Casio Digital Super Luminosity LED Watch

Now we present detailed descriptions of the practical functions of each of the popular series of Casio watches. Thus it is clear exactly which models are best suited for the particular user and would be most preferred him company. The company offer models designed for lovers of accessories with elegant style and more adventurous natures. Casio readily provides its clients with everything necessary for them to be satisfied with the features and design of its clock. The models would satisfy the discerning tastes of style-wise while rich in cutting-edge technology.

Auto illuminator – the entire display can be illuminated by an electro-luminescent panel that provides better visibility in low-light environment. Operated automatically, after lifting the arm to the face. The illumination is activated automatically when lifting the arm to the face.

Countdown with “repeat” – a stopwatch that measures time from a predefined period to the end (backwards). After reaching 0 minutes and 0 seconds and the emergence of a sound signal in an automated fashion returns to the originally set time and starts can run again.

Set by radio signal – in clock has a receiver of DCF, MSF, WWVB and JJY radio signals from Europe, USA, Japan and China, reported by Centralledwatch. Only once you have to set the local time by tuning into watch. So he accepts control signals from different transmitting towers and inform flawlessly for the right time. Especially convenient is the fact that no settings are required when using summer and winter time.

Reinforced structure –  the clock is protected from shock and vibration through solid construction.

Illuminator – the entire display can be illuminated by an electro-luminescent panel.This makes it easier visibility in dark environments. “After-Glow” effect provides illumination post button that lasts a few seconds.

LED backlight display – LED is used to illuminate the screen.

Automatic LED light –  by its screen is illuminated by an LED when the arm is lifted to the face.

Luminous coating – this coating provides long arrows illuminate the screen in a dark environment after a short clock has been exposed to light.

Moon Phases – inform the phases of the moon according to the location.

Stages of the tides – phases of tidal presented graphically and it complies with the current location of the owner of the watch.

World time –   provides information about the exact time in any capital or central city in the world you are in now.

Dual Time –   informed what time it is in two different time zones at the same time.

12-24 hour format – using this feature can give an idea of the time in 12 hour or 24 hour mode.

Stopwatch – chronometer with precision one hundredth of a second to 24 hours. Pressing a button gives accurate information on elapsed time.

Double Stopwatch – chronometer measuring the accuracy of one hundredth of a second. Through it may be measured elapsed time of two independent sources.

Stopwatch measuring time intervals – stopwatch, enabling adjustment of up to 9 separate counts consecutively – for example, 3 min. Running 2 and 1 min。 Break.

Countdown – stopwatch measuring the time from the preset time period to the end (backwards). After reaching 0 minutes and 0 seconds heard a long beep.

 Alarm –   beep at a preset time.

Multi alarm – includes daily, monthly, alarm hour of the day or month, and so for a specific date.

Daily alarm signal every hour – it is activated every day, an hour, we chose in advance and beep every hour.

 Snooze function (alarm resumption) –  Snooze is a type of alarm after the end of which it is triggered again after a few minutes until it stops completely.

Indications of low battery level – informed about the spending of the battery when it needs to be replaced.

Auto Calendar – calendar, set to work automatically and samosveryava depending on the length of the months (have to account for leap years).

Solar power – placed in the clock solar cell by which the presence of light is charging the battery.

Light ( the LED) display –   lights up at the moment, which is set alarm – at 0 min and 0 sec in the ” Countdown ” or during the signal every hour.

Tachymeter  – is a ring with numbers around the clock, through which receives information about speed or done business.

Measuring average speed –  provides data on average speed according to what distance is traveled.

 “Time mark” –  function allows storage of data on the current time and date after pressing the button. It is thus clear when to begin and end a project.

 Super LED lighting –   in dimly lit environments and turning the wrist display lights up strongly.

 Yacht Timer – Through it launches the regatta. The countdown can be set from 1 to 10 minutes, every minute and every second sound is heard informing the remaining 10 seconds to launch.

Measuring rhythm of the heart – by belt that is placed in the chest area is measured heart rate and the data is fed to the clock. The pulse is presented on the display as beats per minute.

Alarm upon reaching a certain rhythm of the heart – alert sound when reaching originally set pulse rate.

Percentage visualize the rhythm of the heart –  illustrates what is the percentage value of the momentary pulse to maximum.

Saving 200 stages –  informs the initial, middle and final value of the time, this information is stored with the current date.

Sound signals to maintain the pace when running – clock settings associated with stride length, give an idea of the distance that is traveled.

Embedded memory for WEB and E-mail addresses with secured access – the volume of this memory is 40 records, access to which is restricted by password. Rotating ring measurements – means it can obtain data for distance, speed, fuel consumption, etc. Commonly found in watches for aviators.

Dual LCD display – two separate one from another liquid crystal display panel, making it possible to select the features that appear simultaneously on the screen.

Rotating ring for directions –    you can still understand what exactly is the direction. Built Barometer sensor informs what is the atmospheric pressure by presenting its current value on the display.

 Altimeter measures the stages of ascent built-in sensor, based on data for atmospheric pressure gives information on altitude up to 10,000 meters, but also for what has been achieved initial and final value of the altitude.

Stages of sunrise and sunset This function plotted the sunrises and sunsets.

Diary dives  the model is equipped with memory, which gives the initial hour of diving and the time it took.

Measuring depth through located in the clock sensor is measured underwater pressure and so understood the depth in meters. Weigh to -30 meters.

Sensor for measuring steps a sensor that counts the steps and placed in the clock. The length of the step can understand what distance is traveled.

Calculation of consumed calories  how many exactly are calories burned.

Function “Time Fishing” provides information when it is appropriate to fish for by graphic symbols in the form of fish on display.

These are features available in different models of watches the Casio. The series of crates available with us are: the Baby-the G , the G-Shock, Edifice, the Wave ceptor, the Pro Trek, Beside , Outgear, Sheen.