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Women’s Shirts, Style Tips, Style

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Women’s Shirts, Style Tips, Style

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Pregnant Women Do Not Have To Do Without Beautiful Dresses

Despite baby belly, pregnant women can wear beautiful wedding dresses.There is no reason to forgo a wedding simply because the opinion prevails that one does not fit in any wedding dress of the world. Continue reading

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

This is the kind of article where I’m apologizing for the title, but there’s no way to talk about this other than calling for a title that promises to solve problems and questions of who’s trying to figure out how to buy the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

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Black Skirt in the Winter

Hi, girls!

Who accompanies since the beginning knows I love love wear skirts, especially in winter with dark panty. I think let the cold far more elaborate combinations and everyone manages to escape, you know?

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Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Chubby Men

With a fashion directed the thin, the fat has to turn to find clothes that encourage, often remaining as the only alternative plus size stores, but even these are misguided about the colors, prints and fabrics, forcing the client to have a lot of common sense before you buy anything. Continue reading

Guide To Skirts

There is no more feminine piece in a woman’s wardrobe than the skirt. There are several models suitable for each style, occasion and body shape. Enjoy it never goes out of style and check out the tips below:

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Pajamas: What You Need to Know About It

The Pajamas you can set what will your night’s sleep, you know.

Have you ever slept poorly, bothered all night and was wondering what it could be? Have you ever thought that the clothes you wear to sleep can have an influence on the quality of your sleep?

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A Stroll Through Fashion: Swimwear

As every summer, to go on vacation we get to show off our best swimwear. A popular garment, which has been instrumental in the history of fashion. Let’s take a brief stroll through its history, and you will discover the most curious anecdotes of her evolution. Continue reading

How to Choose Good Bed Linen

We have a responsible approach to choosing of material, repair our apartments. Strict select different items for interior decoration. And all this in order to create around themselves corner of comfort and coziness.

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Models Of Vintage Dresses

Many trends pass indeed, but some come back from time to time as a sort of revival of an era in particular. This is the case of vintage fashion, which takes us back to the years 50 and 60 highlighting fashionable those parts which were trends.

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Top 5 Cheap Ski Pants and Tips for Buying Them

Bienvenid@s to a new Guide: ‘the 5 best cheap 2017 ski pants’!

Skiing is a winter sport that is increasingly practiced by the family, a sport that is practiced in very special climatic conditions. It is precisely for this reason that it is key to have the perfect equipment to enjoy this sport with maximum comfort. Continue reading

Breastfeeding Cover Shawl

This is still a must-have appreciated the future and young mothers for all the different ways to wear it. Pregnant, you’ll love to wear this vest that can marry your forms without suffocating them or so to be open along your body and bringing a certain lightness to your pace. A vest that turns into scarf around the neck… and a few months later, if you are breastfeeding, it will really be top to enjoy the moments of Exchange with baby discreetly. And if you are not breastfeeding, his fluid material and its length will hide the forms and to feel comfortable in his movements, even if overloaded between her handbag, the diaper bag, stroller…

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4 Pieces to Enjoy During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the transformations in the body make the closet needs to be rethought. But despite this and many brands now offer beautiful and stylish options for future moms, you can be happy without having to throw it all away and invest in a closet all brand new. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Size of the Clothes

Be a pretty dress is way beyond choose pretty clothes and present in any new shop around, if you make a mistake in your clothing size ugly probably will lose many points of elegance and style. Here are some tips on how to buy clothes that fit perfectly on you:

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SECOND TIP|5 Reasons to Hear Mayer Hawthorne

Hey, hey, hey!

After a week super hard, come back with a vengeance! Hooray!

The SECOND TIP today (if you want to see other posts about this project, click here), has a hint of music to start the week. So, I give you MAYER HAWTHORNE! Continue reading

Custom Tops

Exercising should never be at odds with style. Choosing a comfortable outfit is important, but do not forget to give up palmetto. And custom tops are in the latest fashion! Continue reading

What Should New Mothers Get Ready Before Baby Comes?

Once you receive a confirmation on your lady’s pregnancy, she begins to prepare to welcome the baby to this world. Along with the celebration with members of the family, is also the time to tee it up for your son. Now you can get variety of shopping guides for mothers, as well as the newborn and the link between the two.Take a look at some orientations on the basis that the baby arrival is prepared. Continue reading

Thong Underwear is Injurious to Health?

The thong is considered one of the most interesting s of the female wardrobe. Many women like to use it, because they feel more attractive. Other not so much, because they value a lot for comfort and well-being.

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Outdoor Clothing – Materials and Technologies

This is a guest post from Christian, who else is blogging on and .

You hit catalogues today or surfs the net, so you will be heaped upon terms about materials and new technologies. Continue reading

How to Use: Aviator Jacket

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous to adhere to the trend!

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous to adhere to this trend!

Super in high this winter, the aviator jacket is a great companion for the coldest days, and is another one of the pieces that came out of the men’s clothing and went to the feminine. Continue reading

Trend: Clothing Vintage

Have you ever stolen from your MOM, Dad or grandparents closet clothing? If you have never done, is the time to try. Today we see that this very fashionable used clothing “vintage”. Magazines, reports, we see that most recognized not only used clothes the last few seasons, if not occasionally they carry something vintage. Continue reading

Trench Coat: Photos, Tips, Templates, How to Use

  1. How To Use Trench Coat

Probably you have used or seen a trench coat, but called him and know him like a coat or overcoat. In fact, the trench coat is a lot like a coat and who is not in the business of fashion, call him is much easier. You know that “coat” of cold with buttons and that somewhat resembles military clothing? Yes, this is a trench coat. The 2014 Winter has passed, but the best time to buy the trench coat is now, because demand is lower and the price is lower. Continue reading

The Hat

…my Instagram followers already know-there is a new Peter in my life… This now sounds as if I already had an old Peter-but that is not true. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Women’s Coats and Jackets

If you have your eye on the trends of fashion winter 2016, then you’ve probably noticed the news of coats and jackets. In this cold season, women can be comfortable to use heavier parts, modern and even sophisticated. Continue reading