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Living More for Less Rj

So, finishing the series of posts about my visit to Morar Mais por Menos Rio (see The Hi-Lo concept in Morar More RJ and Small Apartments in Morar More RJ ) I will now show you some of the beautiful environments for babies and children-all delicate and Full of interesting details – and some bathrooms of the Mostra-those of the environments are difficult to photograph-given the size, similar to that of a REAL apartment, you know?-but I tried! (LOL!). Continue reading

Chandelier for Bedroom

Lie down on the bed, take a moment to yourself and be captivated by the alluring luminescence of the chandelier for bedroom, sophisticated reflections that projects onto the ceiling and get carried away by fantasy in distant times of princely splendor and luxuries. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Chandelier for bedroom: a light source and pleasure

Classical or contemporary, the bedroom is the most intimate area of our House, a small Kingdom of peace and relaxation where every detail must

Continue reading

Sp Windows: the Illustrated History of Houses and Buildings

Who has not found himself standing in front of a building or old house, imagining the stories and how many things have happened behind those windows? Continue reading

Night Safari, Light Show and Avatar

The news announced by Disney for the summer in the northern hemisphere, some of the most interesting are in the Animal Kingdom. The Park, which closed its gates after dark, will offer nightly programming, including the Kilimanjaro Safari, in which visitors, aboard trucks, bus, walk to view wild animals loose in environments that reproduce your natural habitat. Continue reading

Flash test: Two Color-Accurate

Less than 10 or 8 euro cost the two LED lamps, which I’ve picked me out from the current “MeLiTec” action line at Aldi Nord. You should index RA > 90 be especially true to color.

Until Saturday (31.1) teems with in many branches of Aldi Nord of LED lamps of almost every type and strength – if they are not already sold out due to popular demand: tubes retrofits, “Pears”, “Candles”, reflector lamps, night lights – most of “MeLiTec” in the sauerland region. However consistently “made in China”. I can thoroughly test of course, not every model, therefore here only on behalf of two color favored lamps still comparatively cheap offered. Continue reading

Choose His Flashlight

Evaluate its needs

Before you choose a flashlight, it is important to reflect on the use you want to make. Taking into account your individual needs that will prevent you from making the wrong choice.
Choose if possible a flashlight torch brand. For this type of product, it is a guarantee of quality and durability. Continue reading

What Are Pendants, Chandeliers, Washers and Ceiling Plates?

After all, what’s the difference between these four items? Which is best for my project? Do you have these doubts? Take them with us! Continue reading

Working Principle of Incandescent Light Bulb

This article presents the origin and the principle of the bulb incandescent. We can understand why end-of-life bulbs often slam when you turn them on. Continue reading

Tips for the Perfect Room

The best beauty secret is to have a restful sleep, the sleep of beauty. And is the best investment you can make for your health and quality of life. Today I want to share with you some tips to create a perfect environment in your room for a good night’s sleep. Continue reading

Went to Hong Kong to Discover the Main Lighting Trends

The Hong Kong Lighting Fair is the largest lighting fair in the world. According to HKTDC, (Hong Kong Trade Development Council and organizer of the fair), the event has more than 2,600 exhibitors. In Brazil, a major trade show has 250 brands. That is, the scale of the event is impressive. Continue reading

Decorating the Walls with Diy Polka Dots

It’s been a while since we talked about decorating DIY tips, is not it? And when we get into season change, we always have a crazy itch to change everything. Shall we go for balls? Continue reading

Westwing Guide to Classical Lighting

The classic is linked to everything that follows a stance faithful to ancient traditions, as well as its foundations in a sophisticated and imposing aesthetic. That is why the classic decoration is based on impeccably detailed elements, robust furniture, noble fabrics and many props, always showy and elegant. The classic luminaire, for example, is one of the most used items in environments that have this traditional style and full of refinement. Continue reading

