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Large middle ages exhibition at the 800 anniversary of the Cathedral

800 anniversary of the Magdeburg Cathedral the cultural history museum shows the dawn of art in the Gothic style in Magdeburg from 31 August to 6 December in eight sections with 400 exhibits. Including the model figurine for a foolish Virgin, considered the only sculpture of the 13th century in connection with a major figure in the same place. Worth seeing also the religious art in the form of equipment decorated with gold and jewels.

Midora Leipzig 2009

Press Photo Midora 2009

04-07.09.2009 gourmet took place in Leipzig, Germany in addition to the Cadeaux, the Comfortex and the Le also the fair Midora. Compared to the previous year, fewer exhibitors found their way to Leipzig and so also the expectations of the trade visitors were more subdued. However showed a surprising image contrary to expectations in the run-up to the polls among the exhibitors, there was talk of a good to very good Messeergebniss, and 80% of the exhibitors have already agreed to participate for 2010. „ Of course, the exhibitors showed different results. Participation for companies that consistently edit the local market for many years has paid off. But also some new exhibitors who wanted to explore only the market, were impressed by the fair “, as Project Director Andreas Zachlod. Also the framework programme was used by the present trade visitors, the Forum met with special interest in „ multi function watches “ as well as the Panel discussion on the topic to which there will be still a separate article. Continue reading

CEM autumn exhibition offers attractive shopping

, The CEM autumn exhibition of Engelkemper by September 14, 11.09.2009 until 2009 will present the latest collections for the second half of the year. With this on the company Gehder from Bremen (Shopfitting), the company Friedrich in Schwanstetten (jewelry case and watch boxes), as well as the company Klein from Pforzheim (watch measurement). Generous payment terms and trade fair discounts make profitable shopping. As a framework programme, a variety show of the extra class serves visitors shopping Saturday.

Midora: Panel discussion „ multi function watches “

As a framework programme of this year’s Midora was a panel discussion on the topic „ the future of the multi function watch in the German market “ instead. The science journalist and founder of VoxMundi Media Institute Cologne, Peter Welchering, acted as moderator. As podium guests, Andreas FiliuS FiliuS time design, Norbert Jensen discussed Joachim Zorn watches anger in Würzburg, from closer & Jensen, Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb President of the Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers e.V. and Joachim Gottschalk by Timex. Continue reading

Precious – jewellery, pleasure, way of life

Gets the industry with „ treasures – jewellery, pleasure, way of life “ a new public exhibition at the trade fair site of Idar-Oberstein. From November 27 to 29 presents the end user the Idar-Obersteiner gemstone industry in addition to companies with other treasures and invites to the see, try and buy. Another major attraction will be working Christmas market, as well as the framework programme with show, information, and entertainment with the Obersteiner.

Preparation of the next auction

For the next gem auction on November 17 in Geneva prospective buyers of the House gem experts can carry out free the estimate of their valuables. For Germany, this is both possible in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

USSIFA Hamburg 2009

On the 43rd Ussifa from 11 until 13.09.2009, your specialist dealer about the latest watch and jewelry collections from over 100 exhibitors can inform. In addition to the exhibitors, a framework programme with the new innovation platform is „ creation meets innovation “ as well as the „ boys Cellini “ available. The first Ussifa lauded award under the Hanseatic trainees. The winners are chosen by visitors automatically participate in a raffle by their vote. To win, there is a merchandise voucher of company Manuela car or two Jacques LeMans watches.

Trade fairs in autumn jewelry

Just in time for the colder season numerous trade fairs on the program, showing recent trends in the jewellery and watch sector are around the globe again. Many of them are unfortunately subject to only the audience, but look more closely and can discover the one or the other exhibition access granted also the interested consumer. These include for example the millionaire fairs, for which not even the proof must be submitted, that it belongs to the upper ten thousand. So can hungrily look at magnificent jewels and luxury goods for the average citizen and get closer to the dream of the money for a moment. Continue reading

Fashion Munich 2009

Which takes place from August 15 to 18 at the Praterinsel Munich „ in fashion Munich “ instead. Primarily fashion and accessories-oriented, there are also some designers and exhibitors from the jewellery sector. For example the co-organizer Andrea Frahm, who will present your collection.

TeNo looking jewelry model for OLI Petzsokat

Jewelry wearers beware: the Pforzheim jewellery and watchmaker TeNo searches for the Schmuckshooting 2011 a female model that presents the modern Designpreziosen of the company on the side of OLI Petzsokat. Who feels called to the photo shoot and like to want to be olis model partner, can apply until 30 November, There are of course a few a few framework conditions: the candidate should be between 18 and 30 years old, be photogenic, and add a brief introduction, a photo or video to their online application. The winner of the competition not only a professional photo shoot and an exciting day with OLI Petzsokat, but also TeNo waiting for pieces of jewelry worth 1,000 euros. For further information there is in the TeNo blog and on

Advent calendar: Preview of the 02.12.2010

Slightly more than 8 hours you will have more time to get 1st win in our this year’s advent calendar. Read the article, go on the manufacturer’s website, where you will find the solution to our winning game question and write the answer as a comment under the blog post. All comments will be collected and published tomorrow following the announcement of the winner. Who has not won, need not despair: among all participants be ours at the end of advent calendar nor other prizes raffled off and every day there’s a new chance of great daily rates. You can see what day price there tomorrow to win, in the frontispiece of this article. Have fun at the join!


