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Women’s Backpacks Le Postiche: Models and Where to Buy

Women’s backpacks Le Postiche: models and where to buy

The Backpacks are increasingly needed items on a daily basis. Very practical, they allow you to bring school materials, excursions and even objects to work with comfort and versatility, why are the darlings of young people and adults. Continue reading

Tips on How to Use the Leather Purse

In summer or in any season, what every woman wants is to load the style, beauty and practicality in tow. To fulfill this mission, has no item is more efficient than the national, since they are accessories that combine all these features. Big or small, classic or deprived, the bags already conquered an area that no one else can fill. The leather, then! These are timeless and remain synonymous with elegance, year after year. Continue reading

How to Clean a Synthetic Leather Purse

For any woman her purse is a treasure. And any stain that falls on it becomes a problem that requires an immediate solution. Although its purse is made of synthetic leather, that is, that mimics to a greater or lesser extent authentic skin, it also requires certain care.

If your synthetic leather purse needs urgent cleaning, then we advise you on how to clean a synthetic leather purse. It will look like new!

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Wallets Leather Man: 5 Classic Suggestions

Leather wallets are useful and elegant pieces that should always place in the pockets of the Portuguese. We suggest five distinct models.

The man leather wallet is an accessory that has managed to remain immune to swings in the fashion world. Classic, practical and perfect fit in a shirt pocket, jacket or pants, is a safe option that is nonetheless elegant. Sturdy and lightweight, is indispensable in the collection of accessories of any man that seeks to keep cards and money easily and distinct. Continue reading

With the Right Bag for the Perfect Poncho Style

This autumn and winter can’t live without poncho. The warming it pieces celebrate her big comeback in different looks. Poncho-style belongs to the perfect of course an appropriately selected pocket. Ethnic patterns, chunky knit or trench coat variant, get inspired by our combined ideas and learn what is also combining Cape and bag to make sure. Continue reading

Tips For Gifts? Wallets!

Hello guys!

And then? Almost Christmas, huh? Have you been able to choose all the presents? Continue reading

College Scholarships Tips: Photos, Tips, Images

The  College  different from school is an environment where you have total freedom to wear and use whatever you think is appropriate, has no rules about that. With this freedom you can perfect in visual, show your personality through the looks. But it is also a study environment, after all you’re being able to exercise your future profession, consequently you carry a lot of books and handouts, Yes, but where are we going with this? Well, in this post we will talk about what are the best  bags for use in College, that can help you with your study material, and which can also be used as a complement to your stay relaxed and super modern look. Continue reading

Trend Bags Advertised

Remember that time that the maxibolsas had priority in the hour of the purchase of a  new bag? They have long been preferred to fit everything in and a little more, but, things change and one of the changes seen in parades, and soon in the windows of several stores, are the size of these accessories . Continue reading

Backpacks and Cases, New Collection, Design Characters and Colors


Backpacks and Cases 2012, New Collection, Design Characters and Colors 2012 Continue reading

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet

Fashion and Beauty-Not1

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet, Tips and Models Continue reading

4 Tips to Check the Authenticity of Your Purse

Buy a new bag is wonderful. It is common to spend a lot of money to get the object of our dreams. But the cheats are numerous. Continue reading

Functional Luxury from Desperate Needs

Stylish technology storage in Italian quality leather. Desperate Needs is a new Swedish initiatives with the ambition to create stylish and functional leather accessories have been made. Continue reading

Flight and Father

Either you love it or you hate it. That travel is for many a necessary evil while for others it may be something to live for. Whether you are a business traveller or travelling for pleasure, it can be fun with a little odd variations of travel companions. And with the companionship I am referring to your faithful companions and accessory, the suitcase. Continue reading

How to Organize the Bag

You know How to organize the bag? I think for most women’s responses the answer is “no”. So we IMulher ‘s we decided to give some tips for you to have any backpack or purse in perfect order.

It seems impossible, especially if the phone gets thrown, the makeup, the documents and papers … Anyway, if the bag does not have those extra or the little pocket compartments the problem is even bigger, in fact, was. See how keep your things tidy.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags: a Handbook for You to Buy

The Louis Vuitton brand is well known for its clothes and, especially, for its accessories.The brand handbags are one of the most desired fashion items among women around the world.Many of her models have become classics and are part of the wardrobe of many fashionistas and fashionistas.

The history of the Louis Vuitton brand is linked to the production of purses and bags.Its founder, Louis Vuitton, was one of the most famous makers of the piece as early as the mid-nineteenth century. Continue reading

Kipling School Backpacks

Providing a backpack always helps us organize our school supplies, follow some tips referring to the Kipling brand famous in the market for offering quality products and also very resistant in that they can find something that lasts for a long time, we will also offer some Prices and models. Continue reading

How to Match Bags with Clothes

One of the favorite accessories of women are the bags. With so many choices of handbags and clothing available today, there is a big question on womanhood. How to combine bags with clothes.

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Back to School – Tips For the Proper Use of Backpacks and Bags

With the arrival of 2017, a new cycle of school year begins and it is necessary to pay attention not only in class, but also on your health! The weight of the books, notebooks, agenda and other school materials inside the backpacks and bags must be tempered in order to prevent serious problems arise in the health of children and young people.

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Printed Bags Beats to the Smooth

Printed bags have replaced the classic smooth bag and have become the top sales this season. If you are going to buy fashion handbags, aim well the trends for this autumn/winter 2013/14. Continue reading

The Four Levels of a Backpacker

The preparation of the luggage (backpack) for my last trip in the south of Argentina was born with a basic criterion, based on my not so bulky experience, but above all, therefore read on hundreds of blogs and forums for backpackers: the idea was Carry as little as possible of what we think possible, because evidently, the backpack can become our worst enemy during a trip. Continue reading

Tips on Women’s Handbags

TDB bags for you to wear and love!

In everyday life we ​​need to carry several essential things: cell phone, documents, money, house key … the best option to store everything is in the bags, which are with more and more fun and stylish models.Enough to put everything in your pocket, knock or lose: look at the look and abuse of the bags to complement the visu: besides being very useful, has each model reading!(I.e.

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How to Choose a Baby Handbag

It seems like something simple, but choosing the right stroller for the baby is critical.The right model will make every task easier when you leave the house.

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Physical Therapy Tips For Correct Use of the School Backpack

Heavy backpacks or with the handles too loose can cause pain and postural deviations, especially during the growth phase. It is recommended that the weight of the backpack is equal to or less than 10% of the weight of the child.

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Bottega Veneta Trolley Bag

Bottega Veneta is known for its braided bags made of lambskin. For travelers the company offers noble Weekender, but also trolleys.

Last weekend! Time for a spontaneous city trip or a wellness day with the best friend. The bulky case can stay comfortably at home for one or two nights. In a compact Weekender fits everything you need for the short trip. Only he should be stylish. We present you the five most beautiful designer travel bags made of fine leather. Continue reading