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Tips to Renovate Your House

When you love something, you always want to take care of it with much care and attention. Making a change in the place where you live is a gift for both the place and you. If you are in the way which calls for carefulness and calmness, the dream will not become a nightmare. Continue reading

6 Alternatives To Decorate Walls With Class

If you see your walls emptier than Donald Trump’s list of good ideas, you’re in luck. Because the variety of wall decorating accessories we have today is so complex that I would need an interpretation center. Continue reading

Wallpapers for Apple Watch in 2 WatchOS

Now that we have finally the second version of the operating system of Apple Watch in Applesfera We want to bring the best wallpapers for you to give a new look to your smartwatch. As you well know (in Applesfera I have kept abreast of it) with watchOS 2 it is possible to configure your own wallpaper for Apple Watch. Continue reading

Good or Bad Idea? A Tablecloth Slate

Lately in several catalogues and events photos I found with this type of tablecloth that mimics what a slate. Slate is obviously not, because it is a tablecloth… but let’s just say that it behaves as if it and the important thing is that on it you can write and draw with chalk. The issue is that as with many other decorative things, you may have points in favour and others against.

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Indirect LED Lighting

Since the LED lighting has become popular, have developed new and varied formats, with greater efficiency and performance day after day, powers, flow and color temperatures, the possibilities of integration of the lighting in the architecture of a particular space have multiplied, as well as the possibility of creating new light effects or reinvent the traditional systems and ways to illuminate any space. Continue reading

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Best

Secure your sleep and your well-being by decorating the bedroom in a deliberate manner. Byggahus furnishing expert Christel Månsson have unearthed their best tips.

Choose colors you like and that will give you peace. Photo: Mille Notti

The bedroom is a room where you spend much of your time. It is the place that is supposed to provide you with recovery and new forces, and is therefore very important for your well-being. Continue reading

Bathroom Decoration in Green

Go for the green in the bathroom! Green is an ideal color to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere at the same time that brings refreshing and natural touch to the stay. Continue reading

Stickers for Children’s Rooms

The stickers for children rooms are ideal to decorate the room of children. Colors and patterns transform the room, making it a magical and welcoming place. Register : every day  online  many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home with style.

Stickers for children’s rooms: imagination to power

The children’s room is not a place like the others: the furniture, the beds and classical furniture are important but need something more, that finishing touch that your little ones will love showing off their

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Designing Your Own Murals and Wall Stickers

The murals and wall decals are among the elements that most are chosen today for the decoration of walls, began to fashion a few years ago and increasingly seen in more spaces. Especially the stickers are easy to place and give life a room in a very simple way, they also serve for all kinds of environments depending on the model you choose. Continue reading

Kids Room: Decoration With Stickers

Learn how to decorate children’s bedroom with wall stickers: beauty and sophistication.

Why Is Decorating Children’s Room Important?

The room is where the child spends many hours of his day. Many rooms also function as a toy library and therefore play an important role in the development of children’s creativity and autonomy. Continue reading

Analog Alarm Clocks

Is very likely that all the here present use the phone as alarm clock, and I am sure that many take less the ease with which we could give the “snooze button” that allowed us to sleep a few more minutes. That is precisely what tries to get the designer Victor Johansson, retrieve the sensations of analog alarm clock. Continue reading

When to Remove Christmas Decoration

After the holiday euphoria passed, it’s time to put our decorations. This week in the game Pet secrets we ask you when removing Christmas decorations?

To participate in the game “Home secrets”, you should leave a comment under the articleuntil next Thursday (including 14.01.2016). The winner of the game will be up weekly on Friday on this page and will be t h via private message from us how to receive the award.

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Diy-Tuned Up Wall Clock

I found a replica of the clock in a container and SPR-couldn’t resist it, even if at first it looked like a rumanväriseltä. I had just bought From the Jeanne d’Arc living’s Vintage paint-paint and I decided to paint the clock in white. The clock above the living room wall found its place in the arm-chair, in which the ticking of time. I like all of the beautiful objects, and often I can find something like that, which at first glance look ugly, but that would be a real beauty with a little tuunauksella. I found the library, enter the Interior of the Örnbergin the white, rural atmosphere, and you can find some good tips on how to tune up a blunt object in the intriguing.

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LED Lighting for Decoration

An ideal lighting system for its decoration, the LED system

In our daily lives it is no longer necessary to resort to the old lighting systems that are prodigious consumers of energy, not green and does not offer real charm decoration. It is possible to turn to such systems LED projector which are much cheaper and a real benefit to its facilities.

