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Showers For Bathrooms, A Good Choice

Always we talk about the need to win meters in the interiors of our homes and the need to save meters using our decorations only the necessary elements. And in the bathroom there is an element with which we can win many meters: the shower. Continue reading

10 Basic Tips to Illuminate Your Home

Did you know that light can do to make your home look more attractive and better decorated? Not only lighting is important to perform your daily tasks, also is the basis to make your home look incredible.

Follow these 10 tips to have a light that really lights up your home! Continue reading

The Perfect Tea Party

Today I want to tell you the story of a perfect tea party. Yes and where stories begin normally? Right at the beginning. Continue reading

Lyrics As Featured in an Apartment of 50 M ²

I don’t know about you, but to me every day I like most of the letters in the decorating. Large print to put in some strategic place home, loose or bundled together. In the apartment of today lyrics are the highlight. Continue reading

Trip and Rain Combine?…

When we drove certainly the last thing we want is a rainy day, dark, which we can’t even walk right on the street, or hitting good shots, right? Well, let’s just say the best is that it is a beautiful day of sunshine, but rain on our travels was never an obstacle to ride and enjoy. I decided to write here on the blog a few basic tips on how to enjoy your trip when St. Peter doesn’t cooperate. Continue reading

Recipe: Thai Fish & Thai Curry with Fish

Looking For Something Spicy From Asia? Our Thai Fish Curry Is Spiced With Fresh Ginger And Red Hot Peppers.

Fresh ingredients and exotic spices – the Asian cuisine is exceptionally popular for a good reason.” Our Schlemmertüte” has given us a recipe for Thai fish curry that fulfills all these requirements. Here fresh ginger meets creamy coconut milk, coriander on lime leaves and red peppers on refreshing lemongrass. Continue reading

A Charming Girl Room with Touches of Color

I haven’t shared a transformation, and today I got one that is perfect since it’s very inspiring. First, because it is a small space, very similar to what we mortals have in house. Second, because it was made with simple changes and creative solutions, low cost (i.e., what we all want). Third, the result is incredible. Continue reading


Knife, flask or bottle and flashlights are essential equipment Kit Pilgrim. The choice entte canteen or cylinder must be made in accordance with you intend to load them: Continue reading

Nordic Country and Very Chic

When I was little, I didn’t understand it when adults said “The weeks flying”. I loved spending the weekend playing in the Park, I wasn’t feeling “of weeks pass quickly,” and now they are to me as a blink of an eye. Continue reading

Patch Is the Perfect Choice for a Contemporary Decor

Decorate The Walls Is Always An Economic Option And That Can Make All The Difference In Your Environment Continue reading

A Female House in Normandy

I’m not really inclined to distinctions between male and female in decoration, although I am aware that there are spaces and atmospheres (created by several decorative elements, furniture, colors, or touches of style) that refer us, without wanting to, but in a very wise move, the masculine and feminine universes. Continue reading

Before and After: Katia’s Room

Reader Katia wrote to me because I wanted a more cheerful room to greet my friends on the weekends. Continue reading

Decoration – Ending the Fear of Using Strong Colors

Who does not have that crazy urge to paint a wall of a green GOOD VIIIIII? A yellow I ARRIVED AND ARROSE? A red KILLING and then ends up putting a little beige, a little blue water (I have nothing against these colors, it is said) and that crazy desire is never realized… Continue reading

Alternative Therapy Equipment

Chromo therapy, which according to some authors can be defined as: “therapy through the use of the light spectrum”, you can use sunlight in timetables and different seasons for harmonisation of the human being, in this case is called a natural. Continue reading

Living More for Less Rj

So, finishing the series of posts about my visit to Morar Mais por Menos Rio (see The Hi-Lo concept in Morar More RJ and Small Apartments in Morar More RJ ) I will now show you some of the beautiful environments for babies and children-all delicate and Full of interesting details – and some bathrooms of the Mostra-those of the environments are difficult to photograph-given the size, similar to that of a REAL apartment, you know?-but I tried! (LOL!). Continue reading

The Fixer Arkpad: Decorative

Use Stickers Decoration Is A Feature That Changes The Look Of The Quick And Practical Environment. Continue reading

Chandelier for Bedroom

Lie down on the bed, take a moment to yourself and be captivated by the alluring luminescence of the chandelier for bedroom, sophisticated reflections that projects onto the ceiling and get carried away by fantasy in distant times of princely splendor and luxuries. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Chandelier for bedroom: a light source and pleasure

Classical or contemporary, the bedroom is the most intimate area of our House, a small Kingdom of peace and relaxation where every detail must

Continue reading

Wallpaper Decoration: Awesome Tips and Templates

The wallpaper decoration is getting louder and this is happening because the coat, which before had a high price, is increasingly affordable and has easy application and totally change the feel of any environment. Nowadays, the market offers a multitude of different models of wallpaper for home. Continue reading

Decoration of Unicorns! Learn How to Use

Decorating is not a difficult task, especially when it uses creativity, something that many people have left, others develop after some practice time. In other words, that means anyone can decorate, you just want! But it is always best to use common sense to not be tacky décor and corny, doesn’t it? In today’s Blog we give tips to decorate, using decorating in your home, unicorns, office room, without exaggeration and that harmonious stay. Continue reading

Sp Windows: the Illustrated History of Houses and Buildings

Who has not found himself standing in front of a building or old house, imagining the stories and how many things have happened behind those windows? Continue reading

Lumen, Kelvin& Co: What Is Actually on the Lamps Packaging?

Certainly, some was easier, when you could still safely access on the shelf and grab any bulb with the desired wattage. For the selection of light sources is large now, with the third stage of the ErP directive , also the 60-Watt incandescents disappear. Even very large-and if you correct it, then can also neatly saved be. Because current energy-saving lamps light up already with a lot less Watts according to bright or brighter than the old incandescent bulbs. Continue reading

Beach House Decor

When I think of a Beach House decoration soon I imagine those houses that are so close to the beach like we see in movies and series, like the home of the series “Two and a Half Men” that is coladinha on the beach or the House from the movie “something’s gotta give” which I showed here on the blog. But I know better than that, even so, if you have a Beach House and is thinking of doing a nice decor I will show some tips and inspirations for you. Continue reading

DIY – Mothers Day

These days, between a dialogue and other:

Yes, mom! What you’re going to want this mother’s day?
-No, my daughter! Add your money to buy things for you and your home. Continue reading

Night Safari, Light Show and Avatar

The news announced by Disney for the summer in the northern hemisphere, some of the most interesting are in the Animal Kingdom. The Park, which closed its gates after dark, will offer nightly programming, including the Kilimanjaro Safari, in which visitors, aboard trucks, bus, walk to view wild animals loose in environments that reproduce your natural habitat. Continue reading