Wall Stickers in Charming Laundry

Despite being an often overlooked corner of the House, in many apartments today, the laundry almost is integrated into the kitchen, sometimes with nothing to separate environments. Before burning your head, to find a way to hide the laundry “, why not find a way to display it even more? And with a design easy and done for yourself? Continue reading

Graphite and Decoration: From the Streets to Inside Your House

The  graffiti came in the 1970s in  New York when some young people began to leave their marks on the walls of the city. Over time, these brands evolved with techniques and designs and in every corner of the world, each artist was giving his face to the art. Today we can see how varied murals are in cities. Continue reading

Westwing Guide to pink Lighting

How about beautifying the desk or desk with a beautiful pink lamp? A small detail applied to the finish of a simple accessory can make all the difference in the aesthetics of an interior. In many cases, betting on an accessory with distinctive or distinctive design is enough to bring fresh air to the décor and enhance the style of the space. Fine and functional, the lighting complements the decoration of the rooms and enhances the lighting. Continue reading

Japanese Painting

The DIY today is easy, anyone can do and will leave your House a lot more stylish and with personality. I learned to make a painting Japanese cute and decided to make for my house and also show you. Continue reading

15 Super Creative Ideas for Decorating for Lingerie Tea

The lingerie tea is becoming increasingly common and comes as a complement to all the other festivities that already exist to precede a wedding. The idea is to fill the bride with beautiful gifts like panties, bras and sweaters and make the bride and her friends have a lot of fun. Something that usually leaves brides anxious is what is the appropriate lingerie tea decor and how to make a cheap but beautiful decoration. Continue reading

How to Choose Sheet 100% Cotton-150 Threads

Hello, you have doubts in choosing the sheet?

You’ve probably got confused in choosing a blanket or bedding. There are many names such as cotton and polyester, the percentage of each and the quantity of wires. A reader asked me to talk about this topic, because I was with this question, so here we go…  Continue reading

How to Coat Chairs, Table and Plastic Benches

One of the ways to gain a home with new decorating spending little is revitalization. Changing furniture with a makeover is cheaper and still has the advantage that you can leave the house the way you always dreamed. How to make? With some tips that we will give of how to cover plastic tables, chairs and benches in a simple and cheap way and maybe give life to an obsolete corner of the house. Continue reading

Westwing Guide for Glass Pendant Lamp

Create amazing visual effects from objects that have traditionally been enjoyed. This premise is enchanting, because it recycles in a functional way, is economical and eliminates unnecessary expenses, and also makes the home more personalized from objects conceived by the residents themselves. Contrary to what many people think, anyone can have manual skills and create truly beautiful and desirable items. How about starting with a beautiful plastic glass lamp Continue reading


Not only trailer, motor home, boat, and bus. In the tent if it makes very comfortable using a portable toilet. Even at home to assist elderly or in recovery. A great feature is to have a chemical toilet. There are a few basic types that are made of plastic and are light and comfortable. Continue reading

The Four Toys that Promised Success in Christmas

When did the trousseau of Leo, some toys, for me, were the must-have. I had, because I was, because I had to buy. Listened to what my friends were talking about–your children loved passion–and there was certain that Leo would also fall in love.

But it wasn’t like that. Some famous and well known toys that appeal very baby around, here at home have not made the least success. Continue reading

Led Box and the Fair of Furniture and Decoration of Salamanca

The LED lighting sector, was undoubtedly one of the sectors involving more attraction at both fairs

We have had a busy agenda with our presence in two important fairs within the sector of lighting: MATELEC, the international exhibition of solutions for industry electrical and electronics in the Madrid IFEMA and the furniture fair I and Salamanca decoration in the exhibition. Continue reading

Vintage Garden Path Inspiration

The garden path is a way beautifully creating a path to walk peacefully in his garden. It must be in accordance with the place where it is located. That is why knowing styles of gardens and alleys of garden that go with is an asset. Continue reading