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What should you look for when buying a divers watch? What is the indication of water resistance to and what things it is on the beach and sea have to consider? Carsten Schmidt-Kippig from the Chemnitz traditional jeweler scooter gives information.

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig

Bridgat: in most clocks, the water resistance in meters is specified. Can you with a watch that is water resistant up to 100 meters according to actually 100 meters under the water?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: no, this is unfortunately a mistake frequently adopted. Actually means a water resistance in meters, specifying that the watch can withstand a test print of the appropriate water column. To avoid this obvious erroneous conclusion, recently the test pressure is in Bar (bar) or Atmosphören (atm) specify. At 100 meters 10 bar or 10 atm, this would be.

Also, please still be mention that the water resistance is not a permanent feature of the watch. So the water resistance can but mostly due to aging, as well as by chemical or thermal influences, poking at the Crown or the glass be affected. Something should be here, we advise you to check the water tightness in your shop.

Bridgat: what water resistance should for have a watch so that you can safely use them to scuba diving?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: from a water resistance of 20 atm (200 m), a watch for the water sports and the device-free diving would be suitable.

Bridgat: and if one snorkeling just near the beach?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: here the water resistance should be possible at 10 atm (100 meters) or higher! But should that just high differences in temperature (sunlight and. cold water) the clock can make difficult to create and the water resistance may be affected here by the emerging or even vacuum not be forgotten. Thus the reduced water depth rather pretending a false sense of security.

Bridgat: what should you look for when buying a divers watch – except the sufficient water resistance, of course?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the dive watch should be stable next to the water resistance of at least 20 atm and thus resistant to pressure. A massive and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal here would be a good detail.

Typically have the clocks to measure the dive time with a rotating bezel. If only one side – against the clockwise direction – is rotated, the appropriate dive time can be extended by mistake only and this causes that the diver does not exceed its maximum time in this case! Bracelets made of metal or rubber provide a good fit with simultaneous water resistance. This should have the watch with a clasp or even a diver extension, ensures a safe handling.

Under water can be much harder the clock – especially in low light conditions – than over water. The divers would be well advised to choose a watch with fluorescent markers and a clear typography here.

It was, but also mentioned that during the dive computer, the classic diver’s watch is becoming the fashionable accessory, and its functionality is limited in most cases to the redundant replacement in case of a fall.

Bridgat: there are firm guidelines, what must a diver’s watch?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: in Germany only watches with the distinction of “Diver’s Watch” may be sold, which meet the criteria of DIN 8306:

Bridgat: salt water of clock harms?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the salt residue can attack the seals and endanger the water resistance. Therefore, we recommend after any contact with salt water to rinse the watch with fresh water.

Bridgat: the chemically treated water in the indoor swimming pool is a problem for watches?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the same goes for the water of public baths.

Bridgat: how often should I let check the tightness of my dive watch?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the influence of the above factors ensures water resistance not indefinitely. Experience not a bad surprise, the clock with regular water use should be tested once a year on water resistance.

Bridgat: where can I check the tightness?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the most stores with watchmaker workshop to offer this service. Us testing water resistance to be with an electronic monitor-10 atm. For higher values, the test using Kondenswasserpüfung is.

Bridgat: which special tips do you have to be able to enjoy as long as possible on the clock?

Carsten Schmidt-Kippig: the seals should be changed every two years, to prevent that the ageing. Also, the clock as possible from excessive heat and UV radiation is to protect. A Crown is well suited just for the cases where burns the water resistance in danger could be. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy all readers of the blog on their watches and are available with any detailed questions like.

Bridgat: thank you for the quick and very informative answering of our questions.

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