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10 Amazing Designs in Decorative Lighting

What’s new in decorative lighting. Fair Light & Building.

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How to Customize Smooth Umbrellas

Soon summer will be at full steam and with it summer rains. And this year for you to protect yourself with lots of style just customize plain umbrella. And you can make personalization of the fruit you want, besides those that we will teach next with all the step by step. Continue reading

The Different types of LED and Power

The two main technologies are:

LEDs SMD (Surface Mounted Device)

We can classify the SMD LEDs in two categories: low power and high power LEDs. They are mounted in different products and cover different areas of application.

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Illuminate a Room to Make It Very Comfortable

Lighting for a living room modern and current.

The salon is one of key parts in housing. A space to share intimate family moments and a relaxation area, where to carry out activities that allow us to disconnect from the daily bustle. A same stay where they converge various uses, for which we will need different types of lighting, in order to maximize the comfort that we are seeking in this area of the House. Continue reading

LED Lighting Control Standard

A new open standard supported by the industry for the public lighting control

The ZigBee Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies that designs wireless solutions for energy management, commercial and consumer applications, today announced that it was developing a new open standard for control of lighting to light-emitting diode (led): ZigBee Light Link™. This forthcoming standard will help manufacturers to develop various products and control lighting, thereby providing the dealers and consumers with a wide selection of lighting products interoperable wireless for home control. Continue reading

How to Light a Bedroom

The bedroom is not just a stay where it sleeps. There are a lot of things to do besides relax that almost always overlooked when it comes to hone our room.

Sleep, prepare every morning, be in couple, read, or just relax can be set with a light very different and much more useful for you. After reading this course, choose the lighting of the bedroom will look of the simplest.

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Why Choose LED Bulbs?

LED bulbs are increasingly present in several innovative projects these days, there’s a tendency to fluorescent and incandescent lamps Exchange by the LED, as it is the best lighting option for those who want maximum quality of economy.

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Decorative Sheets for Framing

In order to bring style to everything that is part of the general decoration, we enjoyed the retinas of our original clients, with a new product of recent creation, which aims to strengthen good taste and precision of everything that is related to the decoration more vintage, and the most avant-garde styles. Continue reading

Mom, What’s This?

If your daughter/boyfriend sees this vinyl depicting an old cassette tape safe which makes you this same question. Continue reading

Kitchen Wall Clocks

Kitchen wall clocks – is an essential environment for you that you want to leave your House with a very pretty decoration, besides being useful can be decorative, as there are many watches that are true works of art. Continue reading

Worth Using Tile Adhesive?

The tile adhesive is on the rise and a lot of people have used, but is it worth investing in this type of decor? I decided to talk about it, because I have seen many people using the adhesive and investing in something that maybe it’s not worth it. But every case is different and you need to evaluate your need.

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Ideas for the Bedroom

Decorate a House does not depend on the budget only requires a little creativity and instinct, and I’m one of those people who prefer to go slowly, choosing a piece of furniture at a time, so we can feel the space and know what are the needs that we have. The dorm is our particular environment and we know exactly what we need in it. Continue reading

Story of the Towel

In Beirut our author buys a towel. A family in Syria have woven it, says the saleswoman. On the cloth is a phone number. The call begins a tale about tradition, fear, flight and hope.

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Disposable Bottles of Water

Plastic bottles and aluminum foil. You should probably know how the first is not an environmentally friendly item, but might not understand why and don’t have a sense of the real impact (and complete) the frequent use of them. We’ll explain this in detail (without trouble, I promise), in addition to playing in a subject that usually no one talks much about, the foil in our special series on production of garbage.

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Adhesives For Wall

I’m gone when I see cute stickers to put on the wall, have every beautiful thing that can get a little lost.

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Bathroom with Bathtub: Tips, Photos

Learn how to choose the best model of tub into the bathroom and check out a selection of photos for inspiration. Continue reading

Vintage Sunglasses That Are Absolute Success

Oliver Peoples’ eye-catching sunglasses have been gaining ground in the world of fashion, with the unmistakable style of retro-styled design that has earned fans among celebrities. Inside and off the screen, the world’s most famous artists have chosen Oliver Peoples to create visuals full of elegance, true to Hollywood stars when it comes to sunglasses.

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Review: Verbatim-LED-Downlight – the Bright Noble Emitte

To look pretty and enormously bright, the new dimmable verbatim LED downlight with nominal 12 Watt presents itself. As integrated luminaire including driver and mounting frame is the spotlight a “ready to use” all-in-one solution, which is offered also for professionals who work in the Interior.

That “Mitsubishi Chemical” subsidiary verbatim lately not only LED retrofit lamps, but also integrated complete lights ‘made in China’ offers, you could me read in August. Continue reading

Use Fabrics for Decoration of Walls

Discover the best tips on using fabrics for decoration of Walls

Use fabric decor to make the lining of the walls is much in vogue these days and the reason for this is simple: stay beautiful (and very cheap). The fabric can be used in place of the wallpaper to give a highlight to any corner of your home. To enter in this fashion, here are some suggestions to split up. Continue reading

Choose Your Sunglasses

Not that we stop using sunglasses in any time of year, but with summer approaching it seems that desire to increase our collection gets even bigger. haha

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Kitchens with Countertops: Professional Tips and Inspirational Photos

See ideas and expert tips for your kitchen countertop!

Kitchens with countertops are the dream of many women who are buying now a new house or apartment. And no wonder: when well designed, the stands really give a very sophisticated touch to the room. Continue reading

Having Or Not Having Wall Sticker

You may have seen various wall stickers to buy on the internet, there are many shops. But the have and have-nots wall sticker? This is a question that many people have, it’s pretty cool, but you need to be careful at the time of place. In addition, you need to think long and hard before purchasing one or several, out of proportion is also not cool. Want to know if you should have or not have wall sticker? Follow our article.

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5 Ideas To Decorate The Walls Of Your Home

Do not know how to decorate the walls of your home? We have 5 ideas to help you!

1- Tables, Screens And Plates

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Disney Baby Cot Bedding sets

What tenderness seems to have a child sleeping peacefully in her bed! At this point the baby vulnerable to the outside world and it is important that he was surrounded only safe and high quality fabric.

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