer in the Westphalian Ahlen and in the region the term, „ gold fishing “ is known. That a brand is promote sales, no one will argue. But how can the Goldsmith brand leading in attack and control? Should he sell, for example, other brands, and if so to what extent, so that its offer rather than any perceived? Answers will give the expert discussion.

50s fashion jewelry

One of the most prestigious fashion jewelry companies worldwide was the company Henkel & large, including 50 years produced by Bijou for Christian Dior. In addition, company high-quality fashion jewelry under the brand name great in the form of brooches, necklaces, earrings in colored playful flower shapes, suitable for the typical petticoat skirts and tops with narrow waist underlined figure came from the Pforzheim. Different sets in different price classes for an as broad as possible buyers emerged from this fashion jewelry. After the long collaboration with Dior the company has risen in 2005 in the same group. The jewels of Henkel & large stood throughout his life for contemporary design and technical innovation. Buildings such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or the Primavera Gallery in New York have the models in their collection recorded. Continue reading

Midora 2010

As you know they surely were Jeannine and I also this year again on the Midora Leipzig. Jeannine has made yesterday to have a small article and I want to make here today just a few photos of Midora online so that even the ones that might not be on the ground, get an impression of the charm of the show. Continue reading

Imperial valuables of the Habsburgs

They were a medium of presentation and power conservation. You should radiate to their owners and increase their viewing. By the 03.12.2010 – 13.02.2011 shows the jewellery Museum Pforzheim in cooperation with the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna the Imperial valuables of the Vienna Chamber of art. In addition to the insignia, the exhibition presents valuable and delicate jewellery, intricately handcrafted vessels and works of art from exotic materials. They are all from the heyday in the Chambers of wonder in the late Renaissance and Baroque and the possession of Emperor Rudolf II and Empress Maria Theresia.

How to Choose Your Bike Helmet?

Few people would choose to travel in a car without the seat belt. So why ride your bike without a helmet? Helmets should always be worn, in any situation, whether on the weekend, on your mountain bike, or on your way to the office. Continue reading

Large middle ages exhibition at the 800 anniversary of the Cathedral

800 anniversary of the Magdeburg Cathedral the cultural history museum shows the dawn of art in the Gothic style in Magdeburg from 31 August to 6 December in eight sections with 400 exhibits. Including the model figurine for a foolish Virgin, considered the only sculpture of the 13th century in connection with a major figure in the same place. Worth seeing also the religious art in the form of equipment decorated with gold and jewels.

Midora Leipzig 2009

Press Photo Midora 2009

04-07.09.2009 gourmet took place in Leipzig, Germany in addition to the Cadeaux, the Comfortex and the Le also the fair Midora. Compared to the previous year, fewer exhibitors found their way to Leipzig and so also the expectations of the trade visitors were more subdued. However showed a surprising image contrary to expectations in the run-up to the polls among the exhibitors, there was talk of a good to very good Messeergebniss, and 80% of the exhibitors have already agreed to participate for 2010. „ Of course, the exhibitors showed different results. Participation for companies that consistently edit the local market for many years has paid off. But also some new exhibitors who wanted to explore only the market, were impressed by the fair “, as Project Director Andreas Zachlod. Also the framework programme was used by the present trade visitors, the Forum met with special interest in „ multi function watches “ as well as the Panel discussion on the topic to which there will be still a separate article. Continue reading

CEM autumn exhibition offers attractive shopping

, The CEM autumn exhibition of Engelkemper by September 14, 11.09.2009 until 2009 will present the latest collections for the second half of the year. With this on the company Gehder from Bremen (Shopfitting), the company Friedrich in Schwanstetten (jewelry case and watch boxes), as well as the company Klein from Pforzheim (watch measurement). Generous payment terms and trade fair discounts make profitable shopping. As a framework programme, a variety show of the extra class serves visitors shopping Saturday.

Midora: Panel discussion „ multi function watches “

As a framework programme of this year’s Midora was a panel discussion on the topic „ the future of the multi function watch in the German market “ instead. The science journalist and founder of VoxMundi Media Institute Cologne, Peter Welchering, acted as moderator. As podium guests, Andreas FiliuS FiliuS time design, Norbert Jensen discussed Joachim Zorn watches anger in Würzburg, from closer & Jensen, Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb President of the Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers e.V. and Joachim Gottschalk by Timex. Continue reading

Precious – jewellery, pleasure, way of life

Gets the industry with „ treasures – jewellery, pleasure, way of life “ a new public exhibition at the trade fair site of Idar-Oberstein. From November 27 to 29 presents the end user the Idar-Obersteiner gemstone industry in addition to companies with other treasures and invites to the see, try and buy. Another major attraction will be working Christmas market, as well as the framework programme with show, information, and entertainment with the Obersteiner.

Preparation of the next auction

For the next gem auction on November 17 in Geneva prospective buyers of the House gem experts can carry out free the estimate of their valuables. For Germany, this is both possible in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

USSIFA Hamburg 2009

On the 43rd Ussifa from 11 until 13.09.2009, your specialist dealer about the latest watch and jewelry collections from over 100 exhibitors can inform. In addition to the exhibitors, a framework programme with the new innovation platform is „ creation meets innovation “ as well as the „ boys Cellini “ available. The first Ussifa lauded award under the Hanseatic trainees. The winners are chosen by visitors automatically participate in a raffle by their vote. To win, there is a merchandise voucher of company Manuela car or two Jacques LeMans watches.

Trade fairs in autumn jewelry

Just in time for the colder season numerous trade fairs on the program, showing recent trends in the jewellery and watch sector are around the globe again. Many of them are unfortunately subject to only the audience, but look more closely and can discover the one or the other exhibition access granted also the interested consumer. These include for example the millionaire fairs, for which not even the proof must be submitted, that it belongs to the upper ten thousand. So can hungrily look at magnificent jewels and luxury goods for the average citizen and get closer to the dream of the money for a moment. Continue reading

Fashion Munich 2009

Which takes place from August 15 to 18 at the Praterinsel Munich „ in fashion Munich “ instead. Primarily fashion and accessories-oriented, there are also some designers and exhibitors from the jewellery sector. For example the co-organizer Andrea Frahm, who will present your collection.