Door 01: Won …

Was the answer to our advent calendar question yesterday: the dwarf is on the Web site of the manufacturer in the colors „ red “ and „ green “ to see. Any comment which is qualified for the draw the solution so „ red & green “ is. Continue reading

Door 02: Won …

The draw for door number 2 is finished and all correct answers threw out the comment 19 us. Congratulations to Dominique to the great Baisier ring by Tanja Hartmann! Please send your postal address so that we can quickly send your winnings you. And please send us a photo if you have received your price who won not trying best happiness in our today’s contest by Lacoste. Even the Preview on our super great price of day of morning can be found in the frontispiece of this article. We wish all readers have fun and good luck!


Door 03: Won …

Apparently the solution of our small riddle was more difficult than anticipated, but the correct solution is: „ sportswear “. At door number 3, we have recorded so far most of the participants. From all players, with comment number 20 has drawn us the winner. Congratulations to „ SterneundMeer “! Send us but please your address so that we can send you your winnings. For those who did not win, Don’t despair, something special is switzerland of aperitif in the today’s door. And as always, you can find the preview of our tomorrow’s door in the frontispiece to this article. Have fun at the join and all again good luck!


Preview of the 06.12.2010 – Part 1

Nicholas tomorrow, there are 3 different texts and 3 different competitions and also 3 different gains. To win all 3, you must therefore also participate in all 3 competitions. A little anticipation to be, you can see the preview of one of the prizes of tomorrow in this article. 2. Preview comes slightly later, with the announcement of the winner of our day, the 3rd preview comes sometime in the late afternoon.

Doors 04: Won …

Love Ellen, we congratulate you! Your comment with the number 17 had the right solution „ tie clips “ and was chosen randomly by So, did you win the daily prize behind door number 4 and may be happy now on the trailer semi-circle with the motif of Barbarella in stainless steel gold plated including a snake necklace in stainless steel by alcove switzerland. Please your address to us so that we can quickly send your winnings you and please remember the photos of your profit for our gallery. Continue reading

1 winner photo

Please send us your own photos by winning every winner if the profit is arrived. The winner of door number 1, the Earrings by doll up sisters, has sent us this photo where they the „ Angel “ bears.  We welcome huge and eagerly waiting for the other winning photos the frontispiece of this article is the last preview on the profits of tomorrow’s advent calendar at the same time. Tomorrow’s, 3 articles, and hence 3 is profits. We wish you all lots of fun at the join!

Design for all!

Last weekend was devoted to the art and product design. Jewelry and device, ceramics, arts, fashion, furniture and much, much more could be seen from October 23 to 25 in the Leipzig City Centre and also bought. At the same time Grassi exhibition and designer ‘ open had the goals of all interested parties. They had to stand in part even snake. Continue reading

Red like love

Hearts and roses everywhere you look. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the symbolic messengers remember in almost any business, that which or the love should be presented. Who do not implement the following suggestions made by time or lack of money can do, which we would like to remind on the power of words – as a song, poem or just that simple, but honestly meant „ I love you “. Continue reading

JewelBlog tweets from the inhorgenta

Tomorrow morning it goes on for the editorial staff of the JewelBlog to the inhorgenta 2010 in Munich. Previously, Jeannine and I meet more friends and from Friday, we are then represented at the inhorgenta. During this time, we will Tweet at hopefully short intervals, the most recent of the inhorgenta in Munich in 2010. Who would like to remain so up to date I put our Twitter account „ Bridgat “ to the heart. Just follow the Bridgat on Twitter and get the latest information.

Inhorgenta 2010: Twitter log – day 1

Yesterday 1 of the inhorgenta 2010 has the Editorial Board of the following Bridgat tweeted:

By the way, once again: our Livefeed can be followed on Twitter. So one is always up to date

Inhorgenta 2010: Twitter log – day 2

Today, now the Twitter-history of day 2 of the inhorgenta 2010 yesterday. As I said, who wants to be current which can on Twitter follow us …

Inhorgenta 2010: Twitter log – day 3

We are now finally back now 4 days inhorgenta. Tomorrow, we will probably only once to sort the press kits and then slowly move to the day-to-day business. Here now for the first time the Twitterlog of day 3 of the inhorgenta 2010:

Trends for 2010 – an attempt

What are the jewelry and watch trends 2010? Sort by four inhorgenta and two days impressions this question can still always not easily answered. Carsten has the lecture „ trends in fashion and jewelry “ Shima Schüch Schamburek heard and recorded the following via Twitter: white, 3 dimensional, red gold, white gold, transformation, quality. I have run it later best even closer