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DNA Groove Clothing

Now for the fall when other designers are betting on the gray and gloomy colors make DNA Groove exactly the opposite. With an obvious wink to the 60 ‘smodsera and a color spectrum as wide as imaginatively, none allowed to be charmed by the brand’s playfulness. Behind the design for the Swedish market, says the Italian Alessandro Detassis, who runs the shop Igor the Dog in Gothenburg. Homayra case with DNA Groove is to put a little more color on the Swedes and have had their clothes worn by, among other things. drummer in the Soundtrack of Our Lives and Sebastian.

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Formal Womens Pant Suits

Especially in today’s business world women or women want to seriously be taken than ever. A simple and effective support while providing the correct choice of clothing. E twa the pantsuit. This leaves a wife in no time to Lady are and helps compared to male clothing habits to a equivalent dress. A dress often looks to read for iv and casual. In a business environment can be a big impression with the garment “pantsuit ladies” made ​​and influenced such important decisions and projects are moved.

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How to Sleep Well in the Summer: Tips

Many love the summer no matter what. The heat is an invitation to spend some time on the beach, Club, Villa and is still prone to do outdoor festivals. But, not everything is cause for celebration. Because of the warm weather too much, some people can’t sleep. For this group that has difficulties to rest at night, especially in summer, broke up some tips. Continue reading

Commenting – Salve Jorge

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Housewife without Mysteries: Tips for the Thermos

I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but knew the thermos has his tricks?

Well, I don’t know, but the thermos must always be filled to be able to handle the heat. I mean, you think about having a beautiful bottle and great for use when the family grow, if only you drink coffee! Do coffee and let the bottle will let it cold…or is it better to make enough coffee, but here comes the weight of the waste. Continue reading

Openwork Leggings and Heat Wave

After light for hot weather leggings, to the Blog to pantyhose, one turned squarely to the leggings openwork! Continue reading

Learn Yoga: But How?

Although there are many different styles of yoga with different focuses, asanas(physical exercises), pranayama(breathing techniques) and relaxation exercises play a role. Whether as sun, cobra or tree-the asanas are kept for a certain time, for example several breaths long, or as a dynamic series of movements synchronized with the breathing rhythm.
Yogastags end with a final meditation, in which one goes on a mental journey through the body, directs attention to images or thoughts, repeats a sequence of movements or concentrates entirely on the breath. Continue reading

Modern Classics in a Wedding Dresses Collection

The autumn collection of Julie Vino is a real eye-catcher every year, but even at the “Roma” collection last season, the talented designer really amazed me. But now the young Israeli woman has put one in the eye for style again. Continue reading

Handmade Ties from E.G. Cappelli

The tie has been conspicuous by his absence for a while here at the Manolo. So we felt that it was time to do something about. Therefore we thought today tell us more about a hidden gem from Naples in southern Italy in the form of E.G. Cappelli. A firm that produces some of the world’s finest neckties in the small Studio on Via Cavallerizza 37. Continue reading

Satin Blouses for Parties – Photos and Models

Party Satin Blouses

The satin blouses are always in fashion especially when we need to be ready for any special occasion, satin should be used at night for being a shiny tissue makes up the look of the woman with great elegance. But we must be very careful in the combination of accessories to avoid exaggeration. Continue reading

Tricks on How to Care for Your Printed T-Shirts

How do I wash a printed t-shirt without damaging the print? What should I watch while ironing? We have the answers to your questions and will give you helpful tricks to take care of your T-shirt with print motif! Continue reading

Long Skirts: How to Wear, Trends, Models

Every woman looks beautiful and more feminine when she’s in skirt, and the long skirts this year promise to make them successful and make them even more beautiful. It’s the beginning of the year and it’s already possible to notice the shops with this trend that besides being beautiful is super comfortable, so see how to use them, what are the looks and models and stay inside of this fashion. Check it! Continue reading

Avoid the Hassles in the Early Days Of the Gym

With This Primer, No One Suspects That You Never Set Foot There

The first big step you’ve already taken: you left your laziness aside and enrolled in a gym. The problem now is to face the new world that awaits you, full of people healed and accustomed to the practice of exercises. To help you tackle the gadgets, classes and even shyness when entering an unfamiliar environment, My Life ran after an expert on the subject and set up a primer for beginners in the workout. Continue reading

