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Feminine Retro-Fashion By Viennese Creation

Delicate fabrics and girlish and vintage chic, you could describe the style of Antonia of the retro label Vienna design. Most the concise back neckline with button and the Bubi collar stand almost as a landmark for them and make them unmistakable. If you know your fashion, do you expect behind almost an essential being and is then pleasantly surprised when you meet the pretty but down-to-Earth woman with the large white Shepherd. We made you our infamous five questions and provide you with, values reader, visit their online stores or even better the very stylish shop in beautiful Vienna warmly to the heart. Also on Facebook you can follow her. Continue reading

Underwear Brands

There are plenty of brands of underwear although some are setting trends and thus become brand leaders.This also depends on the geographic and cultural place in which we find ourselves. Continue reading

Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot

The ability to tie a tie – the absolute basis of the business etiquette of modern man and a gentleman. Continue reading

Spring Jersey: Shopping Of The Week

Like every Friday, the famous and traditional purchases of the week arrive. This time I have been looking for the   most ideal spring jersey. I think that one of the clothes that we can buy in season and take advantage of a lot already, are the sweaters.

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Where Can I Buy Plus Sized Clothing?

If you’re tired of suffering whenever you go shopping because you never find cool anything in your size, Czech this mini guide in which we show you the best shops with extra prettiest clothes of sizes.List? Continue reading

Tips For Choosing The Right Sports Bra

Sure many of you have thought about buying a sports bra but do not know why bet, because there are many types and styles.Today I am going to help clarify your questions, and I hope to serve you help Councils to ascertain with the sports bra. Continue reading

Cheap Dresses For Weddings: The Best Brands To Shine This Spring 2017

If you have a wedding this spring, it is likely that you are already doing accounts: that if gift, if displacement, that if the bachelorette party…for the dress, not to mention of course, because it is difficult to resist the temptation of brand new a new look party when marries someone close. Continue reading

Vintage Black And White Clothes

What is vintage fashion? It is fashion that accommodates you, is the trend of using styles that were fashionable or that have endured through the years. Continue reading

Clothing During Pregnancy: “Less Is More” By Sara Pellicer

Not be to you, but my dress in two pregnancies was an Odyssey. In my case, also with difficulty added by height, but above all to know what real needs I would have. How many garments would need and what type of clothing could be really redeemed and used on a regular basis during the 9 months and the first months of post-partum. Continue reading

Original Sunglasses

Every year there is a model of sunglasses that becomes fashionable among celebrities, it girls, fashion victims and bloggers. If a few years ago Audrey (de Céline) conquered the throne to many, since last year he snatched Dior its So real model. A few original sunglasses, eye-catching and cool more. And today they are two bloggers of our land who fight in duel. Continue reading

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Glasses round, style lady with glasses effect mirror, retro aires or transparent frames… There are thousands of models in the market and choosing can become an Odyssey (even more if you want to get a hold of all), so here are more cool sunglasses for summer. With what will you be? Continue reading

H & M Summer Collection

The target youth It is one of the most profitable for according to which brands. TO H & M no doubt has worked it very well, both returns to rely on throwing a line to part of their low main H & M Divided for the Spring-Summer 2009. Continue reading

Tips to Wear a Black Dress to Perfection

So you can look gorgeous and glamorous you must have a picture-perfect for elegant look for any occasion, so now I’m going to talk about tips to show a perfect black dress which is a garment par excellence to hone your silhouette with enough currency. Therefore this model can be allied to that you may save on any occasion when you don’t have time to buy something new and also I’ll offer some tips below so you can wear a dress of black tone for a beautiful female image and look like a goddess. Continue reading

A Dress for Summer and Spring

Here is some tips How to dress in the season of spring – summer, these recommendations are for you who are chubby and who often do not feel comfortable like lights, by not knowing how to choose the clothes you better seating. Continue reading

How to Choose Men’s Glasses

We remember, we squints, the day the news broke. Our mother looked us straight in the eyes as hers we all already appeared blurred; fortunately also because this is what prevented us to read all the despair she tried to hold it.

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Fashion Blouses

Spring is in the door, are you ready? Eternal winter’s end is coming, and along with it our deep concern about the what to wear or what to buy for this warm and expected time.

Take it easy! I will tell you how to take the best fashion trends, will not have to suffer for purchasing new things and have fun mixing volumes and textures at all your looks.
They blouses are the top item for this season, will be virtually the protagonists of your look to the next month. Continue reading

8 Miniskirts with Which to Face The Midi Skirt

We already know how is the spend from a few seasons ago midi skirt. It is the Queen of the slopes and did that when I see a miniskirt I seem up to rare, why and to combat this scourge that is the skirt with a long going down the knee I propose these 8 miniskirts, low-cost. Continue reading

Our Packing List For Business Travel

Business travelers are always on the move and hurry from appointment to appointment. More important, it is because that already before the actual trip, everything is well planned and the luggage and the accessories have been carefully selected. Finally the fine thread is on a business trip also possible knitter – and wrinkle-free arrive and be all important for the next meeting this. Continue reading

Hiking Socks: How To Avoid Bulbs

To avoid many worries, it is important to choose good material. And in this article is on the hiking socks we wear our attention.
More than just a piece of fabric, the hiking sock is truly a technical undergarment of high importance, which should not be chosen at random. Continue reading

Winter Gloves from Garibaldi Iver Primaloft

Perfect fit and maximum protection combined with being comfortable and warm with a high resistance to friction makes gloves Garibaldi Iver Primaloft the perfect choice for winter. Its avant-garde design with Primaloft lining allows us to keep your hands dry and warm when we travel in winter with the bike. Continue reading

What Shoes for Running

This article answers a question of Marc looking for shoes to run a semi. You will find data sheets, photos, and my opinion on these products.

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Victoria’s Secret Bras

As every year, the signing of lingerie (above all) of Victoria’s Secret It has a big announcement made on the occasion of its parade of November which has become quite a spectacle at all levels. That ad to which I refer is, without a doubt, who has chosen to wear the sujetador-joya, the call “Royal Fantasy Bra”. Well, this year, the choice is her, Candice Swanepoel. Continue reading

The Closet Needs-Cashmere Sweater

If there is a shortcut to a perfect wardrobe goes through cashmere wool. Nothing can alter the overall impression with the same effect as a sweater of cashmere goat in fur. This in the fashion context, legendary quality, complete not only one’s attire, but also gives the wearer pure and simple life enjoyment. Continue reading

My Mummy’s Belly: This Is How A Belly Looks Like After Pregnancy

“Hey, are you pregnant?” A colleague asked me, smiling happily. “Nope, I’m so fat!” I would have sunk in the ground before. So she looked around inside the next hole, into which she can disappear …
Thick baby babies are duly accused and pictured, but what does it actually look like with the belly after pregnancy and birth? Is the real #afterbabybody so perfectly trained and slender as it’s celebrities, instagram posers and magazines?
I’ll show you an untimely selection of bellies – thick, thin, immaculate, imperfect, with kaiserschnittnarbe or without, smooth, striped, pierced, tattooed … Hauptache, there was already a baby in it: Continue reading