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Vertical Garden Ideas

There are many ways to decorate a wall: from classic paintings to works of art, from simple photographs to modern modular shelves, but what do you think of enriching the walls of your home with the beautiful vertical gardens?

It is a very fashionable trend, very aesthetic and that will complete the design of the rooms or outdoor area, giving the whole atmosphere really natural home.
Do not know about you, but I love them.

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Color Combinations for Bedroom Decor

The beautiful month of May starts with sun and finally slightly warmer temperatures. Matching decorating our showcase is painted a fresh white and blue. We show you how beautiful a mix and match different patterns and materials is when the colors harmonize with each other. If the color theme is established, it goes to the compilation of the individual parts into a stylish whole. It offers three beautiful decoration examples with which we want to give suggestions for your cozy home to the hand to you again.

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Ways to Decorate with Flags

When it is time to ask for something festive, Midsummer, crayfish parties, birthday parties, or perhaps any anniversary, it is fun to decorate and create a festive mood in advance. One way is to acquire paper flags . These are available in many different designs and are designed for different purposes.

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How to Decorate The Window With Curtains

The curtains dress the windows so aesthetic and practical. They adapt to all styles of the more retro to modern carpentry: you just have to make the right choice among different styles of curtains. Depending on the type of window they can hide an imperfection, a play on perspective or transfiguring light. But that’s not all ! Curtains can help: blackout, refreshing, or otherwise réchauffants, know your curtain to match its destination window.


  • wooden window curtains
  • PVC window curtains
  • Curtains and aluminum window
  • special windows

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LED Light for Retail Store

The LED panels for lighting are among the decisions that have gained immense popularity in the developed Western countries. There is still spreading is relatively low, but the trend clearly shows a steady increase in market share.

Lighting Stores and Showrooms

For every shop owner is a key its products to be clearly visible and look impressive and visually elegant in the eyes of potential customers. The use of LED panels allow you to completely change the broadcasting of his shop in aesthetic direction. Well organized lighting helps to increase the confidence of users that are relevant store or showroom.

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How to Decorate Windows With Curtains Ideas

Dress windows is often the end point of a room decoration. And it’s not always easy to navigate! Spoiler The collection offers a wide choice of ready-to-pose to install in a snap. The different proposed widths and heights allow you to get almost tailor-made. Some of our models are also available in fabric by the meter (the cuts are rounded to the 10th top meter): Think about it for your special dimensions of windows or for making a coordinated decor. All our ready-to-install is finished hem curtains (base and sides).

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Best Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights

You are of other day in the grocery store you trust-and stumbled upon the first and gingerbread Santas? J a, it is again: The festive season has begun. For many people, unfortunately, the emergence of the first Santa Claus brings not only anticipation, but also concern with it. Concern about what one wants to give because this year so everything (and must). In whom you want to invite where everything when. Is celebrated Where and with whom Christmas. What will happen in the time with the pets. And how in the world you can do all this in such a short time!

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Halloween Decor

The festival Halloween has its origins in a tradition of the Druids in Ireland. Hallow means holy and the eve of Hallowmas (Saints) on November 1, celebrating the Druids in Ireland and other Celtic areas a great joyous festival with big bonfires and thus thanked the sun god forjust harvested gifts. They baked potato cakes from the freshly harvested potatoes and set of ears tied together Strohpuppen the woodpiles, the animal figures or witches were modeled.

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History of Wall Clocks

Have a clock in the home is essential. However, to preserve the beauty of your home, you must choose the right time indicator. There are many models for every taste, pleasing to the eye as long as you know their location. Here are some tips that may help.

The Pendulum In History

Everyone still remembers the great traditional pendulum grandmother salon ringing every hour.Among the models, there are the Comtois clocks that feature two autonomous body mechanics locked in a magical cage. This type of clock is from the seventeenth century. One can also mention the pendulum fireplace, as the name suggests, is placed on the fireplace or on a dresser with a balance of about 25 centimeters. Today, the pendulum serves mainly decorative. And finally, there is the clock that provides the reference time known as “regulator”.

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Fenix LD 20 Flashlight Review

The days are getting shorter, the darkness takes our everyday lives, fog enveloped routes and roads determine our day. To match this, we start our November campaign “Buy one, get two” so that you are well equipped for the cold season.

When you buy a Fenix LD 20, we give you this month the quality signal bar of Fenix free to do so. The optimal distribution of the light, the signal bar close range a torch lit regardless of the best. In the road transport provides the signal bar as a warning light safe protection.

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