5 Super Leather Leggings at Less than $ 40

I spoke to you of inspiring ideas in my article Your leather leggings, with which to wear it .It really made me want to buy a pair.Also, I started looking for the rare gem!And, you know me, I do not like paying too much.Here are my 5 finds under $ 40. Continue reading

Why So Many People Love Ray Ban Wayfarer Goggles

For many people, these Ray-Ban graduated glasses are the perfect example of the balance between style and performance.Starting as a classic, the Wayfarer model has evolved until it reaches the limit of perfection.Even among his peers of the mythical Ray-Ban brand. Continue reading

Baby Bump Pregnant to a Wedding

In the 27th week, it went for me at a civil wedding of our friends. Do I wear only what? How big will my belly be when? Those were the first questions that I shot through the head. End of January we were invited, and at that time I had really hard belly. This change that, however, was of course aware. Continue reading

Trend Alert: Party Dresses!

Paris Paris Paris the French capital this week gave the talk, huh? But easy because the “baph” was good. That’s because the 19 days to January 23 happened the Week of Haute Couture in Paris and, to keep the tradition, was like that: the luxury, the power and the glory. KKKKK the fact is without avail, in recent days the spotlight turned to the catwalks of Paris Haute Couture and us-sossegamos the torch not clarooo – until you have assembled the tops of the tops fashion shows here for you!!! Aiii us … There are so many things to talk about and show that we could pass this dregs of January just doing posts on the parades. But as we’re very nice, let’s not make this torture! Hahahahaha! That’s why we chose to talk about only two parades, but that were enough to leave us with the jaw dropped, dreaming and dying with desire. They are:ATELIER VERSACE and ELIE SAAB! Just hearing those two names already gives a thrill, isn’t it ladies? RS. So get ready because we selected a montãooo of inspirations of PARTY DRESSES for 2014, several ideas that serve to graduates, bridesmaids, guests and even for brides! Continue reading

Stella Mccartney Paris Fashion Week

Vibe 70’s and adult woman look “real” for Stella McCartney, who at PFW catwalk brings his Fur-Free-fur.

And ‘feminine. It ‘s simple, convenient and with feet firmly planted on the ground. And, of course, completely free from animal derived materials. Fashion Fall / Winter 2015/16 signed Stella McCartney embraces the stylistic features of the British designer, who even managed to bring the catwalk synthetic fur but absolutely realistic. In the audience, also the former Beatle Paul McCartney, father of the designer.

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Spring Sunglasses

Heavy plastic frames or discrete metallditon. Although sunshine last weeks been very lätträknade it is time to choose sunglasses for the season. Manolo has selected their favorites for the season. Continue reading

Bridal – Trends for the Coming Year

Who wants to say “Yes” to his loved ones next year, can go purely theoretically already looking after the wedding dress. Continue reading

Royale Wedding Dresses and Weddings to Celebrate!

Maybe it’s a wedding thing of mine, and actually it’s something you don’t admit (at least in my circle of friends)–but I love (almost) all the weddings of the current royal houses. Unfortunately, I missed the last of Sofia & Carl Philip (that’s what happens if you don’t have a TV at home) but at the last big and important weddings in Sweden, Monaco, Spain and England I was of course at the start. Continue reading

Put on Your Bikini at Le Lingerie

Summer is almost there and it’s time to put together your favorite sets. At Le Lingerie, in addition to the classic bikini models, there are still modern styles and are considered major trends. And you, you know what they are? Next, see the TOP eight pieces that have everything and versions that never go out of style. Continue reading

Best Oscar Dresses of Recent Years: Party Dress

See The Best Oscar Dresses Of Recent Years And Inspired By These Looks.

This Sunday, March 02 day 2014, will happen to 86° Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. A lot of famous people and involved with the American and world cinema will pass the red carpet in this long-awaited night. The Oscar gowns worn by actresses call too much attention of the world, overnight talk only of the beautiful dress or weird or huge and such and such. Continue reading

Gloves, Prize Per Game

To hire the wheel of 33 years who was in Italy, Palmeiras will pay $8.4 million R * gloves, R $350,000 per month and a R $20000 per game played Continue reading