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Best Oscar Dresses of Recent Years: Party Dress

See The Best Oscar Dresses Of Recent Years And Inspired By These Looks.

This Sunday, March 02 day 2014, will happen to 86° Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. A lot of famous people and involved with the American and world cinema will pass the red carpet in this long-awaited night. The Oscar gowns worn by actresses call too much attention of the world, overnight talk only of the beautiful dress or weird or huge and such and such. Continue reading

Geometric Printed Party Dress Jennifer Connelly

See The Geometric Printed Party Dress Of The Actress Jennifer Connelly Used At The Berlin Festival.

Jennifer Connelly is a very famous actress for your character in the movie “a beautiful mind” Oscar winner that year. But it also rocks out of big screen.

At the Berlin Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly opted to use a geometric printed party dress in the colors black and white, super different and full of personality.

This party dress stamped geometric has many interesting elements and which deserve to be highlighted here. First, the geometric print is the bodice, which also has a nipslip modern. To create harmony in the look, the skirt has lighter fabrics in the colors of the bodice, black and white. Continue reading

Meme Shirts, Buy Your

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How Many Nights Can You Sleep with the Same Pajamas?

Should I wash his Pajamas all day or can we keep it a few nights in a row for sleep? Answers of experts. Continue reading

Pants Made to Measure

Trousers made to measure and with a completely new concept for the dressing, Tina Zehnle and Yvonne von Langsdorff (Lable:”tenle von langsdorff”) from the beautiful Berlin. Continue reading

10 Super Beautiful Autumn Coats

When it is cooler outside again, we need a cozy and stylish companion.we have picked out ten great models for the nachshoppen for you.
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Lindos Dresses Fashion Jeans

If you want to be beautiful and comfortably dressed for summer 2018, you need to complement your wardrobe with pieces like jeans dresses that arrive in the most varied cuts and formats, catering to all tastes and styles. Continue reading

Underwear: How to Stretch It?

In this article we will see how to iron the underwear, so it won’t spoil and that retains itsoriginal beauty. Proceeding is not difficult, don’t worry! You will only need to learn the right techniques. Continue reading

7 Tips to Appear Thinner

We all have days that we are feeling a bit bloated, slower and heavier, even if the world tells us otherwise.We just do not feel that good.But the commitments persist, so the way is to try to disguise what bothers us and try to bring focus to the finer parts of our body. Continue reading

The Lingerie Shoes: Madame Frisson Has Everything the Bride Needs

An environment made on measure for brides. This is the perfect setting for Bridal Emporium space intimate Madame Frisson, in Victory. As the name implies, it is the perfect place for them to find the lingerie, shoes, accessories and jewelry perfect for the day of the ceremony to the wedding night, honeymoon… Continue reading

Visiting Sartoria Corcos in Florence

During our trip to Florence in early January we had the opportunity to visit Liverano & Liverano; one of the world’s most famous tailors with a typical Florentine skyline. Today will try to reproduce our visit in another clearly less but oh-so-skilled tailors in town. We took our camera and took us along the winding cobbled streets to the Sartoria Corcos in the heart of Florence. Continue reading

You Have to Look Out for Oversized Shoes

Our feet are subjected to an enormous strain all day, which can affect the health of the whole body. For the well-being of your feet and joints good shoes are therefore mandatory. We have asked two experts for oversized shoes, what you need to look out for. Continue reading

8 Ways How You Can Combine a White Blouse!

Everyone has a white blouse at home, but we do not wear it rarely. You do not believe, how sophisticated combinations will turn your boring white blouse into an eyecatcher! Here are the 8 ways to create the look of the day with your blouse. Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts at Bikinis and Swimsuits

Not every one of us has the perfect bikinifigur. But if you take some tips and tricks every beach course to the perfect appearance Continue reading

Try Out – Courage to the Hat!

The hat has taken its image as an accessory for older ladies and gentlemen. With the general fashion to more accessories, the hat is a big comeback. Continue reading

Beautiful Models of Hollister Plaid Shirts

The American brand of Hollister plaid shirts, comes to dress men and women from the four corners of the world, bringing a fashion always young, modern and current, ensuring you well dressed for many occasions. Continue reading

Women’s Dresses Majmudar Bruna

Check Out EvasÊ White Dress Options Of Bruna Majmudar And Work With These Beautiful Women’s Dresses! Continue reading

Handsmakeri Part: Glove Leather

A pair of well-fitting and resistant leather gloves are leather. A topic that really goes to discuss it in all its immensity. Manolo gives some tips for the selection of gloves. Continue reading


And so that on the 28th, my  Isa completed 8 years ! I accepted all the predicates of the friends and I was the crazy/brave one that housed 10 children for a pajama party! Continue reading

Black Lace Long Skirt

Today the fashion of the long black lace skirt is falling in the taste of women, and has been very successful Continue reading

Skjortaxel on Blazer

It offers a variety of kavajguider which points out the importance of the jacket fits well into the shoulders. Something that very rarely discussed is the kavajaxelns form, where the actual design and the amount of padding can change the whole jacket’s impression. To design a kavajaxel is a whole science and many tailors have their unique construction. One of many is the so called skjortaxeln. Continue reading

Female Flare Trousers, Learn How to Wear

Flare trousers is one of the most fashionable women’s models, and today there are many women who bet on this model, making the look very elegant and charming. Continue reading

Lace Cami Dress Renata Discrete Vasconcellos

Check Out Lace CAMI Dress Options Renata Vasconcellos Discrete And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Renata Vasconcellos is a brazilian journalist, known for presenting journalistic programmes, among them the traditional “fantastic” and, from November 2014, the “National Journal”. In addition to competence in career, Renata Vasconcellos is known for your elegance, always betting in classic looks.

In one of the editions of the “fantastic”, Renata Vasconcellos used a lace CAMI dress with MIDI length, which although small tube is discreet. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled discreet lace CAMI dress of Renata Vasconcellos. Check out and get inspired for your next party!

The discreet lace CAMI dress of Renata Vasconcellos is due to your MIDI length and for not leaving a lot of skin showing. So, despite the modeling outline the curves, the breasts and the thighs are covered. The use of Black Lace in nude is a strong current trend, showing the designs of lace. The nude shoe is a good option to use with this more formal occasions CAMI dress. Continue reading

With the Right Bag for the Perfect Poncho Style

This autumn and winter can’t live without poncho. The warming it pieces celebrate her big comeback in different looks. Poncho-style belongs to the perfect of course an appropriately selected pocket. Ethnic patterns, chunky knit or trench coat variant, get inspired by our combined ideas and learn what is also combining Cape and bag to make sure. Continue reading